Kabir & His Yellow Gloves Partner Caught. Till Love Do Us Part 1 December 2021, Wednesday pt2: Episode 57



Till Love Do Us Part 1 December 2021, Wednesday pt2 Episode started with Riddhima asking you here, Kabir. He said I wanted to see you, when the shoot out happened, I was worried, it’s all happening because of me, I should have not sent you, sorry and he hugged her. She said it’s fine, Kabir. He said why did you come in between when the bullet was shot for Vansh, why did you save him. He said you are applying sindoor and wearing mangalsutra, you think you are really his wife. She said I would have done this for anyone, our motive is to send him behind bars, not to kill him, I have seen it and got more curious, I have seen a yellow gloves man. He said stop it, why do you care, let Vansh die, it doesn’t matter, you know why you came here. She said if Vansh is wrong, that person is also wrong.

He thinks maybe I said a lot, I have to become her Kabir. He said I am not proving you wrong, I am just saying that when we focus on two things, we may fail in both, our focus is on Vansh, okay, he is a criminal, he killed many people, who knows, maybe this yellow glove person is a victim and came to kill him. He signalled the yellow gloves man to leave and the person run out. Riddhima said I know. Kabir said Vansh can get anyone in his words, he will try to get your love and loyalty by telling you his sad story, remember he isn’t a good person, but a devil who killed Ragini, we have to get justice for her, find out. She said I had sent the diary, did you get it. He said there was no strong evidence that Vansh killed Ragini, we have to work hard. He thinks you are a big fool, you didn’t think Vansh laid the big trap and I had to tolerate a lot. They heard footsteps. He asked her to go, don’t lose courage. He said I know we are away from our success, but I am just so proud of you, whatever sacrifices you made. She smiled and left, he also smiled and said love you.

She thinks of his words, she thinks he is right, I should focus on Vansh. She collided with Vansh and said sorry. He said I was looking for you, you didn’t take your medicines. She said I will take and he gave her the medicines. She said you don’t know anything than threatening and scaring. He said I am asking you to take your medicine because I worry for you. She took the tablet and got hiccups. She drank more water and he held her close. She asked what, Vansh….

He got close, he then left her and said see, your hiccups stopped, mom said when we shock someone’s mind, hiccups stop. Her saree got stuck there. She asked why did you stop me now Vansh. Kabir said it’s not the Riddhima I sent, her perception changed towards Vansh, go and see what she is doing. Kabir thinks to take his revenge on Vansh. Vansh said I didn’t stop you. She saw the saree stuck and said sorry and freed it. Vansh said you are habitual to blame me for everything, you need to take rest, else the pain will increase. She asked since when did you start caring for me. He said you took my share of pain, call it my guilt or duty.

She said I want to find the person who shot you, you aren’t trying, you don’t want to know about him. Someone looked on. Vansh said I want to know, but why do you want to know about the person who shot at me. The person left. Vansh said I asked Angre to find out, and hired a private detective, I worry for my family, that man entered my house to shoot me, I will find him out. She thinks I don’t know why, I am more eager to find that person. Kabir disclosed some plan. He said our problem will be solved, all her curiosity will end. Mrs. D’souza came to storeroom and was shocked. Mrs. D’souza saw his face and said omg, did you try to kill Riddhima. The person caught her. She thinks of reaching Riddhima and tell whose face was hidden behind the mask. Riddhima walked in the corridor.

Riddhima was shocked seeing the blood dropping down. A dead body fell down. Vansh saw the face and said Mrs. D’Souza.