Vansh Saves Ridhima’s Life As She Nears Death. Till Love Do Us Part 1 March 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 152


The Episode started with Vansh asking Angre to be careful of Ahana. He recalled Ahana’s words. He said where is Riddhima. Someone pushed Riddhima inside the car and dropped some smoke can inside. She got locked inside. She asked who are you, open the door. She sees some masked person and shouted for help. Vansh said I am looking for Riddhima. Ishani said Riddhima isn’t a kid, she will be around, try this, your favorite chocolate cake. He said nice.

She held the same mask. Riddhima hits on the car window glass. Ishani said we shall take a selfie. Vansh said later and he goes. She smiled looking at the mask. Vansh called out Riddhima. He turned and saw Riddhima inside the car. He shouted Riddhima and tried to open the door. He asked her to open her eyes. He said I won’t let anything happen to you. He got a sickle,broke the window and got Riddhima out of the car. He sprinkled water on her face and she became conscious.

He hugged her and asked are you okay. He said you do strange things, you don’t tell me and go anywhere, if anything happened to you then, what were you doing in that car. She said someone pushed me inside that car. She saw something and showed him. They saw a stabbed heart board. Vansh said it means our enemies are still left. She thinks does he mean about Kabir.

He asked her to come in and rest, he will find the culprit. She said you saved me from death. He said stop putting yourself at risk. He thinks who can be behind this. They came to the party. Riddhima saw Ishani’s mask and recalled the masked attacker. She saw the same mask with everyone.

She thinks how to find out, who pushed me, Ahana called me to the backyard. She went to Ahana and asked what was this, you called me to the backyard and didn’t come. Ahana asked what, I didn’t call you. Riddhima said I got your chit. Ahana said I didn’t send any chit. Riddhima said I thought you sent it.

someone attacked me and tried to kill me, anyways, I will find out who did it, Vansh said you tried to reach him and couldn’t, so you called me. Ahana said you trust him a lot. Riddhima said yes, I will always trust him more than myself, we are each other’s shadow, he always saves my life.

Ahana said you are mistaken about Vansh, I wanted to tell this, he doesn’t love you, he had saved you from death, he had pushed you actually, you don’t know about him, Vansh is such a riddle, no one could solve it, he wants to kill you, I came to tell you, Vansh is your life’s biggest enemy, I know you love him, you will just get cheat and pain, Vansh has many faces, he would have forgotten his real face, he is dangerous, he is plotting to ruin you and Riddhima cried.

Ahana said you have to see who you choose, your life or Vansh and Riddhima slapped her. Riddhima said you will tell me who is Vansh, he is my husband, love and trust, you saved Vansh’s life, I will be always grateful, but I can’t hear a word against him, we have many enemies, but we are not each other’s enemy, he can never hurt me, he had always come to save me.

he allowed you to stay here and you are saying this nonsense, there is something behind you, tell me, who sent you. Ahana said no one. Riddhima said just get lost from here, I don’t want anyone to say nonsense against my husband. Ahana said it’s Vansh’s house, I will go if he wants, you tell him, he doesn’t refuse to you right.

Vansh came to Riddhima and hugged her. Riddhima said I want to tell you something about Ahana, she was telling me about you and he kissed her and she smiled. She asked him to listen to her. He said you answer me, you have to prove it and show, how much do you trust me. She said more than myself, I can prove it whenever you want.

He said we will test it now. He asked her to climb the ladder. He said I am not joking, I am serious. She climbed the ladder and asked shall I come down now. He said the test begins now, leave the ladder now, you said you can prove your love and trust anytime, turn backside and fall down the ladder.

I will save you, you trust me right, what happened. She said I trust you more than myself. She closed eyes and left the ladder to fall back side. Vansh then caught her. She smiled and opened her eyes. She said I trust you more than myself.

She said you are the one who I trust the most in this world. He said you really proved that you blindly trust me, doubt, questions and others’ words don’t matter, right and she nodded. She recalled Ahana’s words.

She said I don’t like Ahana, can we ask her to leave. He said no, when our trust is strong, why are we afraid, Ahana’s thinking doesn’t matter, she isn’t so bad, she saved my life, she did a big favor, I will handle her issues, you believe me or Ahana. She said I trust you, this trust will never break. Someone looked on.

Riddhima woke up and found blood on her hands, in her bed. She reads a message written with the blood, “your love story will be written in history books”. She was going to the store room when someone with a mask pushed her and then tied her hands, covered her mouth, and hanged her. Vansh came there and was shocked seeing Riddhima hanging….Read more

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