Vansh & Ridhima’s Love Makes A New Beautiful Star. Till Love Do Us Part 10 January 2022, Monday pt2: Episode 96



The Episode started with Chanchal saying we have been living in VR mansion for years and Riddhima is playing with our minds. Aryan nodded. She said I was scared when Vansh was coming to me, it’s all your mistake, that girl would have turned to ashes. He said sorry, I will get us out of this problem. She asked what did you get. He showed her the burnt card. She said it’s the same chip in which you recorded the footage. He said yes. He recalled finding the chip near the fire.

Chanchal asked what, Riddhima had thrown this in the fire. He said if we lost something, we gained a lot. She asked him to check it and he checked the chip. They saw the video and smiled. She said your mistake is forgiven, I am proud of you. Ishani said it’s fun to have dessert date after going on a long drive with husband, I don’t understand why you got hidden in the dickey, I just saw you getting out of the dickey, I wish I could capture that weird moment.

Riddhima said it’s fine, better luck next time, you need proof to blame anyone, you can’t do anything without proof. Ishani said very soon I will have proof that you have come here for a special motive, the day Vansh knows you are spying, you will pray to die and she taunted Riddhima. She said I will prove it soon. Riddhima said it’s all nonsense in your mind, you can’t prove anything. She thinks thank God, Ishani didn’t record, else Vansh would have known it. Ishani thinks to find proof, it will be found for sure. Riddhima got ready and went downstairs. She saw Vansh and Dadi sitting with the pandit. She thinks whose Shraddh is happening. She saw Ragini’s pic and was shocked.

The Pandit guided Vansh. Vansh asked Riddhima to come and complete the Daan Sankalp. Riddhima thinks why Vansh wants to show Ragini dead when she is alive. He said you are thinking why I did this suddenly, so that you get sure that Ragini’s story is over for me forever, I had given much place to her in my heart and mind, think it’s a closure, it’s important to break relation with the dead people to keep relations with people alive. Dadi said I like your decision, I am with you, a new start is good on Vijay dakshami day. Vansh asked the Pandit to give the things to poor people.

Vansh said I want to show my decision about my past, meet me in the garden. Riddhima asked what. He said if you ask, the surprise will get spoiled and he left. Dadi said you should be happy, Vansh is doing this to make a new start with you. Anupriya said I told you Ragini is dead, you said Riddhima was confident that Vansh didn’t kill her, she fooled you Kabir, Ragini’s shraadh is happening.

She saw Chanchal and Aryan happy and thinks what did they get that they are so happy. She said Kabir, something is happening here that we don’t know.

Pandit said I am a brahman and can’t lie, their kundlis are opposite, I am surprised how they got united. Dadi asked him to find a way to solve the problem. He said some problems can’t be solved, sorry. She worried. Vansh said I don’t believe you. Ishani said you have to believe me, I have seen Riddhima leaving from this dickey. He said I have checked it, there was no one. She said Riddhima likes hide and seek game, you don’t believe me, I will show you the proof.

She opened the dickey. She said it’s the ring which fell down in the dickey. He saw the nut bolt and asked is this your proof, stop giving childish excuses. She said fine, tell me, where is Riddhima’s ring, why isn’t she wearing it, answer me, I will accept that I have seen it, that was my imagination. He said you have no right to ask about our personal matters and he left.

He asked Riddhima do you want to bring me out of my past. She said yes. He said then we will start with this, you have to break it. Riddhima was shocked seeing the statue and dropped the hammer. He said I will ruin everything that’s related to my past, won’t you support me and gave the hammer back to her. He said it’s fine, I will help you, we will do it together. They hit the statue together and it broke. He said I have completely removed Ragini’s name from my life, you should be happy, why do I feel you want to remove me from your life. She said no. Ishani looked on.

She asked why did you remove my gifted ring, answer me. She said it’s here. She recalled getting the ring from the dickey. She said I had a rash, so I had worn it on my other hand. Vansh looked at Ishani. He said my past is destroyed, I want to make new memories with you, I want to hold your hand and Ishani left. Vansh said tell me, will you support me. Riddhima thinks he did this to make a new start with me. She recalled Dadi’s words. She thinks I should support him. He thinks I have to leave the past baggage and she smiled.

Angre played the dhol. Vansh asked what’s the festive now. Dadi said I told Angre to play dhol, you should know about the festive of married couples, I think Riddhima knows about Karwachauth. She stopped Ishani and said it’s you and Angre’s first Karwachauth also. Vansh said sorry, I don’t believe in this. Riddhima said I believe it, prayer with true intention and devotion is accepted and Dadi nodded. Vansh looked on. Riddhima said faith can move huge mountains also, love can win, Lord’s win as well, I will surely keep the fast. Dadi said we have to keep a special rasam, husbands will buy bangles for their wives from the market. Chanchal asked Rudra to get gold bangles for her. Everyone smiled. Ishani taunted Angre and left. Vansh stopped Riddhima.

He said you don’t need to keep fast for me. Riddhima said it’s my own decision, I am keeping it by my wish and Vansh left. Riddhima thinks I will keep the fast for Vansh by all rights and got a message from Kabir. She thinks Kabir gifted this teddy to me on my birthday, why is he sending pics? She got Kabir’s message, happy karwachauth in advance, She went aside and called him. He said I was missing you a lot, I kept our memories safe, you are the most special for me, I know you also love me, it’s Karwachauth tomorrow, I know you will keep the fast for me, I decided to keep fast for you, tell me, when will you come to take the sargi, it’s ready, I am waiting for you, are you coming. She said yes, I will come. He looked at the sindoor and thinks it’s important, relations get helpless, this will become my weapon now, I will get you to me. He said I am waiting and she ended the call.

Riddhima went to meet Kabir. He said I knew you will come. She said I will keep fast for Vansh, I want to start a new life with Vansh. Vansh held her hand and she looked at him. Kabir said you want to cheat me, your new start won’t happen, I will end your love story….Read more