Maila Breaks Up With Oliver. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 6 April 2022


The episode begins with Oliver standing in Lucas’ office. Lucas lies about the DNA reports to Oliver as he put his mind to rest. Oliver says sorry for misunderstanding what I overheard. Onay asks what are you saying? Emelda says don’t me you don’t know what I am talking about. Onay asks Maila, is it true that your boyfriend is Oliver? Emelda says am not I didn’t come here for drama. Onay taunts her and she says oh common don’t fool me and don’t forget that I’m a lawyer. 

Onay says it’s you that is trespassing. She says all I want is your daughter to stay away from my son. Onay then asks her to leave and she turns towards Maila. Onay stares at Maila. A car is reversing. Oliver and his dad in a car, their car was about to hit the car on the road. Oliver shouts dad. He quickly applies the breaks. By then Lucas was lost in thoughts. Oliver gets relieved. 

Oliver says dad, you had stress from work and it’s not good for you to drive. Lucas says am sorry. He got down the car as Oliver takes over the steering wheel. Onay scolds Maila after hearing she is in a relationship with Oliver. Onay gets furious with her. Maila says she’s sorry. Nelia consoles her. Emelda calls Nathalie, she says hi Nathalie, thank you for telling about Maila and Oliver. Nathalie says don’t mention it aunt. 

She says not only is Maila rude but she’s also a lair, she couldn’t tell her mom about what is going on, what does that make her? Someone should put her in her place. Dante hides and listen. Emelda then says Oliver deserves someone better than some free loader like Maila. Nathalie says if am in the place of Maila, I will never do what she did. I will be proud of Oliver instead. Dante listens and goes.

 Onay sits quietly. Maila goes to her to ask for her forgiveness. Onay explains things to her. Oliver and Lucas gets home. He says mom, Emelda says you have decided not to respect me. Lucas says why Emelda, what’s wrong? She says he’s seeing Maila behind my back. She asks Lucas, do you know anything about this? He was silent. Emelda says so, so you two have become one against me? Oliver says mom am sorry, I didn’t want to hide it from you. 

Lucas tells Emelda that Oliver is old enough to make his own decisions. Besides, Maila is a good choice for him. Emelda says what? For goodness sake she’s the daughter of a r@pist. Her father is a criminal. Lucas says you don’t know her well enough. Emelda says I know her well enough. She then tells Emelda to learn to respect her, and then learn to respect herself. 

He goes. Emelda looks at Oliver. Onay holds Maila’s hands and speaks to her softly. They then hug. Lucas assistant comes to him and speaks with him about Emelda not approving of Oliver’s relationship. Lucas says she won’t allow him do that. That night, Maila calls Kiana and informs her about what has happened recently. Maila at school, she remembers Oliver’s Proposal to her and the words of her mother to her. Oliver comes to her and says I have some good news. 

My father has told my mom that she should leave us alone. This is pretty crazy. Both our mothers are against this relationship, but at least we have some chances. Maila looks lost. Oliver says, he, my baby, aren’t you happy? He touches Maila. Maila says Oliver it’s not right. She tells Oliver what her mom told her, and says Oliver we can’t be together, let’s breakup. They look at each other. Oliver gets shocked. He says Maila, tell me this is a joke. Oliver gets heartbroken. 

Oliver says Maila, if that’s the case let’s fight for our love. Maila asks him to respect his decision. Oliver begs her. Luis and Nathalie looks on. Luis says girl, are they fighting? She says it seems like it,.of course, they can’t be together. She takes her phone and says wait, let me take a video of this precious moment. Maila leaves Oliver behind and goes. Oliver looks on sad. Nathalie says oh, who laughs first laughs last, Maila. Helena goes to the market and taunts Onay and Nelia, Nelia pours meat water on her. Someone is seen pouring setting fire into Helena’s car and burning it. It was Dante. 

The Way To Your Heart Episode 60

The episode begins with Helena telling her men that let’s go. Oliver is sitting alone. He remembers Maila’s breakup words to him. Maila also looks at him from the window. Nathalie and her friends meet in the washroom. They say stress, they then hears someone crying and wonders who it might be. Inquisitive as they are, they knock at the door and says hello, is there any problem miss? They kept on knocking but no one was responding. At last the door was opened and it was Maila. 

Nathalie says ohh, it’s you Maila. Why are you crying? Luis asks. Nathalie says oh is it because of your breakup with Oliver? Huh? She says anyways am just turning in to you as a concerned friend. Nathalie teases her. Maila replies her. Nathalie gets angry. Her friend teases. Nathalie says shut up. Everyone gathers around to see Helena’s car on fire. Helena pass through the crowd asking what was going on. She saw her car on fire. Helena gets worried. The ambulance arrives.

 She asks did you see anyone near the car? They all say no. Governor calls his son in, he says take a seat. This son happens to be the friend of Lucas who was behind the rape gang. He tells him, I have something important to tell you, as you know. Am about to retire. Am tired and I need someone to take my place, and that will be you. He says no,  not sure am to the task. Governor says why did I even send you to the states for your education? 

And besides, you have the support of the constituent, you are familiar. You are showing a good candidate. He says I just think am not a qualified candidate. Governor says we uphold our family legacy and it is your turn to follow our footsteps. He says yes pap. Governor says good. He says as a candidate, you must keep your reputation. We cannot afford a misconduct. It’s about time you raise the families reputation. It’s in your hands. You understand now? 

Nathalie goes to Oliver and says Oliver wait, I heard what happened between you and Maila. Am so sorry about that. Can we have a cup of coffee together? Oliver says not now, please. Am sorry, I have to go. Nathalie calls him but he wouldn’t listen. Kiana asks Maila why did you breakup with Oliver? Oliver sees her and says Maila, please talk to me. Maila goes but Oliver still follows her and stops her. Maila says I told you to respect my decision. Oliver says Maila please tell me what to do to change your mind. 

Lucas and Emelda gets down from the car. Emelda says didn’t your mother advice you to stay away from my son. Maila was about to explain but she slaps her, and says, I don’t care about your stupid explanation. Oliver get shocked. Lucas looks on. Maila cries. Onay and Nelia at the roadside. They see a car. 

She remembers that car as being the ones who kidnapped her. She pointed at it. Onay gets into a taxi and asks the driver to follow that car. Oliver tells Emelda, you didn’t have to do that. She already broke things up with me. You don’t have to hurt her anymore. Emelda says you can never be with my son, criminal. Maila tells her not to call her a criminal. Emelda was about to hit her when Lucas held her hand…Read more 

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