Ridhima & Vansh’s Baby Are…Till Love Do Us Part 31 March 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 196


The Episode started with Vansh doing aid to Riddhima’s hand. He said I would have not forgiven myself if anything happened to you. Riddhima said the baby also has faith on his dad, that you won’t let anything happen to him. He said nothing, I will get freshen up and come, I couldn’t give you the surprise. She said it’s the biggest happiness that you are with me, the valentines didn’t end yet.

I have something special, pregnancy guide, every do’s and don’ts are mentioned in this book, I want to read this with you, please, do this as a valentines gift, please. He smiled and she said thanks and they started reading the book together. Vansh then thinks of the lady’s curse and said no, I can’t do this. She asked what happened. He said sorry Riddhima, I can’t do this and he left.

She asked what’s troubling him so much, maybe he is worried for his baby’s safety, whatever, if I can teach him love and make him the best husband, I will make him the best father as well. Someone wrote Riddhima on a mirror and broke the mirror with a hammer. It’s morning, the red gloves person plqced a note in the temple and hid. Riddhima came and saw the note. She read, your baby isn’t safe in VR mansion, very soon this truth will come out.

She said who has kept this note, what does this mean. She saw someone and called out but the person run. She asked who are you. She run after the person and caught him but the person pushed her and runs away and she asked the guards to catch him.

The person jumped over the wall and flee and the guards followed. Riddhima thinks who can it be, who wants to tell me that my baby isn’t safe in his own house, I will remove the mask from this person’s face soon. Vansh said no Siya, I can never become a good father, I know it’s Riddhima’s biggest happiness, I know my helplessness, what shall I do. Siya said truth is you are going to become a dad, you can’t run away, if we can’t change few things then we should adjust, try once, please.

He said you think I have no maturity, didn’t you see what’s happening, I can tolerate if anyone attacks me, I can’t tolerate if anyone attacks my family, my thinking will never change. Riddhima looked on and said Vansh is already worried, I can’t make him worry more by showing this chit, I have to do this myself, who wants to hurt me and my baby, is it the same person who was wearing red hoodie. The red gloves person fixed a string on the staircase.

Riddhima went upstairs saying I have to be more alert and find out who wants to harm my baby. She stumbled on the string and screamed and Vansh held her. He asked are you okay and everyone came there. Riddhima said I was about to fall down, but Vansh saved me. Aryan asked it could be a serious accident, thank God you are safe. Chanchal said Vansh saved you today, he won’t be with you all the time, this family already lost a baby, we can’t bear more sorrow, you are carrying this family’s member.

Vansh said Riddhima didn’t do this intentionally or by carelessness and asked her to take care and went to answer a call. Ishani said I took much care in my pregnancy, even then.. that was past, take care, how did this happen. Riddhima recalled and said no, I remember that I felt a string on my foot, it should be here. Ishani asked her to look for it. She said you made a mistake, don’t lie, it affects the baby, take care, stop this carelessness. Riddhima said I am not telling any lie.

Aryan said string would not disappear like this and they all left. Riddhima thinks I can’t take such risk ever. She came to her room and saw the same red hoodie guy again. She said who was it. She saw the broken doll and got a note. She reads… the danger will increase, one wrong move will finish everything, anything can happen at any time and she worried. She said who is he, he wants to kill my baby or did he come to warn me, I promise I will find that person after the puja tomorrow, I will find out who wants to harm us.

It’s morning, Dadi asked pandit to check Vansh and Riddhima’s kundlis, tell the mahurat time, they will sit in the puja. Pandit checked and became shocked, the glass then broke and the Pandit said it’s a threat, Vansh don’t step out of the house today. Vansh said it’s fine, you ruined my suit, what’s this way.

Pandit said I had to do this to stop you, I can see your future, a dangerous incident will occur, don’t step out of the house until puja happens. Vansh said sorry but I don’t believe in kundli, I have to go out. Riddhima and Dadi insisted him to stay back. Pandit said the coming baby also got targeted, is this true or false. Chanchal said it’s right. Pandit said another baby is going to come. Dadi said Vansh and Riddhima are going to have their baby. Pandit held Riddhima’s forehead and said it’s a big threat on Riddhima, Vansh and the baby, she should be very careful till the puja, sometimes devil wins, the entire family needs to be careful till the puja night.

He gave Suraksha thread for Vansh and asked Dadi to tie it to Vansh’s right hand and he left. Aryan said I don’t believe all this, we should not waste time and prepare for puja. Dadi asked Vansh to come with her. Riddhima cried and recalled the pandit’s words. She got the red glove on the stairs. She said one of them wants to kill me and the other wants to warn me.

Riddhima told Vansh that he’s going to become a father, show some responsibility. He said, baby all the time, doesn’t she have anything else to talk about? He’s tired discussing the same topic and he left. She thinks one way or another, attack is going to happen on her. She looked at a big flower basket and wonders why it required 5 people to carry it. She pushed the basket and there was someone hiding inside…Read more

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