Vansh Begs Ridhima To Forgive Him. Till Love Do Us Part 10 March 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 166


The Episode started with everyone celebrating Makar Sankranti. Vansh looked Riddhima. Kabir went to Ahana. He said if you want to teach her a lesson, then it’s a golden opportunity, else I can see bright chances of your leaving from the house. Riddhima said it’s said that Makar Sankranti festival is incomplete without kite flying. Ahana took kite from Kabir. She said wait, there is no fun without competition, shall we have a competition.

Aryan said wow, it sounds interesting. Ahana said it should be between us, think whoever loses will have to leave this house. Riddhima said the festival is to celebrate happiness, not vent out enmity. Ishani asked why don’t you say that you are afraid to lose. Riddhima said I trust Mata Rani more than me.

Aryan asked really, why are you scared then, what’s the problem in accepting the challenge. Vansh looked at Riddhima. Riddhima said fine then, let’s do it. Riddhima wrote Vansh’s name on the kite. She asked Angre to hold the string roll for her and Angre went to her. Riddhima and Ahana flee the kites. Ishani saw the strings lying on the ground and stepped on it. Riddhima saw the kite strings getting stuck in her sandal. Ahana smiled and cuts her kite and she laughed. She said I won the challenge, you have to leave this house right away.

Kabir thinks the arrow sometimes hits the target. Riddhima said when relations don’t have trust, anyone can cut the string, I had to lose, shall I go now from your house and your life? Won’t you say anything, will this kiddish challenge decide our future, you got blind and deaf in your ego, you know what’s in your heart, you won’t stop me because your ego will be hurt, you want your revenge, but you are hurting yourself while taking revenge.

I have just fought for you and VR mansion, I explained myself that coming time will be good, but here the love flowers had to die by the poison, you are proud of your family, truth is, you and your family don’t deserve me, I will leave you and your house forever for the sake of my self esteem, I want to tell something, you made a big palace, I wish you could make your heart and thinking big, so Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania, keep your house, family and ego all life, because Riddhima is leaving your life forever today, don’t tell anyone that you loved Riddhima, else people will lose faith in love, no one would be able to say, I can die in your love….

Vansh looked at her and Riddhima prayed. She took her bags and left. Everyone looked on. Siya came out of the house and called out Vansh. Vansh and everyone run. Vansh asked Siya to relax. Siya said I want to see Riddhima. He said you got fine, it’s a big thing, it’s the most beautiful moment of my life. She called out Riddhima. Ishani said she has left all of us forever.

Ishani said you don’t know her truth, she cheated Vansh. Siya said no, it’s not true, Riddhima who came to this house and today’s Riddhima, there is a big difference, she came to spy on Vansh, but she fell in love with Vansh, she is loyal to him. Ishani said Riddhima is responsible for your state and Ragini’s death. Siya said no, Anupriya is responsible, I have to clear it, Riddhima didn’t kidnap Ragini, she wanted to save Ragini, so she took her along. She recalled Riddhima’s words and she told them everything.

She said Riddhima loves you a lot, she doesn’t want to lose you, stop her if you can, don’t let her go. Vansh recalled Riddhima’s words. He said Riddhima….. and Ahana worried. Vansh run out of the house. Riddhima saw Vansh’s name kite fallen on the ground. Vansh said I have to find her, she can’t go away from me. Riddhima said the kite of love is tied by the string of trust, when the string is weak, then the kite had to get cut. She hired a taxi. Vansh came and picked the kite and recalled her words. Riddhima asked the driver to take her to the airport. Vansh saw the red dress stuck in the taxi’s door and shouted Riddhima stop.

He asked her to stop and run after the taxi. She thinks I have made the biggest decision of my life, it’s right for me. Vansh stopped the taxi and she looked at him. He said just listen to me once and she got down the taxi.

He said you had said it right, I didn’t see anything else than my ego, I have hurt you a lot, I am sorry. She said all this doesn’t matter now. He said Siya got conscious, she told me that you didn’t want to cheat me, you wanted to save Ragini, I misunderstood you, I thought you are behind my arrest when Kabir told me, I didn’t trust you, he sat down and cried.

He said don’t go away from me, I will die, you are very strong, I am not strong like you, I would have broken down being in your place, I have hurt you, you had tolerated, you don’t need anyone, your identity is by me, not my name, you are complete in yourself, I am not like you, I need you in living my life, I need you, I will die without you. She cried and he got her tear in his hand.

He got up and said I am the reason for your tears and sorrow, but I promise, I will change your tears into smile and sorrow into happiness, I will give you much happiness that sadness and pain can’t touch you, just give me a chance, please and she nodded and they smiled. He said I am very happy, now we won’t have any misunderstanding between us. She said we both made mistakes, if our faith was strong, then we would never have misunderstandings, we will promise that our trust won’t break. Vansh said I promise and they hugged.

A delivery guy which was Kabir delivered a parcel to Riddhima. Riddhima promised Vansh. Kabir said this parcel will pose many questions for you, you and Vansh won’t get the answers. Vansh and Riddhima checked the parcel…Read more

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