Vansh Tricks Kabir To Get His Diamonds Back. Till Love Do Us Part 12 April 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 211


The Episode started with Vansh saying so shall we start. Riddhima said I am very excited and he got a gift box. She asked what’s inside. He said its a surprise, Riddhima and he opened it for her. She asked is it a dress. She liked the dress and thanked him. He asked will you wear this for me. She said of course, I won’t fit in this dress after some months, he smiled and left. Vansh then waited for her. She came back, wearing the dress and he looked at her stunned.

She asked what. He also asked what. She asked why are you looking at me this way. He kissed her hand. She asked what. He said one min, something is missing, I know what is it, he took a rose, gave it to her and complimented her and he became romantic. She said you flirt well, you are the first husband who is flirting with a wife. He said you didn’t notice me well.

She said really, what next,he started playing music and they danced. They sat to have something and he served the juice drinks. He said I won’t touch alcohol now, I will change for my baby’s sake.

She asked really. He said yes. She became happy seeing the chinese food. She said I was craving to have chinese. He said it doesn’t have anything to harm you and the coming baby, it’s safe. She said we will have food from the same plate, Dadi says that it increases love. He asked did Dadi actually say this. She asked him to sit and they ate noodles. She said I wish our every night is beautiful and perfect. He said it’s a matter of 72 hours, then we all will live a peaceful life, I promise.

Anupriya asked why did you call me. Ishani said Riddhima got to know that I am the red gloves person and told truth to Vansh. Anupriya asked what, you should have been careful, did you mention my name. Ishani said no, I can’t help you now, you have to go. Anupriya said I won’t go anywhere from here. Kabir came and looked at them. He removed the ghunghat and saw Anupriya. He said I knew you will do something, you both are after Riddhima’s baby. Ishani said don’t get in between and Kabir warned them.

He said nothing should happen to Riddhima or her baby. He asked Ishani to leave and she left. He asked Anupriya why did she come when he asked her not to come. She said I don’t take orders. He said it will be good if you leave. She placed a knife at his neck and asked what will you do, will you tell Vansh, tell him that you still want Riddhima, you kidnapped her on valentines and she warned him and left angrily. She said no one can save Riddhima from me now.

Angre said we got clients for the ruby, they are ready to give diamonds in exchange, it’s king of Arab, his wife has came along. Vansh asked him to get them. Kabir and Aryan came in disguise. Kabir recalled Aryan getting the diamonds. Kabir asked Aryan to wear the burqa, they are dealing with Vansh, they have to make a background. He said I will be the Arab king and you will be my wife, we will exchange the real ruby with this fake one and also get the diamonds. Vansh greeted Kabir and Aryan. Kabir said my wife likes jewellery, if she likes the ruby, then I will give you any price.

Vansh said sure, sorry I want to see the diamonds first. Kabir said sure. Vansh and Angre checked the diamonds. Angre asked from where did you get these diamonds. Kabir said from my chinese businessman friend. Vansh said so sorry and showed the ruby. Kabir checked it. He said my wife is excited to see the ruby. Vansh said no issue, I am sure your wife will like it. Aryan exchanged the ruby under the veil and Kabir placed the ruby back. He said my wife didn’t like the ruby, sorry, this deal can’t happen and took the diamonds. Vansh and Angre pointed gun at Kabir. Vansh said what’s the hurry, we won’t let you go empty handed from our house and Kabir got shocked….Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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