Sad News! Onay Is Búriéd Alive. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday Pt1, 15 June 2022


The episode begins with Onay asking Nathalie to escape. The men look for them. The men see Onay and catches her. Nathalie heard her scream and remembers the moment she had spent with Onay. Nathalie cries. Nathalie runs and goes to call for help as Onay is tied and put inside the coffin. 

They cover her up. Nathalie prays that nothing should happen to Onay. The men seals the coffin which had Onay in it. They then lower it down into the pit they had dug and cover it with sand. Onay is buried alive. Onay removes her mouth covering and starts screaming for help. Nathalie sees some men and goes to them to ask for help. 

Helena is also in the car with Agartha. She asks the driver Lee to drive faster. Agartha tells Helena, why don’t we wait for your men to confirm it’s Nathalie who is with Onay. Helena says wait for them? What if something bad happens to Nathalie? Agartha then advises, why don’t you tell them about Nathalie? Helena says I know this is all fault. If anything happens to Nathalie because of my plan I won’t ever forgive myself. Nathalie tells the men what had happened and asks for their help. The men follow Nathalie. 

Maila and Kiana still worry about the whereabouts of her mother and Rosemary. Meanwhile, the men have completely covered up Onay’s grave. Onay was left in the grave to die. Nathalie’s men searches in the forest for a long time. They failed to accept Nathalie’s claims that Onay is her biological mother. 

Onay mentions the name of her family members that she will miss them a lot, and said sorry for leaving them so soon. Everybody in Onay’s house pray that nothing bad happens to Onay. Lucas says they must report to the police. He goes with Maila. Helena’s car stops suddenly as another car has blocked the way. Helena tells the driver to go. Driver tells her the road is narrow in the forest and he can’t move until the other car moves. 

The driver of the car reports a problem. Helena says I don’t care. My daughter Nathalie’s Life is in danger. Agartha tells her to please calm down. She says Agartha it’s Nathalie. Agartha says I will handle this okay. Nathalie takes the men’s phone and calls Helena. She says mom. Helena says am so happy you are safe. 

Nathalie says it’s aunty Onay. Agartha says but you are out of danger. Tell me where you are, I am coming to take you home. Nathalie says no ma, aunty Onay needs help. Some men have taken her captive. Helena says no, leave her there. Nathalie hangs up knowing nothing good will come from her calling Helena for help. Onay is gradually finding it difficult to breathe. 

She was dying slowly as Helena wished. Maila and Lucas are in the car. Nathalie then calls Maila. Nathalie tells Maila and Lucas what had happened. The chairman showed Lucas their location. Nathalie takes the men to the place where they were kidnapped. Nathalie cries her heart out upon reaching there and not finding Onay. Lucas and Maila also arrive at the location the Chairman gave them. 

They saw Nathalie at the location. Maila asks where their mother is. Nathalie says she doesn’t know. Lucas tells her to be easy on Nathalie. Lucas tells her to calm down and recall what happened. Nathalie sees Onay’s shoes near the grave. She says this is her shoe. 

Nathalie remembers what she saw when they were kidnapped; the coffin and the dug grave. Nathalie points at the grave and says here, they buried aunty Onay. Lucas says Nathalie, are you sure? Maila and Nathalie start digging with their hands. Lucas asks the men to come, he asks them to get something they can use to dig.

Helena meets her goons and scolds them. She says there was a witness. You didn’t do a clean job. Helena says okay, do me one last favor. Don’t tell anyone I am behind this. Onay in the grave remembers her family and how she is living them behind. Her breath starts slowing. Nathalie and Maila kept on crying. Onay closes her eyes. She is at the verge of death…Read more