Till Love Do Us Apart Tuesday, 19 October 2021.

Vansh threw some capsule bomb and flee. Kabir looked for him. Riddhima waited for Kabir. Her ring fell down and she became worried. Vansh bashed up Kabir and they had a fight. Kabir threw sand in his eyes. Vansh tied up a cloth to his eyes and signalled Kabir to come and they fought. Kabir was much hurt and he became dizzy.

Riddhima cried holding the ring and asked Kabir to come soon. Vansh removed the blindfold. He asked do you have someone to inform, good bye. He said mum used to say, don’t play with fire, it can burn you to ashes. He ignited the fire around Kabir and left.

Riddhima cried and waited for Kabir. Kabir came there in a wounded state and she was shocked. She shouted Kabir and rushed to hold him. Vansh came home. The servant was scared to offer him water. Vansh looked at him and drank the water. A lady came downstairs and cared for his wound. She asked how did this happen. She looked at his assistant. Vansh said it was not his mistake, I went alone. She did the aid.

She said maybe this wound doesn’t pain you, I feel the pain when you get hurt, I am always scared that something may happen to you or this family. He said fear is another name for weakness, anyone can fall weak, but not a mother, my mum can never fall weak. His uncle came and said if anyone hurts you, then that man would be dying, I am proud of you. Vansh’s cousin Aryan said cheers to the hero, killer businessman.

I am celebrating my cousin’s big deal with Chang, I got a news, a lady cop caught him, not bad, salute to women power. Vansh said she is in heaven now, I kept a champagne bottle, I will celebrate when you do something. He taunted Aryan. Uncle asked Aryan to respect his elder brother. Aryan said give me a chance to show what’s respect, I will show everyone.

Riddhima said I am so glad that you are fine now. Kabir said really sorry, I couldn’t tell you that I am not a PT teacher, but a CBI agent, I was helpless to hide it. She said I felt I love a simple man, now I know that you are a soldier, superhero and they smiled. He proposes to her. He said I have just two things in my life, my nation and you.

I am an orphan, but my country gave me an identity and purpose of life, you gave me much love, I thought this day would be the most beautiful, but it’s not, Vansh came between in our happiness, I lost chance to catch him, I lost my department’s noble officer, she is no more with us, it’s not the first mission in which I failed. She said you will win tomorrow, I am sure. He showed her a ring with their pics.

He said I thought when I go away on some mission, I will leave this with you, to show I am always with you, I am going to ask something big. She said ask and see, I can go to any extent for your love. He said it won’t be so easy, it’s painful, it will be a big sacrifice, sometimes our duty becomes so big that we have to give away our love, I am after Vansh for about two years, I have to catch him.

I hate him a lot, you were my weakness, now I want to make you my strength, my biggest weapon, I can’t attack Vansh from outside, he should be broken from within, he should trust someone, I need someone who isn’t from police and secret agents, I want someone who helps me in catching Vansh, I can just trust you, I thought to keep you away from every difficulty, I am putting you in a big trouble, knowing maybe we will win or everything will end, can you go close to my enemy for the sake of my love.

She cried and said you don’t know what you are asking me. He said I need to know. She said I love you, I am ready to do anything for you. He said I love you too. They had a moment. Riddhima got ready to go to Vansh. She recalled Kabir telling him about Vansh’s businesses and smuggling. He said it will be challenging to be with such a person, everything will end if you make a mistake.

She said it’s hard to stay away from you. He said we have no choice, you have to go on Vansh’s cruise like a party planner, it’s a right chance to face him. She asked if I get caught. He said I promise, I won’t let anything happen to you, you are much precious to me, more than my life. Kabir looked at her going inside the ship. She cried and wiped her tears. They saw Vansh standing on the top.

Till Love Do Us Apart Episode 3

Episode started with Riddhima recalling Kabir’s words. He said Vansh will give you a chance, as you are new, you have to prove that you are loyal to him, you have to find a way, we need strong evidences to expose him, he is on his cruise, it’s right a chance to face him.

Riddhima wiped her tears and went ahead. Kabir’s assistant asked him why did he send Riddhima, did he do the right thing? Vansh is very dangerous, anything can happen, Neha was a well trained officer and even then she couldn’t get saved.

Kabir said Neha was fire, Riddhima is water, water always makes it’s way, I have nothing to lose, Riddhima is my everything, you are thinking I am an idiot to put my love at risk, sometimes we have to put love at stake to do our duty, Riddhima is my world, my heart said that Riddhima’s innocence will fool that criminal, don’t worry for her.

Riddhima recalled Kabir giving her the diamond clip with the transmitter. He said I can just hear you, I can’t advice you, you have to make your way on your own. She asked what if this clip get detected.

He said scanner can’t detect it, save it from the security. Riddhima passed the security and the machine beeped. The security stopped her and took her aside.

Kabir heard them and worried. They took her to Vansh. Vansh said there would be some conspiracy from the stars that we are colliding again and again, you are brought here on my saying, I have seen your name and pic as the party planner, you don’t even know planning a beach party.

I have seen your disorganization, you are stubborn or foolish, I am entertaining my special guests, you have to treat them well, it’s a job for you, it’s a passion for me, I can’t accept less than perfect things, I expect more than perfect, don’t let the guests complain, why was the scanners beeping, maybe it got happy on meeting you.

Kabir said she got caught. Vansh said you would be carrying something. She said nothing. He said your phone, scanner got activated as phones aren’t allowed on my cruise, my eyes will be on you, scanning didn’t end here. She said sorry and left.

Kabir was relieved that she is safe. Vansh’s aunt spoke to a lady. She said Vansh handled my husband’s business. Riddhima collided with someone. She said sorry and the lady scolded her. Riddhima said sorry, try to understand. The lady threw the drink at her.

She said you can’t pay the cost of this dress even if you sell yourself. Riddhima asked her to talk with manners. The lady said I am Ishani Rai Singhania, Vansh’s sister. Riddhima said sorry, I didn’t know. Ishani said you have no status in front of me, people like you don’t exist in our world, you are a staff right.

Riddhima said party planner. Ishani said you are the party planner, well, you can clean this mess. Riddhima cried and said I won’t do, it’s not my work.

Ishani said I will throw you out. Aryan came and said ship is already sailing, how can you throw her out. He said let her go. Riddhima left and cried. She said if Vansh’s sister is like this, how would Vansh be, how will I make my place here. Ishani said Aryan, we have grown up together. Aryan said you know me well.

Ishani said she is your type, you want to date and use her, she is one of principles, you will get her. Aryan said you know me well, why are you challenging me. She said she is out of your radar and he accepted the challenge. Vansh met the client. The client said your equipments are faulty, I don’t want to invest.

Vansh said you could have trusted me, I designed the equipments myself, it’s my passion, you are questioning that, interesting, I will test the equipments myself, if there is no problem, then you will name your entire business to me.

The man asked if it’s faulty. Vansh said then deal won’t happen, I won’t be alive to have the deal. A girl came to talk to Riddhima. Riddhima said I felt so humiliated today. She saw the girl on the wheelchair.



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