Vansh Allows Ridhima In VR Mansion. Till Love Do Us Part 10 March 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 165


The Episode started with the doctor saying Siya will recover if Riddhima is here. She asked Riddhima to take care of Siya and she left. Ishani said Siya has all of us, why did she mention Riddhima’s name, I will make her leave this house. She dragged Riddhima and said just leave. Riddhima said leave me, don’t keep relation with me, but Siya needs me, I will stay here, she held my hand, she is responding to my words, I will stay with her. Ishani asked Vansh to throw Riddhima out of the house. Aryan said I will do this work, just leave. Vansh said Siya is recovering, I can tolerate this girl, she can stay here until Siya gets fine.

Riddhima thanked Mata Rani and thinks I will make everything like before, my love will win. Vansh played basketball and thinks of Riddhima. He said I want to throw you out. Ahana came and asked why are you letting her stay here, if I didn’t help you in the revenge, it would have not been fulfilled, I couldn’t live the identity of your wife, you snatched it and gave it to her. He said I promised to give you a place in this house, I am keeping it, I didn’t promise to give you a place in my life, remember you are acting to be my wife, don’t try to become real, I have paid you enough for this drama. He missed the goal and got angry. His hand got hurt by the nail and bled.

Dadi and everyone came. Dadi saw his hand. She asked what are you doing. Vansh said I want to make Riddhima out of my life, so I erased all the proofs, I have shut all the doors to make her out, she came back again by some excuse, why am I not able to make her out and he cried. Dadi wiped his tears. Dadi said whatever Riddhima did, the cheat, it was wrong, I couldn’t think that she can do this, I trusted her a lot, I gave her much respect, but she cheated you, I am with you after knowing her truth, I want to bring you out of this pain. Ishani said just think, was it important to give her permission to stay here for Siya’s sake. Vansh said it’s important, Siya’s life is more important than our hatred, I can do anything for her life, I will tolerate Riddhima, Angre, I want the best treatment for Siya.

Riddhima asked Siya to get well soon, so much has happened. She said I know I did wrong with Vansh, the family which gave me an identity, I was cheating them, but Vansh.. is it right to insult our love, I am sure you will make everything right after getting fine, we will teach Vansh a lesson for hurting us and Vansh looked on. Ishani said Vansh can give his life for Siya. Ahana said it’s dangerous if Riddhima stays here, I am not going to back out. Chanchal said we had a good chance this time, but her fate supported her.

Aryan said I am scared that Vansh may fall for her again, he got to know her truth by difficulty, clever Riddhima can play any trick again. Siya coughed and Riddhima cared for her. She saw Vansh. Vansh gave water to Siya. He said you got permission to stay here, it doesn’t mean you claim right on my life. Ishani said this time, we can’t let her win, we have to make her away from Vansh, she will try to show her rights, Ahana stay with Vansh all the time, we will handle Riddhima.

Chanchal said she would be planning to enter this house forever. Aryan said this time, we have to make a plan after thinking well. Ahana asked what are you thinking. Ishani said I am happy that Siya is recovering, I am afraid that Vansh and Riddhima can get closer because of Siya. Ahana said don’t say this, Vansh and this house are mine. Riddhima said I won’t claim rights on anything that’s not mine. Vansh said you settle in the guest room.

She said thanks, I won’t come in our room, I mean your room, I know you didn’t give Ahana a place in your heart, I know you well, you can cheat the world, truth is, my Vansh won’t marry anyone else and insult his marriage, I am your wife, and will always be, he didn’t look at her. He said you have two reasons to stay here, Siya, you have to take care of her, you are a good party planner, it’s the first Makar Sankranti for me and my wife, just plan it well. She said you remember it about me, don’t worry, I will organize it well.

Vansh thinks you will see that I have moved on, I don’t need you. She thinks you need me. He thinks I don’t have a place in my heart for you. She said it’s a new start for us as well and Vansh left. She said I trust my love, you will return my rights and accept me as your wife in front of the world, you will call me back in your room. Kabir saw her and thinks I can’t let you stay in peace, you are my first target, you are here because of Siya, you will leave because of Siya.

Riddhima was sleeping. Someone came to attacked her. She woke up and was shocked. She moved away and switched on the lights but she didn’t see anyone. She said was it true or my dream. She heard footsteps and picksed a vase. She saw Vansh and said sorry, I thought… He asked why are you scared, why did you take the vase in hand. She said I thought someone was here, did you see anyone. He said no, there are many secrets hidden in VR mansion, when a secret comes out, it brings a storm along, there is risk always, you decided to stay here, you didn’t think of the consequences and he left. She said what secret was he saying, is he the one who wants to scare me, do anything Vansh, until I make a place for myself in your heart, I won’t go.

Ishani, Chanchal and Ahana placed kerosene in the oil bottle. Ahana said we can’t take risk, we have to go to any extent to throw Riddhima out, then Vansh and this house will be saved. Riddhima went to prepare for puja. Ishani said when Riddhima puts this kerosene, it will catch fire. Riddhima started cooking prasad. She poured the kerosene oil in the pan and she got some smell. They hid and looked on. Riddhima went back when the fire explodes. Ahana said this is just the trailer, picture is still left, we will prepare for the next step.

Riddhima placed off the stove. She checked the oil and said kerosene, who can do this and she saw Ahana going. She stopped Ahana and asked what did you do. Chanchal said I thought you will get some burn marks on your face, but I regret you got saved. Ahana said Lohri means new start, new problems will come, you are an outsider for VR mansion, don’t think you can stay here.

Riddhima said time will show who is the outsider and Ahana argued. She said Vansh and Ishani are burning the old stuff, when old stuff burns, then new stuff gets a place, much will burn in Lohri fire today. Riddhima run to see. She stopped Ishani and asked her to leave the things. She said it’s my memories, have you gone mad. Ishani said Lohri fire is to burn negative memories, let it burn, it’s good. Riddhima asked Vansh to stop it.

She tried to save the things and pics. Everyone smiled seeing her cry. Vansh said this fire will burn everything to ashes. Riddhima said I took seven rounds of marriage around such a fire, can you burn our relation, can you burn the truth that I am your wife, you all can’t end my memories, this house and this family… I am in everything, you will see me standing with you when you look at the mirror, you will fail to remove me, I will always be there.

Riddhima left in the cab. Vansh asked her to stop. He run after the cab and shouted Riddhima. Riddhima came back and looked at him. He said sorry, I promise, I will turn your tears into smile and they hugged…Read more

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