Till Love Do Us Apart On Adom Tv. The story revolves around Riddhima, an orphaned physiotherapist. She is madly in love with her fiancé Kabir Sharma, a cop who sends her on a mission as an undercover agent to catch Vansh Rai Singhania, a business tycoon running illegal businesses throughout Southeast Asia.

Till Love Do Us Apart On Adom Tv.

Riddhima enters Vansh’s cruise party as a party planner. A series of events unfold in the cruise that leads to Vansh hiring her as his sister Sia’s physiotherapist. Eventually, Vansh begins to doubt her and coerces her to marry him to find out her real intention. She agrees, upon being pressed by Kabir.

On the next day of the marriage, Riddhima finds a statue of Vansh’s ex-fiancée Ragini. Believing him to be Ragini’s killer, she plans to discover the truth about Ragini’s death as it could provide major evidence against Vansh.

Next, she comes across a secret room in the mansion, where Riddhima sees a painting and another statue of a woman. The woman in the painting is in fact Vansh’s biological mother, Uma Rai Singhania who left him without saying a word when he was young. Slowly, after listening to his story, Riddhima develops a soft corner for Vansh.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that actually Kabir had never loved Riddhima. He was using her all along for his mission and is actually Anupriya’s illegitimate son. Kabir wants revenge from Vansh and Anupriya wants to usurp Vansh’s position and his businesses. In the mansion, Vansh begins to fall for Riddhima after she takes a bullet for him.

Contrary to Kabir’s expectations, Riddhima too slowly begins to reciprocate her feelings for Vansh. With the fear of his mission’s failure, Kabir plans to remind Riddhima of her past and mission but it doesn’t affect her. A series of events reveals the truth about Anupriya’s son before marriage to the Rai Singhania’s.

However, Anupriya manages to keep his real son’s identity a secret. Meanwhile, Vansh and Riddhima’s relationship deteriorates due to Vansh’s suspicions regarding Riddhima’s spying acts.

Meanwhile, Kabir asks Riddhima to find evidence about Ragini’s murder. However, Riddhima defends Vansh, saying that he cannot commit such a crime. The same day, Riddhima gets a memory card containing a video beneath Ragini’s statue. She secretly watches the video, which shows Vansh pointing a gun at Ragini but not shooting.

Still On Till Love Do Us Apart On Adom Tv Full Story Plot

Riddhima accidentally comes across Ragini only to find her alive and kept secretly under Vansh. Meanwhile, Riddhima breaks up with Kabir as she is in love with Vansh. Some misunderstandings make Riddhima believe that Vansh wants to harm Ragini, thus she joins Kabir to remove Ragini from the clutches of Vansh and handing her to Kabir.

Losing Ragini, Vansh breakdowns and reveals to Riddhima that his mother was actually murdered and Ragini knew the killer. A flashback showing Anupriya was the killer. Some events lead Sia into knowing Riddhima’s truth and thus blackmailing her to bring Ragini back to Vansh.

Sia soon learns of Anupriya’s crime but is injured and now in coma because of the same. Ragini is shot by Kabir, and Vansh is falsely framed and arrested for the murder. Kabir and Anupriya make Vansh into believing that Riddhima betrayed him and he jumps off a cliff thus dying in front of both Riddhima and Kabir.

A lookalike of Vansh, ‘Vihaan’ is shown burning someone’s body. Meanwhile, Kabir enters VR mansion as Anupriya’s son. Kabir reveals to Riddhima his entire plan leaving her helpless.

Vihaan is a hacker and a gold-digger. He intentionally plans to meet Riddhima. Riddhima is initially surprised seeing Vihaan, but later joins hands with him to get rid of Kabir from VR mansion, in exchange for a large sum of money.

But afterwards, Vihaan reveals to Riddhima that Vansh used him as a body double in dangerous situations. Later on, it is revealed that Vihaan is actually Vansh who is playing mind games with Riddhima to know the truth. Riddhima scared that Vihaan can harm her family, determines to closely follow Vihaan.

On Christmas Eve, Vansh tells the family that he has planned a big surprise for them. Meanwhile, someone puts a bomb in Riddhima’s sandal which Vansh takes out in the right time this saving her. Vansh discloses that it was Anupriya who killed his mother and asks Kabir to arrest her. While leaving the mansion Anupriya attempts to shoot Vansh but Riddhima takes the bullet once again thus saving him. Vansh confesses to Riddhima that he is not Vihaan but Vansh.

She is taken to the hospital and saved. Vansh and Riddhima return to their home. Ahana enters the mansion to bring new twists and turns in their lives. Ahana tells Riddhima that she comes to help and save her from Vansh but Riddhima doesn’t believe her and tries to throw her from VR mansion.

Kabir stops her and tells her that she is his future wife. Meanwhile, Vansh challenges Riddhima to prove her love for him by killing Kabir. Riddhima is unable to kill Kabir and this makes Vansh more mad. They go on a vacation where Vansh leaves her and returns to the VR mansion. At home, he holds a press conference, stating that Ahana is his wife. Riddhima returns and Sia starts calling Riddhima.

Vansh, although having hatred for Riddhima, lets her stay home because he wants Sia to recover. After a series of events, Vansh realizes his love for Riddhima and her innocence and they reunite. Kabir sends a box of her childhood memories to Riddhima. Riddhima wants to find out what happened to her parents, which leaves Vansh shocked. It is later revealed that Vansh has a connection to Riddhima’s parents’ death.

Vansh decides to marry Riddhima once again so Riddhima can focus on the wedding and not her parents. But during the marriage rituals, Riddhima learns about her parents’ death. Riddhima thought Vansh had killed her parents. But it is revealed that Ishani, not Vansh, killed Riddhima’s parents.

But, Vansh told everyone that at the age of 15, he accidentally killed Kabir’s father and aunt. According to Riddhima, Vansh had killed her parents and she misunderstood him and upon knowing the truth she punishes herself by walking on glass, but Vansh saves her.

Later, Kabir feels jealous upon seeing Vansh and Riddhima happy together. He realizes that he has lost Riddhima forever but doesn’t accept his defeat and decides to win her back at any cost.

Later Riddhima becomes pregnant with Vansh’s child. But Vansh is not ready to have a child because he thinks that his businesses world is too dangerous for his child. On the Rose day party, Riddhima reveals about her pregnancy to Vansh. But Vansh doesn’t accept it.

End Of Till Love Do Us Apart On Adom Tv Full Story Plot

Riddhima tries to convince him many times but he didn’t listened to Riddhima. Riddhima starts getting calls from abortion center, but she didn’t talked to Vansh about this because she thought he would worry more. Once, Vansh was returning from his meeting, he saw police officers taking a child away from his mother, he thought I am also doing the same with Riddhima.

Vansh thought to surprise Riddhima and he buyed two balloons one pink and another blue. At VR mansion, someone kidnaps Riddhima and take her to the abortion centre but somehow Riddhima escapes from there and reaches the mansion, Vansh who is shattered with Riddhima’s move (as someone had wrote a letter & kept it on the table of Riddhima’s room) confronts Riddhima, she lies saying our child is no more.

Riddhima gets to know that Ishani was the person who had sent her to abortion centre and she too reveals this to Vansh. Riddhima tells Vansh that their baby is alive.

Vansh makes a plan to change his and Riddhima’s identity to Aayansh and Shefali Malhotra and leave India. But all his plan was just to distract their enemies the real plan was to fake their death in front of the family.

But Aryan destroys the plan. Kabir locks Vansh in a room full of fire but Anupriya saves him after Kabir goes. Kabir tries to forcibly marry Riddhima but is saved by Vansh. Chang’s goons chase Riddhima and Vansh. To save themselves from the goons Vansh and Riddhima jump off the cliff.

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