Ridhima Is Shocked As Her & Kabir’s Pic Falls. Till Love Do Us Part 10 December 2021, Friday pt2: Episode 66



Episode started with Riddhima thinking why was Vansh behaving so nicely with me. She recalled Vansh taking care of her and saving her. She smiled and said what’s happening with me, why am I getting involved in this. Kabir said so ladies, I have made changes in mehendi ceremony, I hope you guys like it, it’s a special mehendi bags, your names are written on it, there are some mehendi stickers too, it will be special. Riddhima took her bag.

Kabir said this marriage will be special, my lovely Ishani, put on the mehendi, I will be back. Everyone saw the mehendi stickers. Kabir went away and watched them. Anupriya came to him. He said now Kabir has to come out, Kabir was coming to Riddhima, very close, old love will cover the new love like the moon covers the sun during eclipse. Riddhima thinks what’s this.

She saw Kabir’s name on her hand and she became shocked. She recalled Kabir and Vansh. She cried and thinks I have to remove this name before anyone else sees it and she left. Kabir said the arrow has hit the right spot, heart… where love for Vansh was developing, not so easily, I won’t let you forget everything, neither Kabir nor that motive, if you have any feelings for Vansh, it will run away like you have run away.

He said don’t forget that you are just a pawn in this mission, I will decide your moves. Anupriya laughed and said she was getting a heart attack now. He said this pain and confusion, it will increase more, it’s just the start. Riddhima went to wash her hands. Vansh cames to the room. He thinks why is the bathroom lights on. He knocked the door and Riddhima tried to remove Kabir’s name. Vansh entered and asked are you okay, why do you look worried. Riddhima said no, I feel I have a skin allergy due to sticker mehendi.

He said show me, I will help. She said no, I have almost removed it, go down, see the arrangements, mehendi is in some hours. He said fine, come soon and he left. She said thank God, Kabir’s name was removed. She thinks who can put Kabir’s name sticker, does DSR know anything. She asked Kabir about the mehendi packages. Kabir said we got direct shipments from the Delhi factory, didn’t you like the quality and designs. She said no, I was just asking, it’s really good. She thinks someone knows the truth, did he send anything else. She checked her bag and read it, it’s time to unveil the secret, just look upwards once.

She saw the balloons falling and recalled Kabir. Some pics fell down. Kabir looked on. She thinks how is it possible, how can anyone know my secrets, I have to take all the pics before anyone sees it. She picked the pics. Vansh came and asked what happened and she hid the pics. She said nothing, I thought to pick the pics, it may come under someone’s feet. Kabir smiled. Vansh picked a pic and showed it to her. She saw Ishani’s childhood pics.

Aryan said I had planned the surprise for Ishani, she is getting married, I thought to revive some childhood memories, see her life journey. He passed pics to Ishani. Ishani said I hope your next plan is good. He said just some time, don’t you worry, I never break my promise. Kabir thinks I wanted to see this fear. Riddhima thinks who is playing this game with me. Vansh asked are you okay. He checked Riddhima. He said you don’t look well. She said I am okay. He thinks why is she behaving so strange.

Riddhima and Vansh had a moment. Kabir said just I have the right on Riddhima. Aryan brought a big teddy for Riddhima and she became shocked…..Read more