Finally, Kabir Is Dead. Till Love Do Us Part 14 April 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 216


The Episode started with Kabir going to see the preparations. Riddhima shouted Vansh, how did you leave me. She prayed to get Vansh back and she cried. A flower fell over her. Kabir asked the pandit not to get scared, get the marriage done and then he will drop him to his family. Pandit agreed and asked about the bride. Kabir said I will get her.

He came to Riddhima and said don’t be scared, I came to free your hands. He asked her not to cheat and threatened her. He asked her to not delay. She said let me go please. She recalled Vansh’s words. She thinks my Vansh can’t leave me alone. Kabir said groom and bride are ready and made her wear the chunri.

She recalled Vansh. Kabir made her sit. Pandit asked them to take the rounds. Vansh was seen going on a bike. Kabir took rounds with Riddhima and said just 3 rounds more, then you will be mine. She said I will always be Vansh’s. Pandit said it’s the last round. She thinks what mistake did I do Bappa, that you are taking my big test and they saw someone coming on a bike.

They didn’t see Vansh’s face. Vansh then hits the havan kund and the Pandit ran away and Riddhima fell down. Vansh gave his hand to her, she removed the garlands and held his hand and she left. Kabir shouted who are you, why did you stop my marriage, I am a policeman, don’t mess with me, stop and Vansh removed the scarf off his face. Riddhima said Vansh and hugged him.

Kabir said that’s impossible. Vansh recalled Anupriya saving his life. She brought him out of the smoke room and sprinkled water. She said thank God you are fine, I have hurt you a lot, I did a lot of wrong things, I was blind in my son’s love, you have given me much love and respect, Kabir didn’t give me that, forgive me. Vansh asked where is Riddhima, I want to go to her. She said fine and took him. Riddhima asked are you fine, you are alive.

Kabir said your death is written in my hands, so you have come back here. Vansh punched him. Kabir then threw soil in his eyes. Vansh stopped Riddhima. He said Kabir, let’s finish this man to man, you and me. He blindfolded himself and said your tricks are so outdated and beats up Kabir. He said I told you I am enough for you. Kabir catched Riddhima and threatened to kill her. Vansh then pointed the gun at him. He said you are a coward, I told you to finish it man to man and signalled Riddhima. He shot on Kabir’s arm and Kabir flee.

Vansh shot at him. Someone shot at Vansh. Vansh asked who is shooting from behind, are they Chang’s men, we have to leave from here, come. Kabir’s hand was bleeding. He said I will kill both of you now. He got a bomb. He said you both can’t get saved now. Vansh asked Riddhima to stay behind the cartons. Kabir came and hits on his back. Vansh and Kabir fought. Kabir smiled and thinks your game is over now. He was about to pull the bomb trigger, Riddhima then saw it and shot Kabir. Kabir dropped the bomb there itself and tried to run. Vansh and Riddhima fell back. He asked are you fine and Riddhima hugged him. They saw Kabir’s clothes and blood marks and they left. Vansh said battery ended.

Riddhima said Vansh, you are too hurt. She tore her dress cloth and tied it to his hand. She said I thought I lost to him and lost hopes. Vansh said I also lost hope, then I heard your voice, you were asking me not to lose courage. She hugged him. She said I want to forget this as a bad dream. He said something seems incomplete. He filled her maang with his blood. He said now you look Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania and they smiled. Chang’s men shoot at them,Vansh asked Riddhima to run and they ran away.

She said there is no way ahead. Vansh’s gun didn’t have bullets. She said they are coming. He said the bullet is finished, Riddhima, we are always together, you, me and our baby and she nodded. They recalled their moments and jumped down the cliff.

Riddhima was at home when Angre brought Vansh home. Vansh asked Riddhima where she went. Someone informed Vansh that his Riddhima got sold. Vansh doubted Riddhima and tried to make sure that it’s her only. Aryan informed Vansh that he saw a girl in red dress when he got shot. Riddhima / the girl at home starred at the same red dress. Riddhima’s duplicate was shown…Read more

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