Vansh Calls Ridhima To Save Him. Till Love Do Us Part 1 June 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 278


The Episode started with Riddhima thinking of Vansh and some notes flew on to her. She smiled and recalled Vansh. She became surprised seeing hundred of message notes falling there. She smiled and picked a few to read and then her imagination ended. She didn’t find any note there. She got a call and answered,she asked, Vansh where are you and the call disconnected. She called back and said please answer.

She then got a message, Riddhima save me. She called and found the number switched off. She said I won’t let anything happen to Vansh. Some goons locked the diamond in some box. A Goon said this table has sensor, if anyone tries to touch the diamond, then alarm will be set on.

Vyom said I have the diamond’s location, that diamond was in my circle, they are fools to think that they took it away, I will get back to you, tear of Laila, a toast to the diamond. Siya smiled looking at him and she hugged him. She said I feel happy seeing you happy, I love you so much, once we get this diamond, then we will go away, why do you look worried, share the problem, I can do anything for you. He said I have a headache.

She asked shall I get medicine for you. He said just get quiet for some time, that will help. She said I am tensed, you are going to take the diamond, there would be danger. He said you won’t understand, there is no fun to get anything without danger, it’s getting late, you should go. She said but I want to stay with you. He said we will stay together all our life but not right now. She hugged him and said I love you and she left.

Riddhima said Angre, Vansh messaged me to save him, we have to save him and find the diamond. Angre said don’t know if this message is real or fake, I don’t know where he is, how shall we get his info. Riddhima saw Siya and said I have a way to find the info. She stopped Siya and went to her. She asked are you okay. Siya said yes, I was getting bad thoughts about Vansh, did you get any info.

Riddhima said not yet, but don’t worry, you love your brother a lot, Vansh will come soon. She hugged Siya and asked her to go and rest. She recalled getting the bug from Siya’s jacket. Angre asked what did she tell you. Riddhima said she will tell it soon and they watched the video.

Riddhima said great, it means the real diamond is in the hotel paradise. Angre asked how did you do this. Riddhima said I saw Siya listening to our talks and there I saw she was just acting and still meeting Vyom, I planted a microchip on her clothes and took a chance, it worked. He said superb, you aren’t less than Vansh, tell me what to do. She said we have to find Vansh and that diamond, we just have 12 hours.

He said lets go. She made a parcel ready and then called Angre and said I am ready. She took disguise of a delivery partner and went to the goons and delivered the parcel. Goon said we didn’t order anything, wait, you aren’t educated, this is room 121, go that way. She said oh, I made a mistake and she smiled. She used adhesive tape and got their fingerprints from the box.

She rang some alarm and the goons run out. She then went inside the room and became shocked seeing Vyom with the diamond. She said you… Vyom said me, it’s me, did you think just you can cheat thumb impression, I did the same and got the diamond, careful, sensors will ring the alarm, we both will get killed, what about Vansh then, welcome, I knew you will come, you reach every place where I am, like a black shadow. She said a black shadow doesn’t leave me too.

She tried to take the diamond from him. He said I won’t give you a second chance, try your best, come on. She said please try to understand, I love Vansh a lot, you would also love someone in your life, give the diamond to me for that person’s sake, I beg you. He said shut up, no one loves me, I don’t love anyone. She took the diamond from him and he run after her. She said careful, table… not now.

He said good one, you cheated me again, love is dangerous, you spoke about love and I lost, look at yourself, pity yourself, you dedicated your life to Vansh, you forgot yourself, you think Vansh won’t get mad knowing you cheated him again, no, he will be very angry, when you had made a deal with me to save his life and recalled Vansh’s words. Vyom got close to her and said he will never forgive her for this.

He took the diamond from her and run. She asked him to please give her the diamond, she needs it. He said no, now I have the diamond. She said my Vansh will die, I will die, my baby… He said as if I care, I will have this diamond, your, Vansh and this baby’s story ends. He left a smoke can there and left. She coughed and the fire alarm rang.

The goons come there and saw the diamond gone. They said that courier girl…. Riddhima hid while the goons looked for her. Vyom was running away and Riddhima stroke him with a stick and took the diamond from him. She said I told you that this diamond is to save someone’s life, I won’t give it you now. He said go, but where, do you know where Vansh is. She said I will find out. He said no, just I know about him, he is your life, your love, you have to find out, give me the diamond, I will tell you. She pointed a gun and said tell me where Vansh is. He said oh, you came fully prepared.

She said I will shoot you. He said no, you can’t shoot me, give me the diamond. She shot into the air and said next bullet will be on your head. He said I know about Vansh, you can’t shoot me. She said tell me where Vansh is, else I will… He asked what will you do, Vansh will die if the diamond doesn’t reach the prince, you will lose. She said stay there, tell me where Vansh is, if you don’t say, then I will throw this diamond here, you will never get it. He said no, you won’t get it. She said I can do this, tell me, where is he. He said it’s not about money. She said it’s about money, you want money and power. He said you don’t know anything about this, don’t do this and she started counting.

Riddhima said Vansh came to me and said I love you Riddhima. Vansh came back and she went to look for him. She saw Vansh and run after him…Read more

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