Helena Fears Death As She Says Her Dying Words. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Helena screams in pain. Maila is seen praying to the Lord seeking his help. Maila’s grandma goes out without anyone suspecting. Sali takes her into the car and they drive off. Alice enters Helena’s office and sees her badly injured. She calls for help. She tells them to call the driver. Sali asks what is wrong? She tells her she stabbed Helena. The police are called and informed. They stop their car.

 The police ask where they are coming from? Sali tells them she took her granny to hospital. The police looked at her suspiciously. Helena is rushed to the hospital. Helena is losing her life. They tell the doctors to save her life. Nathalie gets there and tells them to save their mother. The police couldn’t see her as the culprit and allowed them to go. Nathalie says she wants to see her mom. They tell her she will see her but not now, she has to be strong for her. Nathalie cries and says please tell her I love her. 

They arrive home and she washes her hand. Sali says what if the CCTV cameras captured her? She replies she doesn’t care, why did Helena say that about Rosemary? Maila asks her granny if everything is alright? She tells her she is okay. Maila sensed that something was wrong. Onay’s mother goes to her, she remembers stabbing Helena. She cries. Onay wakes up and sees her crying. She asks what is wrong? 


The doctor tells Helena that you don’t have to worry, Mrs. Montenegro. No internal organs were damaged or impaired anyway, you will get discharged, but you have to take your antibiotics. Helena says thank God that no organs were damaged. She thanks the doctor. She asks so what are we going to do with Nelia? Her friend says, well this is attorney Silver, he will handle everything. Helena says I want her to rot in jail. He tells her not to worry. Helena tells him to make her suffer. The police arrives in Onay’s house with an arrest warrant. 

They arrested her for attempted murder on Helena Montenegro. Onay says you can’t take my mother away. They take her into the police van. Nathalie feeds her mother food, she asks so what about the person who attempted to murder you. Helena says she is gone, she is in jail. Nathalie asks she? Do you know her? What was her motive for attacking you? Helena says, no I don’t know her. 

Nathalie says it’s so confusing. She even came to your office. Helena says, can we not talk about this? They take Nathalie to have something to eat. Helena says am worried Agartha, about Nathalie learning the truth. Agartha says she will never learn the truth. Helena says but how? Am so confused. Nelia is in jail when Onay visits her with food items. Nathalie tells her friend about the arrest of her grandma. 

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Onay goes to the hospital to visit Helena. Not to visit her but to taunt her. Helena scolds her. Nathalie was also bent on finding out the truth about who attempted to take her mother’s life, Helena refused to tell her when she first asked. Nathalie’s friends tell her she is already in jail. Nathalie then calls the attorney and asks who made an attempt on her mother’s life. Maila goes to see her granny in jail and gives her some food. Maila tells her she loves her, and Gramma Nalia also says the same. 

Onay taunts Helena, and she asks her to get out. She shouts and calls Soleng. She tells where Onay has been and where she was. Helena asks her to go to the nurse for her pain medication. Nathalie asks the attorney the name of the person who made the attempt on her mom’s life, and she wants to go and see the person who did that. The attorney says why are you asking Nathalie? 

It won’t be good to go there by yourself. Nathalie then asks, why don’t you go with me? The attorney replies, that because am too busy right now. When he is free, he will give her a call. The attorney meets Helena’s friend who asks if she mentioned her name to her? He replies, of course not. Alice then tells her not to give information about Nalia to Nathalie. Nathalie fumes with anger why they do not want to reveal the truth. 

Maila is seen with her grandma’s picture, she cries and says I love you granny. Oliver comes to her and offers her a handkerchief. Oliver asks, hey! Why are you crying? Any problem? Maila didn’t answer him and goes away. Oliver goes to Nathalie’s friend and asks what is wrong with Maila. 

Oliver asks her to tell her. Her friend tells her. Oliver says, he would have gotten a lawyer for her? She would help her get a lawyer. He wants to help Maila. Maila’s friend jumps in happiness and gives Oliver a high five. Helena says Agartha is scared. She feared that her secrets would come out. She tells her Nathalie should never see or learn about Onay. Onay comes to Nathalie’s school, she sees her and calls her. Nathalie didn’t listen to her and goes away. 

Onay falls, she hears and goes to get her up. She asks if she is okay? They had a chit chat together. Maila sees Oliver and calls him. Oliver asks, do you consider me a friend? Maila asks why not? He said, “Well, I found out about your problem which you didn’t tell me about. Your granny will need a lawyer in her case and I can help Maila ask, how will you be able to help? Oliver says I can talk to my mom, and she would help and get your granny out. He tells him, mom knows a lot of people anyway so she can help. 

He tells Maila he has got a surprise for her. Maila asks what is it? He says it’s something that you might like and tells Maila to close her eyes. Oliver goes into his car and takes out a brand new guitar. He then asks her to open her eyes. Oliver tells her to take it, he got it for her. She should take it as a birthday gift. Maila gets reluctant but Oliver gives it to her, she takes it and smiles. She thanks Oliver. 

Helena calls Nathalie and asks where she is? She also asks her not to talk to strangers and tells her to see her soon. Onay then bids her goodbye and goes. She looks back and waves a hand at her. Nathalie looks on. Oliver’s mother is practicing yoga. Oliver speaks with her about Maila’s case.

She asks who is she to you? Oliver says a friend, her mother asks a friend or more than a friend? Oliver says please mom, can you help her? She says attempted murder is not a big issue. Oliver says, is that yes? His father comes in. Oliver’s father says he can sense he has special feelings for Maila. Oliver convinces his mother to accept to help Maila. 

Maila comes and tells Onay and Sali that she has good news for them. She tells them Oliver says he will help them get a lawyer. They hugged happily. 

Helena makes her statement at the police station. She goes to Nelia and taunts her. Nelia taunts her back. Maila goes to Oliver’s house. He tells her to make her self comfortable, he is going to call his mother. Maila takes the guitar as Oliver’s father comes. She says good morning to him. He asks, you are Maila right? She shake hands with her and says I am Lucas, Oliver’s dad. As they talk, Oliver’s mother comes. She says she knows her. Flashback shows the moment Oliver’s mother meets Maila, and they clashed at their school staircase, her phone fell and her shoes got spoil. She taunts her and asks her name so she would report her to the principal. Maila ran away. Flashback ends. She says, Ohh, so you are Maila? Maila looks on….Read more

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