Vansh Brings Ridhima Back Home. Till Love Do Us Part 11 March 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 167


The Episode started with Vansh asking Riddhima to come home, the VR mansion and she nodded and took her bags from the taxi. Everyone waited for Vansh. Siya said I am sure Vansh won’t come back without taking Riddhima and there Vansh brought Riddhima home. Ahana became angry. Dadi said Riddhima, I am sorry for whatever this family did to you, I will do your aarti and welcome you. Vansh and Riddhima entered the house.

Vansh said it was a big misunderstanding, annoyance is where there is love, I loved her a lot so I was hurt, now I want to start a new relation with Riddhima, I want support from you all, accept her as my wife. Dadi and Siya smiled. Vansh asked Dadi to bless them and Dadi blessed them. Dadi said Riddhima, I doubted you by believing Vansh. Riddhima said I know your blessings will always be with us, that’s why we united again. Siya held Vansh and Riddhima’s hands and she United their hands. She said promise me, you will never leave each other.

Riddhima said stop Ahana, it’s time you leave the VR mansion. Ahana said whatever you both did with me, I will never forget it, you remember it Vansh, this chapter didn’t close, when I get my turn, the story will be written again and she left. Dadi asked them to light a diya and pray for a new start. Vansh looked at Riddhima and they did the aarti, Everyone prayed.

Vansh said it was my revenge plan to get Ahana as my wife, I involved the family, I know I did wrong, I am sorry, there is one truth, just one girl has the right to become Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania, that’s Riddhima, only you have the right to have my name’s sindoor in your maang and he filled sindoor in her maang. He said I promise, my trust will never break, our relation will not fall weak. Kabir came and rang the bell. Dadi said I will call pandit to keep a Ramayan paath. The servant said a parcel came for Riddhima. Vansh stopped Riddhima. Dadi said she is just going to get the parcel. Siya asked Vansh to let her go. Vansh said I got her after much difficulty. Riddhima went and received the parcel. She asked who has sent it.

She signed and took the parcel and went back. Kabir said your entry happened in this house again, this parcel will pose many questions, Vansh and you won’t have the questions, you both will become enemies of each other. Riddhima checked the parcel and Vansh stumbled. He held, her, joked and teased her, praising Ahana. She became upset and he held her. They danced and romanced. He said I gave wife’s place to Ahana, she came into this bedroom, but she didn’t sleep on this bed, I didn’t give her any right that’s yours. She hugged him and said when love is much, there is a fear of losing it, we shall promise to always protect our love. He said done. She said wait, I was just checking this parcel.

She said it’s my old things, I think warden had sent it from the orphanage. She asked him to see her letters to her mum and dad. She said I used to write my feelings to them. Vansh said wow, that’s many letters. She got a gold chain and locket. He became shocked seeing it. He asked this locket?

She said it used to be in my neck always, I don’t know about the other side, I just got half of it, I just want to meet my parents and ask them why did they leave me, who does this with their child, they left me at the orphanage, alone, when I needed them the most and she cried. He said Riddhima, you are going to make a new start, someone said, if we don’t get answers to the questions, we must trash it, smile. She smiled and hugged him. He looked at the locket while she wore it around her neck.

It’s morning, Vansh saw Riddhima’s locket and thinks who can send it. Everyone was sitting in the puja. Dadi asked pandit to read Ramayana book which Vansh’s mum got for them. Pandit read the Ramayana, the story about Mithila King Janak finding a baby girl. Kabir came and looked on. They heard about the girl having Om’s half locket on her neck, her mum had the other half locket, that girl’s name is Riddhima. He said what’s written in Ramayana and they all became shocked.

Vansh asked what nonsense are you reading, it’s ?Ramayana. Pandit said sorry, I am reading what’s written in this book. Vansh checked it. Riddhima also checked and was shocked. She said my name is written in it, this Om locket is also mentioned, maybe someone wants to tell about my life’s story, which I don’t know. Vansh asked what rubbish, maybe someone had put this page to trouble you. Aryan asked who would do this, I got this from Dadi’s room. Kabir recalled keeping the page in the Ramayana. He said when things don’t work according to me, I will change fate, Riddhima I promise this story will be interesting and hid. Aryan came and took the book.

Riddhima said there would be some truth, maybe my mum has the other half of the locket. Vansh said relax, we will find out. Ishani said it maybe someone’s stupid prank. She asked the pandit to read Ramayana. Vansh and Riddhima sat back. Pandit read about Sita. Riddhima held the locket and thinks why was this paper kept in Ramayana, someone knows about my mum and dad, did they not leave me by their wish, is their secret somewhere here around me.

Angre asked do you think this story is real. Vansh said find out the person who had put this story in Ramayana. Kabir placed a note in the prasad tray. Riddhima asked where did Vansh go. Angre said don’t know. She saw the chit and read… I am the one who came to your room with a rod just to get your attention, I had put that page in Ramayana, the story is true.

Riddhima thinks what can be my parents’ secret. She went to check the basement. Vansh checked the other half of the locket. He said if Riddhima sees this, everything will be ruined…Read more

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