Ridhima Breaks Up With Kabir. Till Love Do Us Part 11 January 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 97

Till Love Do Us Part 10 January 2021, Monday Pt1 Episode started with Kabir saying to Riddhima, I knew you will come to meet me, come, sit and held her hand. He said it’s our place, I have something to show you, ready and she nodded. He lifted the red cloth and showed their pic. He said it’s Sargi for us, we will have it and keep the fast, make some excuse and come, then we will break the fast, we will feed food to each other and she stopped him. She said I can’t do it. He said I forgot, I know you can’t come, I will come there. She said no Kabir, you won’t come here and I won’t come there, I will keep fast for Vansh, not you.

She said I know your heart will be hurt, but I am helpless, I had married Vansh on your saying, my marriage was just a compromise, but I know him closely, I couldn’t understand when he made a place in my heart, I am not that Riddhima who loved you, I am Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania, it’s a relation, faith and emotion, I can’t cheat Vansh and he looked at her.

She said I know I told you that I can give my life for love, but I didn’t think the string will break with you and join with someone else, it happened, none can control over love, I just came to explain this, you can’t live with misunderstanding, I want to open the knots in front of you, I am really sorry, forgive me if possible. He stopped her and said don’t do this, you can’t end our relation, I love you. She said please, I am sorry. He said answer my question, you said you love Vansh, but does Vansh love you. She said yes. He asked did he confess love, you accepted Vansh, did you think what will happen when he knows your truth, you were cheating him, your relationship was a part of a mission, about us, you were mine.

She said I just thought to tell him the entire truth when the time comes, I promise myself, I will be true in the relationship. He said sit, you think he will have a new start with you, your state will be like Ragini, he had killed her. She argued. She said you don’t know what happened with Ragini. He asked do you know.

She thinks my truth is incomplete, I hope to give your answers. She said I don’t know, I didn’t get proof against him, you didn’t get any proof, it’s enough now, I have decided it, it won’t change, I want to make a new start with Vansh, I will tell him everything after the Karwachauth fast, I have to break old relation first, I hope you understand, I am leaving my past here. She gave him the ring chain and left. Kabir sat thinking of her and threw the ring. He ruined the things around. He said Riddhima… Riddhima… no…. you want to cheat me, you want to keep fast for him and have a new start, I can ruin you, you can’t imagine what will happen to you.

Riddhima saw Vansh and her pic. She thinks Vansh I am ready to take the next step in our relationship, I can’t wait more. Vansh came and said fast didn’t start and you are crying of hunger. She said no, something went into my eye. He asked how will you see the moon if your eyes don’t get clear. She said I am fine. He held her hands and blew air into her eyes and she cried. He got her tear. He asked why did you choose to keep the fast, if you doubt me. She said one can know the person better after doubt, I wish that person understands what he means to me, he doesn’t trust me. He smiled and said that’s not fair, what’s the use of being hungry for him. She said I hope he understands my feeling, and knows that he is my soulmate. They smiled and he left.

Dadi said we will start rasam with Angre and Ishani. Ishani said you are forgetting the first rule, I heard if the husband gets wrong bangles, then he gets punished to sleep outside the room, we should keep this rasam. Dadi said yes, we will know which husband knows his wife well. Ishani thinks I will get the license to throw Angre out of the room, he can’t understand my bangle size. Angre showed the red bangles. Ishani said you got glass bangles for me. Riddhima said a gift with love is purer than gold, I heard glass bangles are auspicious. Dadi smiled. Angre made Ishani wear the bangles. Dadi said great, Angre you have shown that you know your wife well. Ishani thinks how did he know my size.

Chanchal and Rudra sat. She liked the gold bangles. Rudra tried. She said you don’t know my bangle size. Everyone smiled. Rudra said maybe you got fat and she beat him. He said healthy. Dadi said Rudra, you have to count the stars tonight, you have to stay outside the room. Riddhima and Vansh sat. Riddhima asked do you think the size is right. Vansh said whether you think I know you or not. Siya said diamond bangles, do you like it?” Riddhima said yes, a lot. Anupriya thinks you made my son cry and celebrate happiness here, I will burn your happiness soon. Riddhima thinks Vansh won’t know my bangle size. Vansh made her wear the bangles. He recalled taking her bangle and she smiled. Vansh thinks our relation is not so weak that I lost this small rasam. Riddhima thinks I will keep fast for Vansh, I wish the fast completes without any problem.

Dadi asked Riddhima to apply mehendi. Someone added some chemicals to mehendi. Riddhima showed her hands. Dadi asked Anupriya to give sargi to Riddhima. Anupriya acted and dropped the plate. Ishani said it’s a bad omen….Read more

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