Vansh Beats Angre For Touching His Wife. Till Love Do Us Part 13 June 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 294



The Episode started with Vansh thinking of Riddhima’s words while drinking and Angre came to say sorry. Riddhima said it wasn’t your mistake, Vansh doesn’t want to come with me, what can you do, I thought he will end all the fight and patch things up. He said you asked me for Thapa’s number, whose forged documents do you want to make, tell me. She said I can’t tell you. He said I know you called Thapa, I am also doing my duty, I can’t let my boss Vansh get harmed.

She said I am Vansh’s wife, I won’t let him get harmed, it’s not necessary for you to know it, he held her hand and stopped her. He said please tell me whose forged documents were you making, try to understand, this information is very important for me. She said I can’t tell you. Vansh looked on. He became angry and shouted leave Riddhima’s hand. Angre asked what happened but then Vansh shouted again.

He went to Angre, scolded him and started beating Angre but Riddhima stopped him and asked Angre to just go away. Angre said let him beat me, maybe his anger will vent out. She asked Angre to just leave. She took Vansh with her and Vansh sat. She asked why did you beat him, what happened. He asked how did he touch my wife, I love you. She smiled and said I love you too, happy anniversary Vansh.

Angre came to his room and looked at the marks on his back. Ishani was in the bathroom. He then took a shirt to wear and Ishani greeted him. She asked why are you wearing the tshirt, you stay out all the day. He said I am very tired. She said fine, sleep, you do Vansh’s work and then sleep, you have no time for me and she went to sleep. He felt hurt, he then held her and said sleep well. She gave him his pillow and shouted it’s no use to come close, you better sleep there, leave me.

Riddhima and Vansh were sleeping.She woke and saw him. She smiled and went to sleep on the couch. Vansh woke up and took her back to the bed and she woke up. Vansh went out and saw Angre and he apologized to him but Angre said don’t say sorry. Vansh said I have to get punished, you also beat me but Angre threw the belt away. He said you are my elder brother, I didn’t feel bad, don’t feel bad, you love Riddhima a lot, you get restless if anyone touches her, I felt really glad. Vansh asked did you tell Ishani. Angre said no. Vansh hugged him and said sorry. Angre said I am fine, this was better than Vyom’s hideout. Vansh said come, we shall have breakfast.

Vyom followed Sara and greeted her. He stopped her and told her a story of a bird getting trapped. He then told her another story of birds getting trapped, but flying away with the net. He said the moral of the story, unity is strength, you are the single bird like me, we should get together and think of the benefit, we won’t get trapped, if we get trapped, then we will fly away with the net. She said I always walk alone, I am an independent girl, Vansh is my target, I have thought about it, not interested and she left. He said now I have to think about how to trap this bird.

Vansh saw flowers and recalled Riddhima. Riddhima turned to him and showed him the surprise. They recalled their moments, he smiled and she hugged him. She then wished him happy anniversary and he made her wear a ring. He said this is a reminder of my promise, to always love you, to protect you and be with you but then he realized it was just his imagination. He thinks of her and turned to go and he saw Riddhima coming. She wished him a happy anniversary and gave him a gift and he recalled the past moment.

She said you placed a gun and a rose in front of me, you told me that whatever I choose will be my future choice, guns have no place in my life, so I chose rose, I got these roses for you today and she cried. She held her ears and said say something, please, how long will you punish myself and yourself. He said fine, answer me first, what was Angre asking you, why did you go to my office, answer me then I will forgive you.

Vansh asked why did you try to contact Thapa. She said I wanted to make fake documents for myself, I thought to go away from you. He said I am giving you permission to go away, get out of my life. She left and he was looking for her. He said I angrily asked her to leave, so she left. Angre asked what?