Onay Misses Maila & Looks For Her. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 2 February 2022

The episode begins with Maila working at the construction site. The crane loses control of the pipe, and the pipes begin to fall on Maila. The workers rushed to her rescue and saved her from the impending accident. They escorted her and she left. Onay came out with photos of Maila and shared to everyone that they should have to go and look for Maila. They suggest asking for the police to help them. 

Maila sat under a tree and she was hurt at the knee, but the hurt in her heart alone, the feeling of loneliness was more than the hurt at her knee. As she sat there crying, a mother with her child passed by. It was such a lovely sight to see the girl child having the love of her mother but Maila has been deprived of motherly love. 

This made her jealous and said she wishes her mother will also love her that way the girl who just passed by is loved by her mother. Onay is seen on the streets with the photo of Maila and searching for her, asking people if they might have come across her. She looked into the sky and saw the weather was very cloudy. 

It was going to rain. Suddenly the rain began. Onay still didn’t quit but kept on looking for Maila. Maila by then was also in the rain crying. Onay hugged her picture with guilt that she is responsible for this. Maila is seen in a car moving out of town. Grandpa Dante saw her and chased the car. Maila also ses him and asks the driver to stop. He goes near and takes her from the car. He and her Grandma hugged her. 

Onay who was somewhere in the streets looking for Maila sees a young child lying on the floor and it appears he got hit by a car. She goes near swearing that shouldn’t be her Maila. She goes near and realizes it was someone different. She heaved a sigh of relief. Everyone in the car gathered there at the accident scene. Maila is escorted home. Onay came home after she couldn’t see her. 

As she was thinking of where she might have been, Maila comes with happiness. But upon seeing her, Onay started beating her to see why she had to leave home in such a manner and made everyone worried and looking for her. Onay left without saying a word to Maila. 

Dante goes to her and scolds her the more that her actions toward Maila are disgusting. 

She shouldn’t be treating Maila that way. Maila weeps. Her Grandma consoles her. They did everything they could to put smiles on her face meanwhile Onay left unconcerned. Dante and Grandma talk some sense to Onay, who for the first time packed Maila’s books into her bag and pet Maila while she was asleep. Onay takes the gift which Elvin had gifted her. She remembers Elvin. Flashback shows the moment they spent together, and the occasion where Elvin had gifted her. She misses him. 

Helena is seen in a new home. She spoke ill of Onay to her friend. She spoke with someone on the phone who said everything is done now. Onay and her family went to Elvin’s grave to place flowers but upon arrival, Elvin’s remains were being exhumed and his grave being dug by some men. She rushes to them to ask why they are doing that but they wouldn’t mind her. Dante goes to them to ask them and they said they are just doing their job. It seems Helena has asked them to relocate Elvin’s grave. 

They followed the matter up with the attorney saying it’s management that allowed that because Mrs. Helena Montenegro has taken such action. Helena sitting with her friend said she is done with her and doesn’t want to have anything to do with Onay ever. Onay collapsed upon hearing that Helena had taken Elvin’s grave from where it was. She weeps after gaining consciousness. 

Maila is seen in the bedroom opening the box that contains Onay’s most precious possessions. She found feeding bottles and things of babies. She aso see the gift Elvin gave to Onay and picks it up, she sits on the bed and stares at it. Suddenly, Onya entered and shouted at her. Out of shock, she drops the gift and it breaks. Onay beat her and scolds her for that was the only thing that kept her close to Elvin, and now it’s gone. She holds Maila’s ear and beats her the more. Meanwhile she was saying she is very sorry but Onay will never listen to her.

The episode continues with Grandma and Dante coming to save Maila from the beatings of Onay. She explains that she spoilt her only memory of Elvin left. They scold her and Dante asks what’s the problem with her? Does she have to beat her child over an object?

 She sits on the bed with the gift in her hands and cries. Grandma does the aid to Maila’s knees and bruises on her body as a result of the severe beating from her mother. Onlay looks on. Onay is sleeping. Maila sneaks into her room and covers her with the cloth. She tells her she is sorry for hurting her, and she loves her so much. 

Maila is shown grown up. It’s Onay’s birthday, Maila breaks her safe in which she has so much money as savings so she could celebrate her mother’s birthday in a grand style. They thought of a special surprise for her. Onay is sweeping and finds broken pieces of the safe. She calls Maila and scolds her. 

Onay is seen coming home with the lights off, she starts calling Maila. She enters and everyone shouts, surprise! The lights turned on. They sang a happy birthday song to Onay. They had prepared a birthday party for her. Unlike as they thought would make her happy. It only made her sad as it reminded her of Elvin. 


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