Shocking! Nathalie Is Blind. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 4 May 2022

The episode begins with Helena waiting on Nathalie at the hospital. Doctor says the patient’s Vital signs are stable now but we will run some tests to see if she doesn’t have any head injury, I will update you as soon as we have findings, don’t worry Mrs. Montenegro, excuse me. Helena says thank you doc. The doctor goes. She bends over Nathalie, and says Nathalie, am so proud of you for grieving this tragic incident, you have to fight, you will survive this, you have to be strong Nathalie, am here for you, mummy is right here. 

She hugs her. She says are you awake Nathalie? Did you hear what I said? Nathalie opens her eyes and says ma, is that you? Helena says yes, it is. She says where am I? Am I dreaming or is this real? Helena says yes, this is real, mummy is real, you are in the hospital, she says her head is paining her, Helena tells her to rest so everything will be okay. Oliver goes to his girlfriend’s house. They thank Oliver for what he is doing for Maila, Oliver says he gets happy seeing Maila happy too. 

He says they are just hoping Nathalie get well soon, but he is  happy Maila is okay. Maila tells them how she has bonded with Nathalie. Oliver says that’s good, who would have thought something good will come out of this? Luis and Wendy hears of Nathalie’s recovery, she goes to the hospital to visit her, she says Nathalie, am really happy that you are back, everyone in school wants to see you. 

Wendy says everyone wants to see you, and everyone wants to hear your surviving in an island story, oh my God, I think it might go viral. Nathalie wasn’t seeing things clearly, Wendy says are you okay? She says yeah. Suddenly everywhere seems dark in her sight. She says mum, why is it dark here? Why have you turned off the lights? 

Helena says to Nathalie, the lights are on. She says ma common, turn on the lights. Ma, please, come on. Helena asks Luis and Wendy to go out for a while, she wants to have some moments with Nathalie. She says Nathalie, what’s going on? Tell me, Nathalie says ma, hold my hand, and turn on the lights. Helena says the lights are on, she says mum, am scared. Helena hugs her. She cries. 

Oliver speaking with Maila, he says I thought I was never going to embrace you anymore, Maila says I missed you Suman, he says I miss you, Biko, and kissed her hands. Kira comes and says I have found about Nathalie, she is at the Saint Theresa hospital. Doctors check Nathalie’s eyes. 

Doctor raised two fingers up and says Nathalie, can you tell me how many fingers this is? Nathalie says what do you mean, I can see what you want me to see. Helena says damn, what’s happening to my daughter?  Helena goes to her and she says ma, I can’t see you. She says mom, am I blind? Helena says, no you are not. Nathalie cries bitterly, and says I can’t see and says mommy, please help me.  

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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