Anupriya Is Back Again To VR Mansion. Till Love Do Us Part 1 April 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 197


The Episode started with Dadi tying the thread to Vansh’s hand. He asked what nonsense is it, Guru ji did this so that he scares us and did a puja. She asked him not to say this about Guru ji, his word is always true, remember what he said, it’s a matter of one day, you can’t remove this thread before puja. Kabir said Chang, you have no option than believing me. Chang asked how can I trust you, you ruined our plan, you were with Vansh that day. Kabir said side can be changed, we both want Vansh to get ruined, I can give you the diamonds, else you may cry on your fate. Chang said Vansh can’t be alive by ruining me.

He called Vansh and said strange, you are still alive. Vansh asked Dadi to rest and he went out to talk to Chang. Chang said I will not sit quiet. Vansh said you are talking to Vansh. Chang said I will not take your threatening seriously, if I don’t get my diamonds, then I will ruin you, I am sure your family won’t like to see your dead body, your pregnant wife won’t like it. He threatened him with Riddhima and the baby and Vansh angrily ended the call. Riddhima went out and saw the staff.

She thinks I will be attacked some how. The workers brought some huge basket and Riddhima found it moving and she went to check and saw the flowers. She saw Vansh going and Siya called out Vansh and Riddhima went to talk to Vansh. Someone was inside the basket. Vansh asked Angre, how is this possible, I can’t afford to lose those diamonds, get me those diamonds. Riddhima came and said strange things are happening in the house, I am talking to you. He said stop it, can’t you see I am so worried.

She said sorry, you can share it with me. He said Dadi asked me not to go out for work, what’s this nonsense. She said Dadi and Guru ji did this for your betterment, think of your baby, show some responsibility. He shouted I am fed up hearing about the baby and she left.

She then stopped Angre to talk. She said you know Vansh for many years, I wanted to ask why is he scared to become a dad, I want to solve his problem. Angre said Vansh doesn’t want to fall weak in front of you. She asked is it reacting like this because of Ishani’s baby loss. He said he had to go to the juvenile center in the childhood, his dad’s enemies tortured him, he decided to never become a father.

He said if anything happens to him, that his child will be undergoing the same torture, Vansh shouldn’t know that I have told you this. She said no, this will be a secret, thanks for sharing it and he left. Dadi made a sweater for Vansh’s baby. Aryan came and said why are you making a pink sweater, it can be a baby boy. Siya said boys can also wear pink. Aryan said what’s the hurry, there is still time, maybe this isn’t needed. Dadi asked what are you saying. He said I meant Riddhima can buy readymade sweater, this one will go waste.

Siya said she will make the baby wear it. Dadi said I will do this later and went to check the puja preparations. Aryan angrily starred at the sweater. Riddhima came to Vansh and asked him to keep wearing the shirt and she stitched the button. She said you will be with the baby, nothing will happen to him and he pushed her away. She then got pricked by the needle and he cared for her. She said you can’t tolerate my pain, what about my pain to see you in fear, your love the for baby is bigger than fear. He said it’s not so easy, I don’t want to talk about this. She thinks of how to end his fear.

She saw someone throwing a ball and went to see. She asked who is it. Someone caught her foot to made her fall. Vansh then came and held her. Riddhima said someone held my foot to make me fall down, someone is hiding here. Vansh switched on the lights to see. She said I am saying the truth. He asked her to come, Dadi is waiting and they left. The person picked the bill. Dadi read the Paath and Riddhima came to her. Dadi asked her to sit. Riddhima thinks it’s someone from the family who has much hatred, I have to be alert and Aryan went to take a call. The red gloves person got current wires and placed it under the carpet.

Chanchal and Rudra also went. The then person dropped the flowers plate and Riddhima said I will go and see. She then saw the flowers fallen. She saw the wires and stepped back. She said who can do such a planning, she saw someone running and went to see but didn’t see anyone. The staff placed the flower basket there and left and Riddhima looked on. She said maybe there is something else in it than the flowers. Someone came out of the basket. Riddhima asked who are you, show me your face and she became shocked seeing Anupriya.

Before Riddhima did anything, Anupriya threw flowers at her and disappeared. Vansh and the other family members came there. Riddhima informed Vansh that she saw Anupriya. Vansh then called the jail to find out whether Anupriya is still there or she was released…Read more

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