I am Vansh- Vihaan Reveals The Truth. Till Love Do Us Part 10 February 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 129


The Episode started with Dadi thinking of Vansh’s words and she fell near the bed. Vihaan came and took care of her. He took her medicines from the cupboard and gave it to her. She said it’s good you remember about the medicine box, someone looked on. Vansh said you didn’t take care of yourself. She said I had lost faith on God, when you came back, I understood I was wrong to question God’s power. He said please, for my sake, take care.

She said nothing went on well after you went, if Riddhima took a decision, what wrong did she do, promise me that you will fix everything and return my old family to me. He asked did I refuse to you, I promise I will fix everything, that’s why I have come. He wiped her tears and she smiled. She said I wish Siya is fine, we will go and meet her. He said rest, I will go and see her, she will be fine soon and he left.

Ishani said this is your real place, you always deserved this, Vansh respected and loved you and she scolded Riddhima. She said you will get the divorce papers tomorrow, sign the divorce papers and leave from here. She locked the door and said Riddhima is very clever, locking her is important. Riddhima shouted Vihaan, you proved that one shouldn’t trust strangers, Kabir and Vihaan are inside the house, I am here, I have to do something.

Vihaan said Siya, you have to be fine, you have to tell me who did this, I know that person is from this house and Kabir looked at him. Vihaan held Siya’s hand and said you are my fighter, one who can get up from a wheelchair can win this fight also, your brother is waiting, you have to defeat this illness for my sake. He saw some shadow and said you just wait and watch, I will do anything to make you fine, he turned and Kabir left. Vihaan smiled.

Angre said he isn’t Vansh. Ishani asked are you mad. Angre said I have spent more time with him, you don’t know many things, Vansh wanted to punish his mum’s murderers, he was trying it since 3 years. She asked what. He said sorry, Ragini knew the killer, Vansh kept her in a safe house, the killer killed her also, the one who killed your mom did all this. She shouted Angre, why didn’t you tell me when we got Vansh’s death news, Vansh wanted to punish my mom’s killer, the killer is on the loose, you couldn’t do anything, I can’t tolerate that my mom’s killer is free. He said you got angry, why didn’t Vansh get angry, he has gotten that person home, who is connected with everything. She said you are right, if he isn’t Vansh, then who is he.

Kabir broke things. He said he isn’t the real Vansh, he is a duplicate, he almost saw me, Riddhima got a sharp player, we have to be at our best game. Anupriya recalled Dadi’s words. She said maybe you are drunk Kabir, tell me, how does Vansh know little things. He said obviously Riddhima trained him, we do this with undercover agents, I did this with Riddhima. She said agreed, why did he make Riddhima out, we are inside the house today. He said maybe it’s a part of their plan, if he was the real Vansh, would he let his enemy stay in his house.

She asked what did Vansh tell you, maybe he is planning something big, none knows what he thinks, he wants to attack on his enemy, I am worried for you. He said it’s your fear in your heart that’s saying this, no one can get saved from falling down the cliff, this is just a duplicate. She said I can’t be wrong, he is Vansh. He said fine if you don’t want to believe it, but I am saying it, he isn’t Vansh, I know it, it’s a cheat. Angre said my heart said the man who is behind this is responsible for Siya and Vansh’s accident, Kabir is sitting inside the house, I think I should have brought that man in front of everyone. Ishani asked why are we waiting. Angre said I know how to test him, wait, please calm down.

Kabir said I am looking for that bag which I got there. He recalled getting the money bag. He said Riddhima sold her jewellery and got this money, I will end your cleverness. He said I thought Riddhima was trying to run away, then so called Vansh’s entry happened, maybe it’s her plan B with her old uncle, maybe that man wasn’t old and he opened the bag. He said maybe we get some proof in this. He showed the notes. He said now do you understand, this isn’t Vansh, he is a duplicate. Anupriya said it’s our turn to end this game, use your power, use the evidence against Vansh, end his game, be it Vansh or any duplicate, what happened, real or fake, once he goes behind jail, we don’t care, go and arrest him. He said we can’t do this, Riddhima made a perfect plan, mom….

She asked what and he told her everything. She said what, you burnt the evidences, how can you do this, we did a lot to get it in years, you are such an idiot. He said enough, I didn’t dream that our game will turn this way, we will lose, I thought Vansh was dead so it’s fine if she burns the evidences, don’t act like you never made any mistake, you and the family are doing the same mistake and he left. She said time will show who is an idiot and who is the smart one. Vihaan saw Vansh’s room and jumped on the bed. He said this is called perfect room and took a glass of juice. He took Riddhima’s pic and said few things were not in our contract, the matter is something else, you don’t know whom you got home. It’s morning, Riddhima thinks why did Vihaan do this. She said why doesn’t he answer my calls. A servant came to give her food. Riddhima said stop…..

Riddhima came home, wearing that lady/ servant’s saree. Aryan asked how did you take so much time to deliver food at the outhouse, say something, you know I want to have the juice on time, leave it now, I had the juice, go and clean my room. Vihaan came. She removed the mask. Vihaan saw her. He said stop, clean my room first, any problem, Aryan. Aryan said no problem amd he left.

Riddhima came to room. She took a tray and beats Vihaan. He asked why are you beating me, I saved your plan. She asked who are you to make me out of my house. He said Vansh Rai Singhania. She said stop acting. He said you made me Vansh, you said he had a fire in him, if Vansh had forgiven his wife like this, anyone would doubt, am I right.

She said we decided that I will apologize and you will forgive me, you told them about divorce, how will we fix this, I couldn’t sleep in that room. He said wait, you need a back massage, it’s a bonus, no charge. She said stop the nonsense. He angrily held her and said you have hired me and paid me, but you can’t pay for my self respect, you have not bought me.

Dadi said I don’t accept this divorce, fill her maang and accept her, think you are remarrying her. Riddhima thinks I am Vansh’s widow, I can’t become Vihaan’s wife.

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