Vansh To Exchange His Ruby For His Diamonds. Till Love Do Us Part 11 April 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 209


The Episode started with Anupriya going to meet her partner. She said baby’s death has cracked Vansh and Riddhima’s lives and recalled Riddhima’s words. She removed the fake nose. She said Riddhima has snatched my son, my property and power, she sent me to jail and made me cry, I am getting peace to see her tears, the poison which I filled in their lives will end their relation, lets celebrate our win and they drank

Anupriya stopped the person and asked what’s the hurry to leave from this room, you know all my secrets, it can be risky to keep you alive, I don’t even trust my son, this was our last cheers and pointed a gun at the person. The person pushed her and pointed the gun at her. She asked how dare you. The person poured kerosene over her and lights the fire and she shouted no. She later later didn’t see any fire. She said it’s just water, he was just scaring me. She read a message, don’t threaten me again, else it will be petrol instead of water. She got angry and said I will not leave you, before my partner ruins my game, I have to kill Riddhima, I will write the story of her death.

Anupriya got a bomb. She said I will attach this to Riddhima’s body, she will be dead. Vansh woke up. He saw the broken bottle and recalled. He asked what did I do, what happened last night. Riddhima came to the room and saw him. She asked him to have lemon water. She said don’t be stubborn, drink this and she made him drink. He asked what are these marks on your body, what happened. She said nothing. He asked who did this. She said leave my hand.

He recalled their talk and left her. He hits the mirror and hurts himself and she stopped him. Vansh said I had hurt you, I should get punished, no need to care for me and he left. She thinks don’t fall in your own eyes, you aren’t bad, bad people are around us and she left. Anupriya came to their room. She said perfect, no one is here, Riddhima will die in just 5 hours, game over and she fixed the bomb.

She said Riddhima will leave this world, good bye Riddhima and she left. Ishani ordered some cosmetics. A parcel then came for Riddhima. Aryan said you can give it to me, we are family. The man said sorry, the sender has given instructions that I hand this over to Riddhima. Chanchal asked the sender’s name. The man said Rudra Rai Singhania. Ishani said my uncle is dead, how can he send this parcel. The man said he had sent this parcel ten days back, he said if anything happens to him, then this parcel should be handed over to Riddhima.

Aryan, Ishani and Chanchal think what is the secret, what did Rudra want to tell her. Aryan said she isn’t here, give it to me. Riddhima came and said I am Riddhima, what happened, I am here. The man said Rudra had sent this parcel for you. She received it and recalled Rudra’s words. She thinks I shouldn’t open this parcel in front of them. Angre came to Vansh’s room. Vansh said close the door, it’s time that I take a big decision, you are seeing that I am losing everything in my life, we have to focus on those diamonds to secure the family, I was thinking to sell my precious thing. Angre asked what, it’s more precious than the diamonds, it’s related to your mum. Vansh said I don’t know how valuable that is, we have no option. Angre said please think again.

Someone looked on. Vansh said I have thought of it and opened the locker. Riddhima got a box in the parcel. She got a note and a key. She reads, this key is an answer to all the questions, the lock is present in the kitchen. She thinks is this related to the red the gloves man and thanked Rudra. She thinks your sacrifice and efforts won’t go to waste. Angre said you will get that thing out after many years. Vansh said priorities change with time. He got something from the locker. Angre said no, I can’t touch it.

Vansh showed the box, he opened it and saw a big red ruby and he smiled. He said it’s not any ordinary ruby, such 4-5 rubies exist in the world, it changes colour according to the weather, it’s price would be 25 thousand crores, it’s related to my mum, I want to sell it now for securing my family, I don’t have time to sell it officially, I am ready to bear the loss, give the news that whoever gets my lost diamonds back, I will give this ruby as the reward.

Angre agreed and the person left. Vansh placed the ruby back in the locker and they left. Kabir came there and recalled Vansh’s words. He said you want to get back on your feet by using this ruby, don’t worry Vansh, I will snatch this as well, you will come on the roads. He went to access the locker but got shocked on touching it. He said wow and smiled. He said good security, not bad Vansh, I am quite impressed, I have a solution for this, I did much research, whatever is important for you becomes my target. Riddhima went to the kitchen to look for the lock. Kabir came and asked shall I help and she fell in his arms. Vansh came and saw them together…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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