Vansh Comes Back To His Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 1 June 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 279


The Episode started with Riddhima warning Vyom and asking where is Vansh. He asked her to give him the diamond. She said I know you well, you just want money and power. He said just shut up, you don’t know anything about me, this diamond is important for me. She said tell me where Vansh is, I will give you the diamond, I can throw this away, you have 30 seconds. He said don’t do this, okay, give it to me and he told her Vansh’s location. He said he is being held captive in a train coach.

She said take me there, then I will give you this diamond, don’t act smart. She got a call from Angre and she said yes, I got the diamond, Vyom is taking me to Vansh, I told him that I will give him the diamond, it’s a deal. Angre said this diamond is important for Vansh’s life, tell me, where are you, I am coming. She said no, Vansh’s life is most important, Vyom is clever, he is trapping you and the call ended.

Angre shouted you made a big mistake, we have to pay a big price for this. Vyom got Riddhima to the train coach. She asked Vyom to stay there, don’t act smart, else she will shoot him. He said don’t do anything to the diamond. She went inside and saw someone tied up. She said Vansh…. She removed the blanket and saw a dummy and she shouted Vyom. She got Vansh’s blood stained kerchief. She shot in the air and came to Vyom and pointed the gun at him. She said Vansh isn’t inside, you cheat, where is my Vansh, tell me, else I will shoot you, there is a dummy inside.

He said Vansh is here, give me the diamond. The goons came and caught them at gunpoint. They asked for diamond but she refused. Vyom said do as he is saying but Riddhima didn’t listen. She said women aren’t so weak, when it’s about thier husband’s life, then she is the most dangerous and she shot the goon. Vyom the fought the other goon. The goon took the gun and said give me the diamond, else I will shoot you. Vyom jumped in between and got shot.

She shot the goon and saw Vyom shot on his arm. She asked what did you do, why did you save me. He said I didn’t do anything for you, give me the diamond. She said you are injured. He said give me the diamond. She said I don’t have the diamond, I think it fell down somewhere, did you pick that. He said come on, I want the diamond. She said it happened so suddenly, you took the bullet for me. He said you need to understand, I want the diamond, I told you the location, you need to fulfill the promise. She said I don’t know, you are injured, you need a doctor.

He said that diamond is important than my life, I want the diamond, I will shoot you. She said okay fine, shoot, you can’t shoot me, else you would have not saved me. He said I never saved you, I just saved your baby. She asked what did you say. He said I saved your baby, give me the diamond, I will shoot you. He asked her to stop but she left. He shot in the air and shouted.

Riddhima came back home and Dadi scolded her a lot. She said you didn’t get Vansh there and Riddhima said yes. Dadi said Angre told me everything, why did you trust our enemies, Vyom was fooling you. Riddhima said yes, Vansh was really kept there. Dadi asked did you get him. Riddhima said maybe they transferred Vansh to some other place. Angre said no, I warned you that it’s Vyom’s plan. Riddhima said no Angre, I believe Vyom. Dadi asked did you give the diamond to Vyom. Riddhima said no. Dadi said give it to me now, I don’t trust you. Riddhima said I don’t have it. Dadi asked what…. Angre asked what are you saying. Riddhima said it fell down somewhere.

Dadi said you lost the world’s most precious diamond, did you come to give this news to us, I think it’s your plan. She said she wants Vansh to die by the enemy’s hands so she will keep the diamond. She asked Angre to go and find the diamond. Dadi said you always spoil our work, you just create new problems in our family, I was mad to not listen to the family and get you home and she left. Siya said don’t feel bad of Dadi’s words, she doesn’t trust anyone.

I trust you, you are telling the truth, Vansh will come back, you can come and talk to me. Riddhima thinks Siya informed everything to Vyom, I can’t trust her. She said thanks Siya, I will tell you if there is anything and she left. Siya thinks great, she trusts me, she will tell me everything, Vyom would be happy to hear this. Vyom checked the train coach and saw the dummy and looked for the diamond.

He saw Vansh’s message. You and I will unite, we will meet soon. He smiled and said oh, Vansh and Riddhima, they are playing a good game with me, she got Vansh’s message, it’s a nice way to talk and saw the blood stained kerchief. Riddhima came to her room, cried and thought of Vansh. She said just come back Vansh and say I love you Riddhima in my ears and Vansh came to the hotel. She said Vansh and run out of the room. Vansh walked in the corridor. She shouted Vansh and run after him but he left from there. She smiled seeing his car and she shouted Vansh…. She asked where are you Vansh. She thinks I feel Vansh is around.

Riddhima said I will always love you and Vansh said I live for you….Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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