Finally, Anupriya Is Exposed. Till Love Do Us Part 13 April 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 214


The Episode started with Vansh asking Angre to keep an eye on the guests, he will go and see Riddhima. Vansh came to the room. Riddhima said someone is hiding there. Vansh went and saw Daima/Anupriya. He said it was you who attacked Riddhima. Anupriya said no, I came here to help, don’t know what happened, I am not able to move. Riddhima saw her leg and said there is a mark on her leg, it means she was that attacker.

Vansh said Daima, I will explain it to you, I was the one who threw the knife at you, it had poison, you will get paralyzed in the next 24 hours, it’s happening and Anupriya worried. She recalled going to attack Riddhima. She thinks my legs aren’t moving. She switched off the lights and hid. Vansh said you can’t be Daima, who are you. He the threw water on her face and the black colour went off. He was shocked and removed the fake nose to see Anupriya.

He said how dare you step into my house and attack my baby and Riddhima… Riddhima said I wasn’t wrong, I had seen her coming home, since then she was staying here as Daima. Vansh said I will cage you in my jail, it’s impossible to come out from there. Riddhima got the antidote. Vansh said no, she doesn’t deserves this. Riddhima said caging is enough, at least give her the antidote for our baby’s sake, I don’t want our baby to get anyone’s curse, Anupriya always did wrong, but we can’t do wrong, do something that our baby is proud of. Anupriya cried and thanked her. Vansh gave the antidote to Anupriya. He said this life is given to you by Riddhima, do anything, but I will teach a lesson to all my enemies, but for now, your game is over.

He left with Riddhima. Anupriya checked her legs and Kabir came there. He said mom… She cried and said see what Vansh did, help me. He said I tracked Vansh and came here, are you fine. He got back and said sorry mom, I can’t fail my plan, it’s important, this place is better than jail, you are safe here. She said I am your mum, I did a lot for you, you are leaving me here. He said you said you go your way, I will go my way, you didn’t do anything for me, but for your happiness, I told you not to kill Riddhima’s baby, you didn’t listen, I still love you, remember that, he left and she cried.

Vansh said Riddhima, it’s a matter of few hours. Kabir came and said it’s your party, you should dance, music will be fun. Vansh and Riddhima performed and she became dizzy. Vansh held her. Angre asked Ishani for dance but she refused. Vansh took Riddhima aside. Ishani added some poison in the juice. She asked the waiter to give the orange juice to Riddhima. Vansh asked are you okay. Riddhima said yes, I will be fine if I have some juice. Waiter got the juice for her and Ishani smiled. Riddhima drank the juice and coughed. Vansh asked what happened. Ishani and everyone looked on. Vansh asked are you okay, tell me. Riddhima said I am fine, don’t know why I felt like coughing. Ishani thinks how is this possible, poison didn’t affect.

Angre asked are you shocked, nothing happened to Riddhima. She asked how do you know this. He recalled seeing Ishani’s crime and changed the juice drink. He said leave it, I am shocked, how can you fall so low. She said I don’t want to answer. He asked how can you think of killing that innocent baby. She asked him to remember his status. He said if you can’t save someone’s life, then you can’t kill anyone. She said you are a servant and will always be. Kabir called someone and said come on position and wait for my order.

Vansh said it’s time for our last step, meet me at the secret door in an hour. Riddhima said I feel scared. Vansh said I am with you, I will end your fears and he took her. Kabir took Vansh for the dance. Vansh got Riddhima to the room. He said no one knows about the secret room, when the song ends, we will stand together, a smoke bomb will blast, there will be a sound and smoke, it will be to distract people, we will go to the secret room, we will see an almirah, there will be a staircase, it will lead us out of the door, we will start a new life.

She said I understood Vansh. He said come. Kabir heard this. He said I am the Raavan in your life, how will you get saved, I know your plan, it will be fun to break your dreams. Vansh went to Angre and asked is anyone suspicious. Angre said no. Vansh asked where is Mr. Rajawat. Kabir asked the shooter to shoot Vansh when he signals.

He said no one shall see you, remember. Angre said he was just here. Vansh said I am not getting good vibes from him, go and find him and Kabir came. Vansh said this man shouldn’t leave from the party. Angre said okay boss and Vansh went to Riddhima. Kabir said now and signalled the shooter. Vansh said get ready Riddhima. Kabir said good bye Vansh….The Shooter shot Vansh and he fell down. Riddhima shouted Vansh. Aryan and Ishani looked on.

Kabir took Riddhima outside and locked the door. Vansh got up and went towards the door. Kabir told Riddhima that this is last time she will see Vansh and Vansh fainted…Read more

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