Finally, Vansh Catch Kabir & Get’s His Diamonds Back. Till Love Do Us Part 12 April 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 212



The Episode started with Kabir and Aryan trying to run away. Vansh and Angre pointed gun at them. Vansh said remove your disguise, else I will shoot. Kabir then removed the disguise and Vansh was shocked. Vansh pointed the gun at Aryan and said remove it. Aryan also removed the veil and Vansh looked at them shocked. He said I knew it could be Kabir, I didn’t think you can get involved in this.

Aryan said Kabir threatened to kill me. Vansh said I will deal with you later, but I have caught Kabir. Kabir said you can’t shoot me, else your precious ruby, I will break this to pieces. Vansh said your thinking is like a kid, you felt you will ask me the ruby and I will give it, you know it’s price, 50rs, I had made this plan to get my diamonds back, I knew there is some Vibhishan in my Lanka, who will show the art some day, I knew I was being watched.

Vansh said you both will go empty handed from here. Kabir pushed Vansh and made the gun fall down. Angre pointed the gun at Kabir and Vansh signed him to stop. Kabir beats up Vansh and they fought

Angre threw the gun to Vansh. Vansh pointed the gun at Kabir and he said you could cheat me because you stay in my house, this enmity won’t yield anything, so lets finish this. Kabir said you won’t shoot me Vansh, even I got a chance but I didn’t shoot, it’s fun to play this game, not to end it. Vansh recalled his words. Kabir said you won’t kill me, it’s too much fun. Vansh asked are you done, good bye Kabir, see you on the other side. Kabir closed his eyes and smiled. The lights went off and Kabir disappeared. Angre asked where did he go.

Vansh said he has run away, I like to see this fear in my enemies, I will deal with him, someone was helping Kabir, who wants to harm Riddhima, me and our baby, very soon, all my enemies will be standing in front of me, this time, I will not care for the relations, I will punish in a way that their soul gets shaken up. Kabir was outside the house. Anupriya came and said son can forget to give respect to mum, but mum always loves her child. she recalled switching off the lights and helping Kabir and Kabir hugged her.

He said you saved me today, I am so sorry, I behaved badly with you. She said who else do I have, everything is forgiven. He said I won’t spare Vansh. She asked him to use his mind, Vansh would be looking for him, better save yourself, I am here, I will give you news about him. Riddhima came home and talked to the doctor and they looked on.

Riddhima asked when shall I come for sonography. Anupriya said it means her baby is alive. Kabir asked why did she lie to everyone. Anupriya said no, this can’t happen, I will snatch her happiness. Kabir said promise me, you won’t do anything to her and her baby and she said I promise.

Kabir hugged her and left. She thinks love made you blind, but I can’t see her happy. Ishani got her message… Riddhima lied to everyone, her baby is alive. Ishani looked at Riddhima and said this happiness won’t stay for long. The Maid got few things to trash. Chanchal asked what’s inside. Maid said Vansh said pointed things shouldn’t be in the room. Chanchal asked is Riddhima’s miscarriage a lie, is her baby fine.

She saw Riddhima and thinks it’s a bad news for me, I have to do anything to change this good news into bad news. Riddhima came to her room and hugged Vansh. She said you look into a good mood. He said I am relaxed, things are coming in my control, why are you looking dull. She said I am feeling so hungry, I don’t know what to eat, I get irritated seeing my favorite things also. Vansh smiled and said what’s is to cry. She said I don’t know why I feel like crying.

Riddhima said I have mood swings. He asked shall I get icecream. She asked how do you know, go,he left and she smiled. He got icecreams of all the flavors. He asked her to eat as much as she wants, he didn’t know which flavor she will like and they had the icecream. He said I want your smile to never vanish, I need to talk, I want to give you and our baby a safe and perfect life, we have to take a big risk for one last time.

I promise, the 72 hours game has begun, the party climax will happen tomorrow, it will be memorable for our enemies as well. She said we will face everything together. Kabir smiled seeing Riddhima’s pics. He said I am glad you and your baby are safe, I will win the last game, last hours will change everything, I will end Vansh’s name from your life, we can start a new life, we will go to London, I have made all the arrangements there.

Vansh checked Riddhima’s temperature. Riddhima said I am fine. Vansh said doctor said I have to monitor your BP and temperature every 3 hours, don’t move. Anupriya called Vansh and said there is a parcel for you, can you come out and take it. He said you can give it to the guard. She asked him to come and take it, she got instructions to hand it over to him. Vansh said I will just go and get the parcel.

Anupriya said Vansh will come here and go, until then I can kill Riddhima. Vansh went to the gate and called the courier person. He got the number not available. He said strange, I got a call from this number. He asked the guard about the lady. Guard said no one came here. Vansh said who called me here. He saw some shadow in the room and run to save Riddhima. Riddhima was sleeping while Anupriya goes close to stab her…Read more