Maila Is No More, She Was Found Déád. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday Pt2, 22 June 2022


The episode begins with Lucas and Helena arguing. Onay prays for Maila’s return. Onay calls Rosemary and she sits beside her as they chat. Nathalie tells how she threatened her grandma to bring back Mail from wherever she has kept her. Dante is worried. 

Nelia tells her to calm down his nerves. Helena meets Landor and gives him the money. She tells him to give Maila back to her family and then add that it was her who found the body. 

They ask if there is any other work? Helena says no way, this is the last time I am dealing with you all so go, disappear. They leave. Onay calls Lucas and inquires about Helena. Nathalie says grandma Helena is getting worse everyday. 

Nathalie assures Onay that nothing will happen to Maila and as for Helena, she will pay for her crimes. The whole family prayed for Maila’s safe return. Dante and Kiana go as Nathalie sleeps by Onay. Nelia looks on. 

Lucas and Dante come with the police. Police tell them about CCTV footage they found in a warehouse. Onay asked to watch and they gave her the footage. Onay sees the same goons to bury her as being the ones who have taken Maila also. Onay cries as she remembers Maila. They console her. Dante says how can’t Helena be arrested? Police say they do not have an arrest warrant. 

Lucas says they have to get evidence to back it. Dante says what’s this kind of evidence thing? Nathalie goes to Dante and asks questions. Dante tells her they would need evidence before Helena can be arrested. Natalie remembers hearing Helena’s conversation with Landor. 

Dante sneaks into Helena’s house. Helena says what are you doing in my house? You are still trespassing and I can kill you in this instance. She takes a knife to kill Dante but he dodges and holds Helena. Officer calls Lucas and tells him that they found Maila’s body near the warehouse. Nathalie says no no, this can’t be, nothing can happen to Maila. Lucas consoles her. Dante holds Helena as the security men come there. Dante holds Helena’s knife and they shoot at Dante. They shoot him again.