Onay Saves Nathalie’s Life. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 9 March 2022: Episode 37

Helena at the police station, they gave the phone recording of Nathalie. 

Helena watches and says, my daughter is a brat, if my insurance does not pay for the damages I will take care of it. The guy says, thank you Mrs Montenegro. She tells the police, sir please find my daughter. Do everything even if she resists. Tell her I am not mad so she should come home. 

Nelia scolds Onay why she is still worrying for Nathalie after what Helena told her. Nathalie is walking in the rain. She gets cold and says this is the worst day ever. She sees someone and asks him to wait. She tells him she needs help and the man gets her inside. She cleans herself. The next morning, the guy wakes her up. Nathalie hugs him and he holds her tight. He tried to molest her and she kicked him away. 

Oliver, Maila and Kiana sit down at the dinner table. Oliver says no one in class knows where Nathalie is. I have been talking to some of my teammates but they do not know where she is. Nathalie is seen crying. Onay sees her and Nathalie faints. Onay rushes to her. 

The episode begins with Nathalie fainting and Onay goes to her. She shouts for help. Sali arrives and she helps Onay put her into a car. Maila, Oliver and Kiala speaking, Oliver says Maila is a wonderful person, upon all that Nathalie has done against you, you still want to be friends with her. Nathalie is brought home to Onay’s house. Sali says they should report to the police. Onay looks on and remembers Helena taking Rosemary away from her, and how they escape with her. 

Flashback shows the moment and also shows Helena telling Onah that Rosemary is no more. Onay says they won’t take her anywhere. They will watch over Nathalie till she gets well. Oliver tells Maila to inform him if she finds out anything about Nathalie. Nathalie’s friends taunt Maila. They ask why Maila is worried for Nathalie? Don’t you too hate each other? They hit her but Maila didn’t mind them. Nathalie is finally conscious. She wakes up and asks, where am l? She says oh no, this is Nathalie’s house, what am I doing here? She sees Onay and calls her. 

Nathalie then leaves the house after Onay suggested taking her to her mother, she goes out and thinks about all that she’s been through and worries about what to do. Nathalie kicks a bucket and Onay hears re sound, she says Nathalie? She moves out to the window and calls her. Onay asks her to come inside. Nathalie says well if you insist, and says thank God. Nathalie is served food in the house. Maila comes home and gets shocked to see Nathalie in her house. Nathalie calls Maila niece and gets free with her, this shocks Maila. 

Helena goes to the police to ask if they have been able to see Nathalie? She tells them to do everything they could to get her for her. Maila sits at the table to dine wiht them. Nathalie explains to Onay that mommy wanted to change my school to keep me away from you. Onay says that? What is wrong with your mother? Nathalie says sorry to Maila for what she has done against her and says she needs her forgiveness because they are family. She tells Maila to forgive her.  

Onay asks Maila to forgive her. Maila forgives her. Nathalie looks and says you are so easy to manipulate. Onay gives clothes to Nathalie and tells her these are the clothes she bought for Rosemary. Nathalie gets surprised. Helena is seen in Oliver’s house. She asks if Oliver knows where Nathalie is because she knows they are friends so she came there to check. Lucas replies if Oliver knows where she is, he will tell you but as far as I know he’s not on good terms with Nathalie. 

Helena answers but attorney, you know, as kids they don’t tell us everything anymore. Imelda says Helena is right, Maybe Oliver is secretly going out with Nathalie and we do not know about it. Imelda asks Oliver as he comes, Nathalie’s mother is here because she wants to ask you if you know where Nathalie is? Oliver says, am sorry Mrs Montenegro, I have been talking to some.of my friends but no one knows where Nathalie is. 

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