Ridhima Suspects Aryan Is Black Mamba. Till Love Do Us Part 13 May 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 254


The Episode started with Riddhima hiding from Dadi and Dadi placed the bag aside. Riddhima became tensed and Dadi left. Riddhima also left. She saw Vansh and said I was looking for you. He asked why, are you missing me so much. She said no, I have a complaint, you didn’t pay attention to me. He said I am really sorry, can I make it up to you, I have many ways to convince you and lifted her in his arms. She said put me down, I have no complains now. Riddhima recalled Sara’s words. She got hurt by the lipstick. She saw a pointed pin in it. Ishani came and asked are you hurt, it feels so good to see you bleed. Riddhima said you did this cheap thing. Ishani said yes, of course, who else will do this, I wanted to prove that you aren’t God gifted and we aren’t fools.

Riddhima twisted her hand and warned her. She said you hid a pin, remember the answer can be a knife. Ishani said I don’t know your threatening will work on me, you did a drama to see black mamba here, I will see you soon and she left. Riddhima opened a bag and looked for a pouch. She got the pouch and saw some drug bottles. Vansh came and stopped her. He asked what happened. She said I got and he said careless. She said I am not careless. He then cared for her. She said I cut my own lip,he went close to kiss her but she asked what are you doing. He said I am trying to treat you, the wound is deep. She said you think I am foolish. She smiled and said you will never change. He applied the cream to his lips as well and held her to kiss.

They went go out. She said wearing heels and going on the beach was a bad idea, it’s hurting. He asked her to remove the heels and he carried her heels. She said I don’t like it, give it to me. He said relax, come. She said I am looking at you. He asked why. She said because you are my husband, I have all the right to look at you, I love you. He said I love you too. She said thanks for loving me. He said we have the entire life ahead and showed the bird nest. She said we should start preparing for our baby, I am so excited. He said nests are weak, it breaks by wind. She said but our nest will never get blown off by wind, it will be made by our strong love, right. He smiled and she hugged him. He asked do you know any Sara. She asked Sara. He said weird, you were mentioning her name while you were sleeping. She asked really, I told you that my friend was coming to meet me, she didn’t come, her name is Sara, I may have murmured her name in sleep, any way, forget it, come, I am feeling hungry and she left. Aryan talked to someone. He asked black mamba. Riddhima turned hearing this. She went to Aryan to ask. She asked what was he planning. He said mind your own business and they argued. He said I am Aryan, not your husband to give you answers and he left.

Vansh and Angre met someone. The man said I just believe God and Vansh. Vansh said you work for me, I respect you, is the deal fine. Johnson said yes, it’s all fine, Johnson will be with you, there won’t be any problem. Angre asked what do you think. Vansh said I trust you, relax Angre. Riddhima came to her room. She got a note and read, come to the pool side, a surprise is waiting for you and she smiled. Vyom came to Johnson. Johnson asked who are you. Vyom said I heard a lot about you, I am Vansh’s enemy Vyom, Vyom meets circle, one who comes in my circle can’t escape, you are in my circle, I want you to do my small work, give me the deal location, I will pay you double, else…

Johnson said I am loyal, I can’t cheat Vansh, get out. Vyom said I heard right about you. He called someone and asked where is Roselle, she went to meet Ferrero, keep an eye on her and threatened him about Roselle. He said choose me, or forget your family. Riddhima came to the pool side and called out Vansh. She asked what surprise did you plan. Someone pushed her into the pool and she shouted for help. Vansh came there and saw her. He jumped into the pool and brought her out. He said nothing will happen, get up, are you okay, what were you doing here. She thinks Vansh didn’t call me, I have to find the truth. She said I came for a walk and fell into the pool. He said you are pregnant, you can’t be so careless, take care. She saw Aryan going and he looked at her.

Vansh asked Riddhima to have haldi milk, she would be feeling cold. She said later. He said stop acting like a kid. She said my hair is wet but he said it not an issue, I will dry your hair, we can’t be careless about the baby. She said fine and drank the haldi milk. He dried her hair, she thanked him and he said welcome.

Vansh asked Vyom to leave. Vyom said I will take the black box from you. Aryan asked Vansh will you kill Vyom…Read more

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