Vansh’s Shocking Secret To Get Revealed. Till Love Do Us Part 1 March 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 151


The Episode started with Ahana saying I was the one who called you, I want to tell you something important. Riddhima thinks who is she. Angre then tried to catch Ahana but she run. Vansh caught Ahana and danced with her and she became tensed. Riddhima was also looking for her. Ahana saw the knife in his hand and she shouted Riddhima….. Riddhima asked who are you, show me your face, what do you want to tell me. Ahana removed her mask and everyone looked on.

Ahana said I want to tell you something related to Vansh, it’s a big secret of his life, it will bring a storm in your life, much will change, this secret is related to Vansh. Kabir thinks it will be fun. Ishani said this girl has stolen my dress. Riddhima said I had to do this, because my life is at risk. Vansh said I promise, nothing will happen to you, your security is my responsibility, you will stay here. Riddhima asked what are you saying, she is going to reveal your secret, do you know her. Ahana said we have a secret between us.

She said I am the one who saved your life, I had served him and returned this life to him, he promised me that he will repay me for the favor. Dadi said thanks for saving Vansh’s life, you have given a new life to all of us, what’s your name. Ahana said Ahana…. Dadi said Vansh will not deny his promise. Vansh said yes, you are safe here. Riddhima recalled the calls. She said why did you call me, you knew Vansh and wanted his help, why didn’t you call him directly. Ahana said actually….. Angre came and said just two hours to celebrate the new years, lets celebrate first.

Vansh took Riddhima with him and they danced. Vansh said last year had much troubles, I want this year to be a memorable one, it must be filled with happiness and kissed her hand. Kabir danced with Ahana and they changed partners. Vansh asked why did you come. Ahana asked why, didn’t you like my coming. Ahana said Vansh, I know all your secrets, if you trouble me, then I will tell everything to Riddhima. Vansh asked do you think she will believe you, she loves me a lot. She said we shall see, time will tell.

Riddhima looked at Ahana and thinks if Ahana knew Vansh before, why did she call me. She said Vansh, I didn’t understand one thing, Ahana doesn’t know me, why did she call me. Vansh said you are my wife, maybe my number was not reachable, she wants our favor. She said yes but… He said this but is the problem, where there is love, such words mean a misunderstanding, I don’t want any misunderstanding between us. She recalled Vansh’s words and said okay. She thinks I have to end my doubts, I have to live as Vansh’s wife. Ishani, Aryan and Chanchal went to the room.

Chanchal asked what happened. Ishani asked them to hear this recording. Aryan said this is a jackpot, where did you get it. Ishani said we have to think about how to use it, it’s not the right time, Vansh will forgive Riddhima, if we have to throw Riddhima out, then we have to wait for the right time. Chanchal said we will give the fire to the metal. Aryan said then Riddhima will be out of the VR mansion. Ishani said let the game begin.

Kabir asked what’s your connection with Vansh, you saved his life, you wanted to say something, I am a policeman, you can tell me. Vansh looked on and signalled Angre. Vansh took a drink spilled it on Kabir’s clothes. He said sorry, it happened by mistake and Kabir left. Ahana stepped on Angre’s shoe and hurts him. She said sometimes we should work to make things get done our way, is it hurting, loser and she looked at Vansh.

She got a message. Kabir cheated with her. Ishani thinks Riddhima, this time you won’t be saved. Dadi took a pic Vansh and Riddhima. She asked everyone to come and eat. Riddhima got a note and looked at Ahana. She said I will be back Dadi. She then went and read the note…. your life is in danger… come to the backyard and meet me.

Someone cuts the wires to damage the car window mechanism. Riddhima said Ahana saved Vansh’s life, how is my life in danger, I have to find out. She went and called out Ahana. Someone took the mask. Riddhima looked inside the car and someone pushed her inside and threw a smoke can inside.

Riddhima was locked inside the car. She got suffocated and shouted for help. Vansh then called her out and she fainted….Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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