Onay Is Rich- Helena Is Shocked To Learn This. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 18 May 2022

The episode begins with Nathalie taking pictures and posting on social media. She got a message notification from Maila which reads “you will also fall!” Nathalie looks on with anger written all over her face. The hair stylist comes to the wan and asks why she has left the gel opened. Before this, Dante has put chemicals into the gel. The man applies the gel to Helena’s hair. Nathalie replies to Maila’s messages. 

She says “how did you live ?? I thought you were gone or you were sold or something!” Maila also replies, “I am back for you.” Nath replies back, are you threatening me? I am not afraid of you. Maila says really? Just wait and see. Nathalie blocks Maila. The stylist comes to Helena and says I will just apply more treatment. She says okay, suddenly, Helena’s hair started breaking off. 

The man says Oh my God, Helena says Oh My God, what’s going on? Is that my hair? She says what happened to my hair, what is this? What’s going on? Helena screams at the man and says what did you do to my hair? He says I don’t know. It’s the same treatment we use for everyone. 

Helena scolds them and says now I cannot go to a party. The man says we will do something. She says then do something right now. He says I will take care of this. Helena says how can you fix this? My hair. It has to grow back now. Agartha tells her, yesterday it was a different thing, today it’s your hair, I have a feeling someone is behind this. Helena accuses the salon of using some fake things on her hair. Dante and Onay laugh at what might be happening to Helena right now. Sali scolds them. 

Helena goes back home and calls Nathalie, Nathalie comes downstairs and says what happened to you, What’s that thing on your hair? She says there was a mishap in the saloon. Nathalie says so how will you be able to go to the event at the foundation? She says but I have no choice, I have to go. They are gonna think this is my new look. Nathalie says, I trust you ma, you can get away with anything. 

She says her dress to Helena and says ma, what do you think of this? She says it’s gorgeous, that’s gonna look really good on you. She says I just don’t want to look good, I want to look beautiful when I walk in it so they can’t take their eyes off me. She says, “What do you think? Helena says I have no doubt that you will be the most beautiful of them. 

Nathalie says, so this is the one? Helena says, why not? Lucas comes to Maila. Kiana teases Maila with Oliver. Lucas was speaking with Onay when an invitation card came for him. He checked and it was an invitation to Happy hearts foundation ceremony. He tells Onay about Agartha’s invitation. Onay says the one Helena is into? Lucas says for sure. Onay gets tense. Dante is seen sneaking into Helena’s home. He hides a knife. 

Agartha says well, it seems we have everything under control. Helena says well, looks like everything is going on smoothly. Agartha tells her about a lady who donated some amount to the foundation. Helena asks who? She says she goes by the name Lady tower hearts. Helena makes fun and says who is that? Agartha says I guess we are gonna find out tonight. She says well, I can’t wait. They welcomed a few guests. Nathalie’s friends complimented her. 

Suddenly there were some movements. They ask what is going on? The announcement goes, “Hello everyone, we are gathered here to celebrate our wonderful institution. Today we mark the 5th year anniversary of Happy Hearts foundation. Every clap. She then continues, Happy Hearts has been helping many communities and it continues to spread about our charity. That’s why we have many sponsors today.

 And tonight, we are lucky to be graced by our top donor, madam Lady tower hearts. Let us give her a round of applause. Everyone claps. Helena says I am curious to know who this mysterious donor is. Agartha says I am just as curious as you. Helena says I want to thank her personally. They say and she has arrived. Madam Lady Tower Hearts. 

Lucas and Onay came forth, Onay dressed so beautifully, and was looking stunning. Helena and Agartha look on with shock. Nathalie and her friends started talking with rumors. Nathalie walks through some guests and says excuse me. Maila turned and looked very gorgeous. Nathalie is shocked. 

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