Onay Sees Her Rosemary. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 9 February 2022

The episode begins with Nathalie and her mother at the dining table. She asks how school is, she hopes she is adjusting enough? Nathalie tells her not to worry because school is fine. Helena tells her to keep up with her good grades because as soon as summer comes she is going to a magazine. She thanks Helena and says, I love you mummy. She also replies, I love you too. 

Nathalie and her friend have a video call, she tells her about Maila, and also asks about Oliver. Oliver is in the dressing room when she sneaks on Oliver, Oliver sees someone spying on him. Maila hides and he doesn’t see her. He then goes. Nathalie comes there and sees Maila. She has come there to look for Oliver. Maila learns that Nathalie is having feelings for Oliver.

Onay is seen on the streets with Auntie Salia, she almost got hit by a moving car. The driver gets down and they have an argument. Driver says she is blind to have crossed the car? Onay scolds him that it’s his fault. Salia tells the driver if he doesn’t keep she will report him for attempted homicide. The driver takes money from his purse and gives it to Salia and goes away.

Maila and her schoolmates are seen. Onay passes by. Maila spots Oliver with his friend and looking at a video of Nathalie. Maila looks on. 

Nathalie is her mother in the car. She receives a message from Oliver which reads “Hi Nathalie! I like your videos. You are beautiful and you sing very well.” She shouts Oh my God. Helena asks what’s wrong? 

She replies that Oliver said he likes my videos. She gets very happy. 

That night, Maila is also with her phone in bed. She watches the video of Nathalie. She goes through the comments and sees a love comment from Oliver. She gets jealous. Oliver is at home with his laptop and watches the video again. He says he should have asked her out. His mother and  father tease him. 

Nathalie and Helena in the restaurant, she asks for the menu when Maila gets inside. Nathalie introduces Maila to her that this is her new friend, Maila. Helena looks at her. They sit eating. Helena asks, so she is the best friend of Nathalie, the one she has always been talking about? She doesn’t know why Nathalie should end up with people like her. Maila feels offended. Natalie cautions her.

 Helena says she is sorry, she didn’t mean ooit that way. Nathalie always hung out with girls with class, and she doesn’t think she is one, is she? She tells Maila to tell her about her parents and what they do. She tells her. She tells her that her father died in an accident. She says then may God be with his soul. 

Onay sits, she lights a candle, and while looking at her late husband’s picture, she remembers him. Flashback shows the moments they had together. Her mother looks on. She enters and comforts her. She rests her head on her shoulders. Maila gives Nathalie the sweets from her mother. 

After Dinner, Nathalie asks her mother if she would like to drop Maila in her house, but she said she is tired already. She gives her takeout to her. Maila and Nathalie hug and she leaves. 

At home, Nathalie opens Maila’s sweets and eats. Helena comes. She invited her to join them but she said she is okay. Helena then calls Maila and tells her to be wary of eating things from strangers. She asks her mother but why? Helena said if she is concerned about her health. It contains a lot of sugar and starch. If she doesn’t take her diet and health seriously, how can she be a beauty queen like her? 

Nathalie is speaking with Maila on phone when she shouts over something on her laptop. Maila asks what is it and she replies that it is Oliver, he just send her a message that he wants to meet her in school the next day. Nathalie gets happy and says Oliver wants to talk with her. Maila gets jealous. 

The episode continues with Nathalie saying bye to Maila and says she has to break the news about Oliver wanting to meet her  to her friends. Maila is jealous. She remembers when Oliver bends over her at their first meeting, she also remembers Oliver taking pictures with him. She tells herself, Maila concentrate, at that time, she was reading her books. She fails to concentrate and remembers Oliver again. The next morning in school, she speaks with her friends about the issue. 

She gets thinking about Oliver, mentioning his name. Oliver walks by with her friends in the basketball kits. Maila goes looking for him. They have a crush and have an eye lock. Onay has a quarrel with a woman in the market. Maila says sorry to Oliver and asks to go, Oliver stops her and asks how is she? She got hit in the head. Nathalie sees Maila speaking with Oliver. She asks do they know themselves? Oliver explains that he accidentally hit her with a ball. Maila then leaves them to talk. 

At home, Dante scolds Maila for putting up a fight with such a big woman who can beat hwe easily if not for the help of those around. Nathalie thanks Maila for allowing her to use her voice to sing the song, if not, she wouldn’t have gotten a chance to Oliver. Maila tells her not to worry. She asks Maila if they can do another video? Maila asks another video?

¬†Nathalie says it’s okay, just let me know how much and I will pay for the services. Maila asks if this is just for Oliver? She begs Maila to do this for her, and she promise she won’t forget the favor. Maila agrees. She hugs her and says thank you, you are so kind….Read more

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