Nathalie Rejects Maila As Her Sister. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday Pt2, 25 May 2022: Episode 108


The episode begins with Helena saying to Nathalie, look, I don’t know what Onay is saying and what her intentions are, but I can assure you she will never win. She says I hope that’s true. Helena says precisely, I took revenge on her. An eye for an eye and she wants to return the favor to us. That’s why we have to leave. She says Nathalie please, this revenge task, it will never end.

Nathalie says I believe you that you are my mom. She says but still we have to leave. Nathalie says no ma, we will fight. Helena enters the gates. They lock the gate. Helena says, this woman, she will never give up. Lock the doors. Helena taunts Onay. Nathalie says you will see it right. She converse with her friends on video call. 

She says they are talking with mom, that we are blood related. Helena tells Onay Nathalie is not her daughter. She has already proved that. Stop all this for heaven’s sake. Onay says I will get my daughter back. Hemena says and how are you going to accomplish that? Lucas says they can prove Nathalie’s is Rosemary with a DNA test. Onay remembers Nathalie saying you can never be my mom. Lucas says even so since Nathalie doesn’t want to come to her, their defense will be null and void as she will choose Helena. 

Hemena tells Nathalie, there is nothing to worry about because I will always be your mom. Nathalie says I am happy to have you. And always remember, I will always be on our side. She hugs her. She says I love you too. Oliver and Maila speaking on the phone. He says I can’t believe you and Nathalie are sisters. Maila days but Nathalie is not willing to accept mom. 

Oliver says I can openly convince her to accept. She tells him about the DNA test they want to have. Lucas assures Onay that they will find a way. Helena comes to Nathalie’s room and sees her sleeping. Helena remembers the flashback of the moments she spent with Nathalie. Onay tells Maila about Elvin. Helena says I will do everything and anything in my power so Onay will never have you. I will do everything to keep you. She cries.

Lucas tells Maila about the DNA test and all the legalities. Helena drops Nathalie in school. Helena looks around. She asks mom, what are you looking around? She says I just want to make sure that Onay is not around. Nathalie tells her not to worry. She says I will avoid her. Helena says good idea, and says take care. Helenan stood there. Nathalie says ma, you can go now. Helena says, yes sure, just take care of yourself. She leaves. 

The school mates stare at Nathalie. She asks them what it is and scolds them. Helena tells Agartha. All Onay’s allegations, if Nathalie finds out the truth. She is going to leave me, and I will literally go mad. Agartha asks and what did Nathalie say? She tells her Nathalie says she won’t go to her but like you said. Onay has a way with people. See how she took Elvin away from me?

She says that what I have to do is to travel with Nathalie. Agartha says exactly. Helena says Elvin feared me, but Nathalie is stiff. Nathalie enters and her school mates start murmuring. She says this has to stop. She goes up and says listen up everybody. I want to set the records straight. Maila is not my sister. Maila comes there. She says good timing Maila. And says tell them the truth. Tell them I am not the daughter of a r@pist. Maila looks on.