Maila Get’s K!dn@pped. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 12 May 2022

The episode begins with the goons dragging Maila away. The three girls are called to the stage. Maila struggles with the goons. The woman comes there and scolds Maila. They lock her inside a room and left her there to die. Maila cries. Onay wakes up from bed and started calling Maila. Maila didn’t come to bed after she went out that day. 

Onay asks Nelia if she has seen Maila who also says no, she asks another person and they also replies same. Onay begins worrying for her. Lucas and Hector goes to Onay’s old house which got burnt in the fire and asks about her. They met a lady and asks them if she knows their whereabouts. The woman.nd Maila argues and asks what’s wrong with her. They argue. When Maila wasn’t willing to give in to her demands, she locks her up again. 

Helena goes to the woman. She says what do you want here? Helena says she came because of Maila which she replies that she doesn’t know her. Helena says I have something that might interest you, and shows her money. She then says to her, she did something very bad to my daughter and I want her to suffer. The woman gives Helena’s money back to her and says you can have it.

 Helena asks and why is that? She says if you can make Maila, you can have this money and more, once we succeed. She gives back the money to her and says do we have a deal? She says yes, sure. Onay and Kiara decides to go looking for her at some address. The woman torture Maila. Helena says to Nathalie, what are you doing here? She then asks Soleng what she is doing here? She says Nathalie, what is going on? She says I just want to make sure that Maila will suffer. 

Helena says don’t worry, it’s all done, mummy will take care of it. They get into the car and it is not starting, the driver checks and sees that the car has broken down. By then, Onay and Kiara were also looking for Maila. Maila found a hole and tried to make a way through it. Lucas and Hector go to the market and ask about Onay, they were told they do not come to market any longer. 

Maila manages to slide herself through a passage she created and escapes. The goons are watching movies and laughing, Maila passes but them without them seeing. The woman comes and asks why are they laughing? He goes to  check and finds out that Maila has escaped. Maila runs into Helena and asks them to help her. They push her and go.

 The goons come and kidnap her again. She struggles with them. She fights them and escapes. Maila runs into hiding, but they come and catch her again. They tie her up. Soleng says what they did to Maila wasn’t right. Helena says to Soleng, I didn’t ask for your opinion. Nathan says shut up Soleng, she deserves it for abandoning me. Maila prays for help from above. The woman brings food to her and tells her to eat with her tied hands. 

Maila was finding it difficult to eat with her hands tied. Onay and Kiana goes to the club and starts looking for Maila. Onay sees the woman and says are you the manager? She asks if she has seen Maila? She gets shocked. Onah asks again, have you seen Maila? She says no, I don’t know anyone like that. 

Onay says this is the address on the flier, that’s where she came to. The woman sacks her away saying she is troubling her customers. Onay gets suspicious and runs into the building calling out to Maila. Maila hears it and responds. Onay comes to the door where Maila is being kept. The woman comes there and says there is no  Maila there. Onay tells her to open, else she will call the police. She opened it and Maila was not there. Onay said she heard Maila shouting in that room. The goons cover Maila’s mouth and drag her. Onay get worried about Maila. A woman tells her to report to the police. They kidnap Maila into a car and go away. Onay sees them sending Maila away in the car…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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