Lucas Proposes To Onay. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday Pt1, 6 July 2022: Episode 152

The episode begins with Lucas thinking of what to do, he was with Hector at that time. Onay was at the time praying. Onay wakes up from bed and sees flowers beside her. She smelled it and liked it. Onay followed the traces of other flowers and picked them up until she had a bouquet. 

Flashback shows the moment Onay was given flowers by Elvin. Onay kept picking more flowers that had been placed on the way. Even the dining table has flowers. Maila sees Lucas and asks if he placed the flowers for her mother. Onay looks on as Lucas speaks with Maila. Lucas and Maila turn and get shocked seeing Onay. Lucas and Onay had an eyelock. They hug. Everyone looks on. 

Helena is at home sipping a drink when Soleng brings a letter to her. Helena reads and tears the paper. Soleng asks what the letter is that she has torn. She says it’s nothing, just ignore it. Soleng puts the pieces together and sees it’s a court order.  

Natalie and Maila are jogging down the road and speaking about the chemistry between Lucas and their mother. Maila receives a call from Lucas and answers it. Lucas has asked them to come home. 

Helena reads the letters again and says Onay, am going to get you first before you get to me. I did everything just to get rid of you. She receives a message on social media about Onay’s party. Helena says look we have here, I will invite myself to the party. 

At the party, Onay is blindfolded. Maila and Natalie escort her. Lucas was then waiting. They remove Onay’s blindfold and she sees Lucas. Lucas gives Onay the flowers in his hand. Lucas speaks with Onay. He then takes out a ring from her pocket and asks, Ronalyn Manktaya, will you marry me? Onay looks on.

 Helena goes to the reception and the lady lets her in. She says you are just in time for the proposal, Helena asks, proposal? Lucas takes Onay’s hand. Flashback shows the moment Onay had with her late husband, Elvin. Onay cries. Lucas wipes her tears. Everyone looks on waiting for Onay to accept the proposal. Onay rejected Lucas’ proposal and said sorry to him. Lucas looks on feeling sad and disappointed. Lucas cries.  

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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