Maila’s Hidden Secret Is Out, Oliver Is Shocked. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 23 March 2022

The episode begins with Helena giving Onay just ten days to change Maila’s surname from Montenegro. They go home. Maila is sitting looking at Elvin’s picture when Onay comes to her and consoles her for what she is going through emotionally after the truth came out from the DNA test that she is not the biological daughter of Elvin. Kiana comes to Maila’s house and she and Sali were conversing about how to tell Oliver when they saw Grandma Nelia feeling very sad learning that Maila is the daughter of the r@pist. 

Somewhere in Helena’s house, they cheered and toast. Nathalie says, it’s confirmed. Helena says exactly, well it was confirmed in the DNA test, not a single drop was traced in Maila’s blood. She says, what if Maila is not going to change her family name? Helena says I already called attorney sliver, that’s nothing to worry about. Nathalie says that’s perfect, I do not want to have any connection with Maila. Maila looks sad at home when Nelia comes to her and consoles her. 

Agartha asks Helena, do you think in 10 days Maila’s name will be changed? Montenegro was on her certificates and date of birth. Helena says but I don’t care, now it’s clear. Nathalie and her friend met and discussed what plans Nathalie is making now that Maila’s truth is out and regarding Oliver. Nathalie says she doesn’t want to rush into anything, she waits patiently for Oliver because good things come to those who wait. 

Maila and Kiana met in school where they also speak about the next plan. Teacher comes to them and announce to them that Maila has been nominated as part of the most outstanding student leadership squad in the school, and that she can check from the notice board. They thank her and Kiana and Maila jubilate. Kiana drags Maila to come so they break the good news to Oliver.

 They met Oliver who congratulated her. They head to the notice and finding the notice, Maila clears Montenegro from it. Nathalie comes and says Maila doesn’t deserve our family name. Maila looks on. Lucas comes to the school and Oliver informs him that Maila has been nominated as part of the outstanding leadership award which is given to students with leadership skills or who shows their leadership skills. Lucas congratulates her. 

Maila sent the letter home and her family were happy hearing the good news. Helena tells Nathalie, congratulations for being nominated in the leadership award. You deserve it and prove it more to me that you are a real Montenegro and not a fake one, prove it that you can truly be a true Montenegro. She said, you can’t be second best to Maila, I want to congratulate you on your victory and they cheered. 

Luis tells Nathalie, did you tell your mommy you were not nominated in the leadership award? She says no, I didn’t tell her otherwise she will be disappointed in me. Everybody dresses elegantly for the occasion including Onay and her family and also Helena, she clashes with them. Maila goes to meet her family. Invited guests, teachers and students gather for the celebration. 

The teacher announced and says the purpose of this award is to recognize the excellence of leadership involving students who excel in school events, projects and programs. This award is given annually to deserving students who  demonstrate outstanding leadership in academic, co-curricular, extracurricular activities and involvements. Recipients of this award are eligible for scholarships. 

This award is the highest recognition for individual achievements. Helena was also present at the celebration. Teacher says, and today another student is destined to receive this award. The outstanding student leadership 2018 award goes to… there was a period of silence and teacher mentions.. 

Maila Montenegro. Everyone claps and cheers. Nathalie gets angry. Maila stood up to the podium. Maila’s mascot is shown on tv. The mascot plays a confession that Maila’s father is a r@pist. This shocks everybody. Helena smiles….Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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