Kabir & His Mom Leave VR Mansion. Till Love Do Us Part 10 February 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 128


The Episode started with Ishani saying Riddhima had taken entire charge in her hand. Dadi said wrong, I had given the right to Riddhima to decide, Riddhima decided it by heart to unite Anupriya and Kabir, you would have decided the same. Vihaan said if you all kept Kabir for mom’s happiness, then I will also tolerate him, it’s my bad luck that my wife is getting married to my enemy, you couldn’t wait for 40 days, you gave my place to someone else, did you try to find my body, you just talk big things about love. Riddhima said no. Dadi said calm down Vansh, we all were with her decision, when we didn’t get your news, we decided it, it’s not easy to live as a widow. Ishani said you always take Riddhima’s side, you don’t know her real face, she had given Kabir the responsibility to find Vansh, she permitted Kabir to stay here and she scolded Kabir.

Ishani said Kabir didn’t regret your death, he was trying to take your place, Riddhima used her innocent face, don’t know what game she is playing, maybe she was going to involve Kabir in our property also, Bappa has sent you back, don’t know what Dadi thinks that she praises Riddhima. Vihaan got angry and went to get a firestick.

Kabir caught the havan fire stick. Riddhima thinks Vihaan is reacting the same as Vansh, good job. Kabir thinks of Vansh’s words. Kabir thinks to do something to manage this situation. Kabir said come on Vansh, you can vent out your enmity, anger and annoyance, you have seen it now, it’s was not intentionally done, in fact I was going to leave the city on your Tervi, then I got to know you are my brother, you are my stepbrother.

I don’t want any misunderstanding, trust me, I got all the hospitals checked to find your body, I admit that I kept the marriage proposal in front of Riddhima, which she accepted. Riddhima thinks he is cleanly lying. Kabir said she also believed that I should take Vansh’s responsibility, I just wanted to get happiness back in this house, now you have come, it’s better I leave, I want permission to take something precious, I have a right on it and he took Anupriya with him.

Riddhima smiled seeing them. Kabir said Dadi, it was my mistake to stay here on your saying, if I have hurt you, then forgive me, it’s better we leave. Anupriya asked what are you doing, this was not our aim. Riddhima recalled Kabir’s words and thinks evil always loses, I have won, you are going from my life. Vihaan said stop and Kabir smiled. Kabir said now goal will come after us, I knew Vansh will stop us. Vihaan said you are snatching my valuable thing and took his Saafa. Riddhima thinks I didn’t tell this to Vihaan, how does he know. Kabir thinks I am sure he isn’t Vansh, Vansh would not get away from his mum.

Vihaan said thanks, what’s mine will be mine and Riddhima smiled. She thanked Bappa. Dadi stopped Kabir and Anupriya. She said Vansh, you are my Vansh, right, my Vansh believes in keeping relations, not breaking relations, Anupriya loved you more than your mum, you can’t forget it. Vihaan said I never went against your word. He went to Kabir and said we kept enmity, now we will keep relations. He hugged Kabir and Dadi smiled. Vihaan said well played Kabir, now the moves will be mine, Vansh never forgets his enemies, wait and watch and Kabir became shocked.

Dadi said now I feel my Vansh has come back. Riddhima thinks the game changed, we will keep the next part the same. She said Vansh, I know I have hurt you a lot, forgive me please. He recalled Riddhima asking Vihaan to forgive her, no one will doubt. Vihaan said you didn’t just hurt me, you broke me, you have made a joke of my feelings and trust, you played a game with me, you have cheated me.

Kabir was my enemy, enemy keeps enmity, you were my loved one, I trusted you, you knew Kabir was my big enemy, even then you were marrying him. She thinks what is Vihaan saying, this wasn’t our plan. He said Dadi would have not expected you to agree, maybe she has given priority to your happiness and future. Riddhima thinks how does Vihaan know this, was he keeping an eye on this house.

She said I am really sorry, forgive me. She went close and asked what’s this drama, just do what I said. He pushed her and said stay away, my hatred gets high when you come close, your crime is bigger than others. Dadi said give her a chance to speak. Vihaan said there is nothing to say, she was remarrying, stop it Riddhima. Ishani said Vansh is doing right. Chanchal said yes, if there is no love and trust, what will you do. Ishani said Vansh had gotten Riddhima on his head, now her truth came out, she doesn’t deserve you.

Vihaan said right, I decided to not to stay in this relation, I want divorce. Riddhima and everyone became shocked. Vihaan said no one can give me such pain like you have given me Riddhima. Ishani said you have always ignored her mistakes, now she has become our problem, throw her out soon, she doesn’t deserve to be here. He said exactly and he went upstairs. Riddhima said Dadi…. Vihaan threw a suitcase down and said get out of my house.

Riddhima thinks how is Vihaan behaving like Vansh and she looked at him. She thinks if I can get you here, I can throw you out, you have made a big mistake Vihaan. He said I can’t tolerate you here, you will stay in outhouse until divorce is done. Ishani said Dadi, support Vansh in his decision and Dadi cried.

Chanchal said just throw her out. Vihaan said if she disappears, then I will be tied to her all life, once divorce happens, then she will be gone forever. Riddhima said I didn’t think you will do this, you had sworn on your mum. Vihaan winked and smiled. He said you won’t listen and he took her out. Ishani said I will handle her, I will throw her out of the house comfortably. Vihaan smiled and waved to Riddhima. Riddhima thinks did I get another devil to deal with one. She prayed for the family. Ishani asked Riddhima to come.

Vihaan said I know few things happened which were not in our contract, the matter is something else. Riddhima thinks I am here while Kabir and Vihaan are at home. She said I have one day to do something….Read more

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