Ridhima Reveals The 6 Hours Secret. Till Love Do Us Part 11 May 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 252


The Episode started with Vyom coming to Riddhima. She asked him to just get out. He said don’t worry, I came to say that the deal is still on. She said no, the deal is off. Vansh came into the corridor and thinks where did Riddhima go. Vyom said wow, bravo, you know I will expose you, still you are daring to call off the deal.

I want you to get information for me, if the deal doesn’t happen, then VR mansion foundation will shake up. Vansh called out and looked for her. Vyom said if I can come here, then I can do anything, I will not leave you. Riddhima asked why do you come always to defeat me.

Vyom said decide now. She hurts him with a hair pin and he screamed. She said just get out, our deal is off. Vansh asked whose scream is that. He run to see but Vyom left. Vansh said Riddhima, who was screaming. She said a waiter, I had come to meet my friend, she had some other plan, are you going to the gym, I will come along, I was thinking to work out, let’s go to the room, I will change and come.

They went to the gym and worked out. Vansh kept an eye on her. He asked shall I ask you something, do you trust me. She asked what’s this question, if you hold hands, then I will fall, but I know you won’t do this, I trust you. She asked was it a waiter there.

She asked do you trust me, if there is much trust, then something creates a problem. She said I have promised myself, we won’t have any such thing that creates a misunderstanding and she left. Vansh said it’s connected with the 6 hour secret, your lie had forced me, you didn’t leave any way to know the truth.

Angre and Vansh were at the pool side talking about a big deal. Vansh said if deal the doesn’t happen, then my name will get spoiled and we will bear a loss. Angre said no, just you can fix it and they enjoyed the drinks. Vansh said I have a big challenge tonight. Angre asked what and Vansh showed a drug.

He said person speaks the truth after taking it. Angre said oh, it’s truth serum. Vansh said no, it’s used to make the person speak the truth, I want Riddhima to say the truth. Angre said but it can be harmful for her and the baby. Vansh said yes, I will give just 3 doses, else extra dose will be harmful for her, she has left me with no choice, I had sent her threatening notes, still she didn’t tell me anything.

Riddhima got a surprise. Vansh came and gave her a dress and she left. He spiked her drink and Aryan looked on. Vansh thinks this will not harm you and the baby, I want to know the 6 hour secret. Riddhima wore the dress and came and Vansh went to her.

Vansh and Riddhima danced and they complimented each other. He said we should move to the next part of the night then. She asked what’s that and he showed the barbecue. She said interesting, I think you have planned many surprised tonight.

He gave her a drink and said no alcoholic drinks for the three of us. She said the baby is saying thank you Papa. He said you are welcome mumma. He got hurt and he cared for him. He said I am okay, relax, sit, I will serve you the cheese. He served the food to her and she smiled. He got the drinks as well.

She liked it. He said bottoms up and they finished the drink. She said done. He thinks I just have ten mins, she will get sleep because of the drink and she became dizzy. He held her and asked what happened. He said listen to me. She said I love you. He said I love you too. She asked how much. He said I will prove it to you, but first answer me, I need to ask something, tell me. She said I love you, what do you want to ask, I can give my life for you.

He asked what happened on that day in the jungle when I asked you to run, what happened. She said I remember, you asked me to run away, I was worried for you. He saw the timer ad asked again. She said I met her. He asked who, Sara. She recalled seeing the girl wearing the red dress. She said you… The girl pointed gun at her and said yes, Sarah, you have a sharp memory, you still remember me, I have come to kill you, get ready.

Riddhima ran to save her life. Sara asked her to come out, no hard feelings. Riddhima asked why do you want to kill me. Sara said I am hired to kill you, I am a professional assassin, come out, I promise, I am good at aiming the heart, don’t make it difficult, come out. Riddhima asked who paid you to kill me. Vansh asked Riddhima to get up, why did Sara want to kill her.

Riddhima and Vansh had a moment. He said you have told me that you love me, and and they romanced.

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