Natalie Forces Helena To Bring Maila Back. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday Pt1, 22 June 2022: Episode 139

The episode begins with the goons drowning Nathalie in the river. Lucas comes to Onay with flowers, Onay was sleeping when he places the flowers beside her bed. Lucas goes. Onay wakes up and sees the flowers. She sees it and likes it. Helena was drenched in alcohol. Agartha comes to her and tells her to take it easy on herself. Helena says I don’t need you, I can take care of myself. Agartha says fine I will see you. Helena receives a call. 

She answers and says Nathalie! Nathalie, you called. The caller says this is Landor, Helena, your work is done, we have gotten rid of Maila. Nathalie asked Lucas, you wanted to tell me something back there, right? Lucas said I thought you might be upset. Nathalie tells him she is sorry for whatever she had done. Helena tells Soleng, I took away the most precious thing from do I still feel empty? Soleng advises. She says I hate all those lectures, Soleng, go back to the kitchen. 

Nathalie goes to Helena. Helena says Natalie, is that you or am hallucinating? Nathalie says yes ma it’s me, your daughter Nathalie, or should I say your granddaughter? Helena says I don’t care what you call me, call me mommy, call me Grandma, I don’t care as long as you are home. She hugs her and says you came back. Natalie tells her she came because of Maila. 

Helena says I don’t know where Maila is, I have nothing to admit about her. Nathalie says come on ma, Maila was at the hospital, you took her right? Helena says I am done with them. After what happened, you think I will do that? Whatever happened with Maila, I don’t know anything about it. 

Nathalie says ma, I grew up watching you, I grew up realizing you, I know what you are capable of, bring Maila back or else I will expose you. Natalie said and went. Onay and her family worry about the whereabouts of Maila. They suspect Helena. Helena follows Natalie. Natalie goes to Lucas.

 Natalie says bring back my sister. Lucas scolds Helena. He then leaves with Nathalie. Helena calls Landor and says I want her back! Landor asks, Maila? Helena said yes, Nathalie threatened I should bring her back. Landor says mom, she is dead. Helena says I don’t care, bring Maila dead or alive. 

Lucas and Hector sees Helena’s car move out of the house and follows. Helena calls her goons and asks about Maila. Goons tell her it’s impossible to retrieve her. Helena says nothing is impossible. Helena sees the car following her and says who is following me? She remembers Lucas coming to her. Helena performs a U-turn and comes facing them. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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