Helena Tricks Natalie To Trap Maila. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 13 July 2022: Episode 158


The episode begins with Maila comforting Onay after the secret about Lucas gets revealed. Nelia who wasn’t able to attend the party due to illness broke a glass which shows something bad has occurred. Onay leaves and Kiana hugs Maila. They all turn to look at Lucas. Vincent’s men see Helena and follow her into the bush. Helena hides. The goon searched and didn’t see her. He informs Vincent. Vincent screams Helena’s name and they go. Onay goes to the temple and prays.

 She remembers all the sweet moments she had with Lucas not knowing he was the reason behind Elvin’s demise. Natalie, Maila and Kiana look for Onay. They kept calling her on the phone and searched around but didn’t see her. Lucas comes to them. But they left Lucas behind and went. Maila calls Nelia on the phone and informs her that Lucas is the r@pist. She gets shocked. They find Onay sitting alone in the temple and Maila says sorry to her and consoles her.

Maila tells Onay that she got to know about this. Soleng comes to Helena. She tells her she warned her but she wouldn’t listen, now her beauty is gone. Helena says it’s worth the risk. I finally got to the engagement party and informed Onay the truth, such a black dress I prepared for her wedding day. 

Helena tells Soleng to get her out of there. Maila says sorry to Onay for knowing the truth and not telling her. Hector comes to Lucas and consoles her also. Onay goes home and Nelia also consoles her. Lucas comes back home and Nelia doesn’t spare her a slap. She tells him he has messed up big time. 

Vincent watches on social media how Helena goes to the party and reveals the truth to Onay and the world. Lucas calls the attorney and speaks with him. He has apparently decided to hand himself over. Hector comes and asks if he is sure of that decision? As they were speaking, Vincent also calls to tell Lucas not to do anything that will put their profession at stake. But Lucas hangs up on his call. Helena tells Soleng that they can run away from Vincent forever. 

Finally, with the secret getting revealed, she has gotten her revenge. Helena says she is going to make a deal with Vincent as the saying goes, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. Soleng shouts huh! Helena calls Lucas and asks him to forgive her for telling the truth but now they both want the same goal, so why don’t we come together for our common goal? Vincent agrees. Helena says so what can I do for you? Vincent says just stop Lucas from talking and Maila also. Helena tells Soleng that it’s a done deal. Soleng tells Helena that Lucas’ is dangerous. Helena says I know that that’s why I have to be extra careful here. 

Helena calls Natalie and pranks her that Maila’s life is in danger and Vincent threatened her because of the secret she revealed, now Natalie is her only hope so she should come and save her. Natalie says mom, I can’t help you right now. Helena tells her she will text her address to her. Helena says I know you won’t be able to resist me my dear.

 Soleng looks on. Natalie and Maila go to the address that Helena gave her. Maila says it’s too dangerous to go in, but Natalie tells Maila she needs help. Natalie calls her mom, we are here now. Some goons arrive. Maila says sorry this is a wrong address but another goons crossed them.