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The episode begins with Oliver and his parents dining. His father asks, so Oliver, how is Nathalie? Why don’t you invite her over for dinner? His mother says, mmm that’s a good idea, I will cook for her. Oliver replies, mom, dad, Nathalie and I aren’t dating anymore. His mother asks, what? Why? What happened? 

Oliver answers, I found out all the voices used in her vlogs are not hers but that of a girl called Maila. His mother looks on and says that’s too bad. His father asks, so how will you consider Maila? Would you move on with her? Oliver says, I don’t know dad, but maybe we can be friends. His father advises him using him and his mother as an example. 

In the hospital, Onay’s mother is lying in bed when Salia feeds her. Onay looks sad. Her mother asked, Onay, what’s the problem? Salia asks her to tell them what the problem was. She tells them about Nathalie and Maila’s issue. Nathalie enters and calls her mother. She was holding a green dress and asked if she would be coming with her to tomorrow’s charity lunch? Nathalie says no, and Helena asks why? She says, mom, can I sleep here? Helena asks, what’s wrong, Nathalie? 

Are you still thinking of what happened at the foundation day? She said no but it’s because of Oliver. Oliver thinks she is fake. Helena says this is all Maila’s fault and tells her can you stop thinking about yourself?  let Maila know that she picked the wrong girl to mess with. Helena’s mother is back from hospital, she was walking with the help of clutches. Dante is called to help her get in. They sit around the dining table. 

All the students are gathered there at the basketball court. Maila and her friends are walking together when Nathalie knowingly hits Maila and mocks Maila. Nathalie says so what do you want me to call your dwarf mom? And she makes fun of Onay’s condition. Maila tells her to show some respect and she said, I don’t care about your mom because I am not your friend. Am your worst nightmare. 

Onay and her family are at the dinner table. Dante turns on the television. Onay hears a voice that sounds like that of Helena. She turned to the tv and saw Helena there on the television. She said this is Helena. The students are playing basketball. Maila and Nathalie are in the court playing too. Maila and Nathalie clash. Onay tells her mother that they have seen Helena, they will soon see Rosemary. 

Maila plays the ball and it hits Nathalie. She scolds her. Oliver looks on. Maila and Nathalie start fighting. Oliver and the other students gathered around them to stop the fight.  Dante comes to change the tv station and they scream at her. Salia takes her phone to search for the address of the location. She found it. Dante asks them to write the address down. 

Onay gets a book and pen and gives it to Sali to pen down the address. Nathalie and Maila quarrel. They are sent to the principal’s office as Oliver looks on. 

The principal says, based on the reports by the instructor and some of your classmates, it was you who started the cat fight, Nathalie. Nathalie says, am sorry Mrs Gomez, I was just carried away. 

Mrs Gomez replies, I know but it is not an excuse, same goes to you Maila, and WI to you Nathalie, I will ask your mother to visit me here so that we can talk about what happened. Nathalie says, Mrs Gomez, I’m sorry, don’t involve my mom, please, I’ve my lessons now. She replies, Okay okay, but Nathalie I haven’t seen you apologizing to Maila. She turns to her and says, am so sorry Maila for what happened, I just had a bad day. 

Maila says don’t worry I have forgiven you, I am also sorry. Nathalie says, are we good? And she shakes hands with Maila. Mrs Gomez looks on. They smile. Maila’s friend sees her after they get out and asks what happened. She tells her. Nathalie also gets out. 

Maila calls her but she shouts at her and says, don’t talk to me, do you think? Maila says I thought we have settled our differences? Nathalie says, don’t be stupid Maila, that was just a show, we are not okay and we will never be okay. Nathalie goes and Maila goes after her but her friend comes and pulls her. Helena is seen at the foundation centre. Maila and her friend are talking. She teases her with Oliver. Just then, Oliver comes. 

Oliver says can you ask you something? Maila had food in her mouth and couldn’t speak well. He asks why are you the singer of Nathalie? The food chokes Maila. Oliver helps her. Nathalie and her friend sees Oliver with her and asks what is Oliver doing with her? Onay and Dante go to the receptionists at the Holy Heart foundation centre.

 This requires permission to get inside. He tells them the occasion is strictly by invitation. They tried to convince him but he wouldn’t listen. Dante speaks to Onay privately. Onay asks the man where the washroom is. Dante engages the receptionists as Onay sneaks up the stairs on the way to the occasion.

 Maila is given water to drink. Nathalie’s friends said it seems Maila is choked and Oliver is trying to help her. Nathalie says I don’t think so, I know Maila has been flirting with Oliver, she just acted being choke. Her friend says it looks real to me. Nathalie says I used Maila to get Oliver but Maila, she really wants my Oliver. 

Her friend advises her not to do anything that will get her into trouble again. Nathalie said I will try to be sheep with fangs. Maila explains to Oliver that her grandma was in the hospital and they needed money for her treatment so she helped Nathalie to sing. Oliver says you did it for your loved one. That’s admirable. She said thank you. Oliver said she has to leave. She says have a good day guys. Her friend teases her. Nathalie looks on. 

Onay enters and starts looking for Helena. Another little person like her comes and asks, hi, may I help you? She mentions her name as Jiji. Onay says, hello Jiji. I watched tv and saw Helena Montenegro. She tells her where Helena is. She asks if she can show her where Helena is? Dante still speaks with the receptionists. Jiji takes Onay to the washroom and calls Madam Helena. She asks what is your name? She says Onay. 

And she added, Onay is here to see you. No one answered. Onay lushes the door and Helena is not there. 

Helena was sitting in her car. Her friend asks why she didn’t stay long? She said I really wished to stay long but a I saw a little person that turned me off. Her friend asks, Onay? She says not Onay, one of the staff there is short like her. Since Onay came into my life, my God, I don’t want any one of them near me. She sad I just don’t want to see another Onay. Onay comes back to Dante. Her face wasn’t good. Dante bends and asks what happened? She tells her she didn’t see her. She cries and Dante comforts her….Read more

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