Granny’s Life In Danger. Till Love Do Us 20 May 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 264


The Episode started with Sara shouting for help. Vansh run to her and saw her arm bleeding. He asked what happened, who shot you. She said I don’t know, that man was wearing a black colour hoodie, I tried to catch him but he run away. He asked in which direction did he run. She said I caught him, I just got his shoe. Vansh checked the shoe. He thinks it’s like the shooters shoe size. He saw Sara wearing heels. She asked him to help her, she got shot. He said nothing will happen, come and was treated. The Doctor said, the bullet just touched her and passed, don’t worry and he left. Sara asked was it a thief. Vansh said no, he was a killer. She said sorry Vansh, I was trying to help. He said don’t do that again, you could have lost your life, take care and she thanked him. She recalled how she tricked Vansh by shooting her arm. She said I don’t like anyone interfering in my work, I will take your life tomorrow. Vyom caught Dadi at knife’s point. She asked what are you doing here. He said nothing. She asked why is your leg bleeding. He said Vansh got me shot, don’t worry, this happens between us, he will bleed tomorrow. She said I will call a doctor. He said no, don’t get me caught, you will become my doctor. She said I will call Vansh.

He said no, you will be killed before he comes, don’t mess it, come on, remove the bullet. She said I really don’t know. He said I will assist you. He asked her to heat the knife and boil some water. She then brought the hot water. He asked her to remove the bullet,the knife will get cold, come on, heal a wound today but she turned away. He said come on, be strong. She removed the bullet and he asked her to get a first aid box and do the dressing. Angre knocked the door and said open the door, it’s me, Angre, I got breakfast for you. Vyom said shoo him away, don’t act smart and he hid. She opened the door and asked what happened Angre. He said Vansh had sent breakfast for you, I will keep it. She said I will have it, you go. Vyom asked Dadi to have it. She said no, give it to me, I will have it. Vyom smiled seeing the bullet. He said Vansh cheated me and got me shot. She said he doesn’t do anything by cheat.

Vyom went to Vansh. Vansh said you called me here, I should call you daring. Vyom said our enmity has gone a level upwards, it will be fun to kill you, you remember this, you got me attacked from behind and they fought. Vansh said you cheated me, you tried to steal my consignment, you thought you will come to my hotel and steal it, me and my men didn’t shoot, whoever shot has done really good, you surely deserved this. Vyom said fine, I will snatch everything from you. Vansh caught him and pushed him down. He asked Vyom to get back on his feet first and then talk of snatching his empire. He said if you try to interfere in my life, family or business, then I will shoot on your chest, you get that and he left.

Vyom said you can’t kill me, I will kill you. Ishani came to Angre and she argued with him. She became angry and left. She saw some packets in the bag, she checked and placed it back saying, it looks like drugs, Angre… He went to her and asked what happened, tell me and he showed him the drugs. He asked how did you get it. She said I don’t know, I was swimming with you. She said I swear, I don’t know, you know I don’t take drugs, Vansh shouldn’t know about it. He said no one will know. Inspector Ajay from the Narcotics Dept. came there and said we got a tip that someone is dealing drugs here. Vansh said I am also against drugs, you can check if you want.

Ishani said no one should know and Angre pacified her. The officers said, we didn’t get anything in the hotel. Vansh said like I said, you won’t get anything, you can check my staff too and he saw Angre going. Angre then collided with a lady and the drugs packets fell down. Ajay saw this and called him out. Ishani became worried. Vansh and everyone went to see. Vansh thinks Vyom did this. Ajay asked what’s all this and Angre signalled Vansh. Ajay said no one can go out, until everyone is tested, you can go to your rooms, but can’t go out, the doctor will come from the Dept, once the reports come, then you can go out. Vansh thinks where is Riddhima. The tests were done. Ajay said no one should enter the evidence room, stand after Angre’s room, I will come and he called someone. Ajay said I heard Vansh is clever, Angre is no less, Vansh will try to get him out, don’t let them meet, else they will escape. Vansh said I have to find out how did this happen, how shall I talk to Angre, he got a card, threw a vase and hid. The man went to check and Vansh went to the room.

Dadi said they took our blood samples, what if they go out. Vansh told them some plans and Aryan stole the samples. Vyom handed over some drugs and virus to Ajay. He said Vansh and his family should get jailed and Ishani recorded their conversation. She said we should put this live on media. Vansh clapped, came there and Vyom became shocked.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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