Ridhima Gets Caught. Till Love Do Us Apart Friday, 22 October 2021: Episode 7-8


Till Love Do Us Apart Friday, 22 October 2021 episode 7 started with Vansh scolding Riddhima. He pointed the gun at her. He said tell me, who sent you here. She cried and thinks of Kabir. He asked her to talk. She started coughing. Dadi asked her to drink water. Ishani taunted Riddhima. Siya stopped Ishani. Aryan said memories can’t come without Vansh’s permission. Riddhima picked the transmitter. She contacted Kabir. He said thank God, you called me, are you fine, did anyone doubt you. She cried.

She said I am scared that I may get caught any time, I can’t stay here, take me from here. He asked her to calm down. He said I promised you, I will save you, relax, you abort this mission, it’s my mistake, I got selfish, I should have not pushed you towards this danger. She said sorry, don’t worry, I feel I got my strength back, I promise I will complete this mission and come back to you, someone is coming, I have to go. She went and hid. She looked at Vansh in the corridor.

She followed him. He heard some sound and hid. Vansh met someone,he said you think you will slowly enter my life, you know I hate cheaters. She looked at him talking to someone. Vansh did shayari. She stepped on a thorn and got hurt. Vansh turned to see and asked who is there and she hid. He looked around. She run upstairs. He followed the muddy foot marks. She thinks did I leave anything. Vansh said tomorrow’s morning will be special. She thinks today was a tough day. She smiled seeing a heart cushion. She recalled Kabir gifting the heart cushion.

She said I love you. She asked Kabir to go. He said I love you and sent him away. She hugged the pillow and said I am ready to face the next day. It’s morning, she got ready and someone came to her. She screamed seeing the knife and a man shouted. She asked why are you shouting, you scared me. He said you scared me. He said I am a novelist, I know books and people too.

I know your secret, a stranger comes to a big house with fake identity, her real motive is to spy, you are that stranger, who want to find the secrets, but my hero will not let you go away alive, because no one could find the secret. Vansh’s aunt called him. The man said my sister is a real character, don’t get scared and he left. Riddhima said he was joking, but others may doubt me.

Dadi asked everyone to do puja arrangements. Vansh’s aunt said my brother talks well, one day he will save Vansh. The man asked why did Vansh call everyone, did anyone’s secret come out. Riddhima thinks why did Vansh call me here. Everyone thinks what’s the matter. Vansh camesm downstairs. He said rules are not followed, someone tried to enter that area where none is allowed to enter. Riddhima worried. Vansh asked who took the rules lightly. Ishani asked him to ask Riddhima. Vansh asked where were you at night. Riddhima said I was in my room. Vansh said okay, you can go and she left. He said if you were in your room, how did your sandal get this mud and she became worried and looked at her sandals.

Riddhima said it’s a chance, maybe I get info against Vansh. She checked his room. She said Kabir, I don’t understand, I didn’t get anything. He asked her to find something in which Vansh records his financial transactions. Vansh came and said stop. She worried.


The Episode started with Vansh asking Riddhima about the mud on her slippers. Riddhima said it’s a normal thing, maybe it’s not normal for rich people. Vansh said this mud is just found in this mansion’s backyard, tell the truth, where were you last night. She worried. Maa asked her to answer, did she go to the backyard, how dare she break the rules. Uncle said everyone knows the rules. Vansh asked her to say the truth, he hates lies. Riddhima thinks he knows the truth, I have to tell the truth. She said I went there. Vansh asked why.

Aryan came and said she came there to meet me, she lost the way and reached the backyard. Vansh asked is this true. Aryan nodded to her. Riddhima said no, it’s not true. Vansh said then you tell the truth. Vansh found her getting nervous. He said it means it’s the truth, I should have understood that something is going on between you both, any way. Ishani taunted her as a gold digger. Aryan asked her to stop it. He asked what’s wrong. Siya said there is nothing between Riddhima and Aryan. Dadi asked her to say the truth.

Vansh asked Riddhima to answer. Aryan said don’t scare her, she is a simple girl, my personality is such that anyone can like me, everything happened between us on the ship. He said sorry Riddhima, I know you wanted to keep personal and professional matter apart, we have to tell them, I can’t let them treat you like this, after all, you are my and Riddhima slapped Aryan. Everyone became shocked.

She scolded Aryan and. Vansh said interesting, it means there is nothing between Aryan and you. She asked how can you think of such a disgusting thing, my respect is my richness, if anyone points a finger at my self respect, I will not tolerate it, even if it’s my boss, I am a middle class girl, but my standards are proved by my values, I will work here and take the salary, it doesn’t mean you have bought me, I just came to organize party at the cruise, you have forced me to come into this house, I went there at night. Vansh said I know, tell me why did you go there.

Riddhima thinks to stay relaxed and normal, Kabir said Vansh can sense lies. She said I used to stay in the hostel’s small room, your house is big, I was curious to explore your mansion, I wasn’t getting sleep and went there, what wrong did I do. Vansh asked why did you hide and run away. She said on hearing your voice, I thought you may shoot me down. He said very interesting and left

Riddhima also left. Aryan thinks you have slapped me, I will give you the answer for this. Aunt asked how did that girl slap my son. Aryan scolded his dad for being a coward. Uncle got angry at him. He said I am loyal to Vansh to make him aside and get the entire property and business, Vansh is unpredictable, control your anger, don’t think to spoil my game, learn to play the game smartly and he laughed.

Riddhima went to Dadi. Dadi checked the puja items list. She said everyone is busy and has no time to help. Riddhima asked her to permit her to make the list. She talked to Dadi. Dadi said Vansh doesn’t know you well, stay away from Vansh’s work, you just do your work, every girl should speak for her respect, you did a good thing. Riddhima helped her. She asked for whom did you keep the puja. Dadi said for Vansh’s long life, he doesn’t believe this, he is a non-believer, but I worry for him.

Riddhima thinks I have come to send him to jail, I am helping for his puja, but even this puja can’t save you. Vansh gave medicines to Siya. Riddhima thinks Vansh is someone else in front of his family. He looked at her and left. Riddhima treated Siya. She looked at Vansh going. She asked Siya to continue, she will be back. Vansh left in the car. Riddhima went and called Kabir. She said Vansh left, I am in his study. He asked her to find some proof by which they can send him to jail. She said I am not finding anything. Riddhima said it’s a chance, maybe I get info against Vansh. She checked his room.

She said Kabir, I don’t understand, I didn’t get anything. He asked her to find something in which Vansh records his financial transactions. She said okay, I will check. Vansh said stop, my laptop is inside. Andre said I will get it. Vansh said it’s in the locker, I will get it. He went back. Vansh came and said stop. She worried. He asked what are you doing here.

Aryan starred at Riddhima. She fell down while doing the decorations. Vansh held her in his arms. He asked are your nails really nails, stop hurting me. She recalled Kabir’s pic in the ring and she became worried and her ring fell down and Vansh picked it up.


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