Vansh Is Po!soned. Till Love Do Us Part 10 May 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 249


The Episode started with Vansh saying I have 12 hours and he fainted. Vyom locked up Riddhima and was beating up Angre. Riddhima asked him not to beat up Angre, she will do anything he says. Vyom asked will you do anything. Angre asked her not to do it. Vyom beats him more and asked him to call Vansh for help. Riddhima said talk to me once, I am ready to do anything you say, are you listening. Vyom then went to her.

She said I am ready to do anything you want, I will get the black box. Vyom said Vansh is getting it, Angre will need time to break down, you are not in a position to negotiate. She looked at the blue powder/antidote in his bracelet. She shouted this wasn’t a part of our deal, you won’t do anything to Angre. She asked Angre to listen to her.

Vyom locked her again and left. She asked Angre not to listen to Vyom. Vansh saw Riddhima, asking him to open his eyes. She asked him to give her his hand. Vansh forwarded his hand and she moved back. He asked why are you going away. She said no, I am calling you close. He said I can’t get up. She said you don’t have to lose courage, try, I am here in front of you, won’t you try for me.

She asked how can you lose so soon, have this. She gave him the antidote and he took it. He got up and said Riddhima, I am coming. Riddhima prayed that Vansh comes and saves them. Vansh then got a call. He said I am coming. Dadi asked what happened, are you fine. He said no, I am going to die, I am saying the truth, my enemies have poisoned me, don’t worry, even if Vansh dies, your family empire will run. She said I don’t want the empire, I am worried for you, let me call the doctor.

He said no one should know about me, everyone will think our family is weak, Dadi, I don’t have much time, I have to tell you something, I will be back. He got the black box and showed it to her. He said I had to cover it up, we have cash, jewellery, but this black box is important, no one can harm us as long as we have this, it opens with a code, look you have to enter it, I have just 5 digits, no one can touch us as long as we have this box.

Dadi asked why are you telling me, let me call the doctor. Vansh said I have to save Riddhima, Angre and my would be baby, I have to go, listen to me carefully, I just want your blessings and Dadi cried. He said maybe your Vansh never returns, but I will try my best to keep my baby alive and she hugged him. He left and she cried. Vansh came to meet Vyom.

Vyom said finally, the man is here, Vansh Rai Singhania, welcome. Vansh asked where is Riddhima and Angre. Vyom asked where is the black box. Vansh tried to hit him and Vyom teased him. He asked can’t you see me, come on, hit me. Vyom asked him to get black box and take his wife, you are so dead, no wife, no life.

He pointed the gun at Vansh and said it’s no use to waste the bullet, go my friend, you just have 7 hours, then this poison will spread into your body, Vansh will be dead, you will be just a rotten tomato. Vansh lay on the ground. Vyom said you were past, I am the present,he dragged Vansh to some room and left. Riddhima heard Vansh shouting and Vyom came to her.

He said it’s me, Vyom, Vansh will be dying, remember Vyom, zero, circle, Vansh came like a hero, he is lying like a zero. She asked where is Vansh. He said he just has 5 hours. She said I will kill you, where is Vansh. He said so cute, what’s the hurry, I got something for you, this is to make you silent and this rope to make you sit calmly. Vansh asked who is there. He said there is no one, I am having hallucinations because of the poison.

He saw the chambers with symbols. He lay on the ground sensing Vyom. Vyom came and saw him. He said you don’t have much time, just 45mins now, you were sleeping, now just spend this time in analyzing your life. Vansh said I have come, leave Riddhima and Angre. Vyom said the deal is to get the black box, do you want water. He poured the water on the ground and said time is less, keep counting and left.

Vansh said leave them Vyom, I am here. He tried to get up and saw an electronic lock. He got an electric wire from his pocket and said I have enough time for myself. He caused a short circuit and the power went out. Riddhima said Vansh. The door opened and Vansh left. He came to Riddhima’s come and freed her. She said I knew you will come and he hugged her. Vyom saw the door open and he shouted Vansh… Vansh said time is over, I just have 15 mins.

Vyom asked Angre for the black box. Riddhima passed it to Angre. Angre and Vyom fought. Vansh took the antidote. Angre and Riddhima cried for Vansh while Vyom ran away…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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