Vansh Tells Story Of How He Came Back To Life After Death. Till Love Do Us Part 14 February 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 131


The Episode started with Vihaan putting the sindoor and making Riddhima wear mangalsutra. Riddhima apologized to Vansh in her heart. Dadi then thanked Bappa. She blessed Riddhima and Vihaan, and hugged them. She said you both are incomplete without each other, always be together, Riddhima’s you should always put this sindoor, I will be fine if you both stay together, and the family will be happy and Riddhima nodded. Vihaan then held her hand and took her. Kabir looked on.

Riddhima said Kabir, your name sindoor can never get in my maang, just Vansh has the right on it. Kabir thinks I will expose that duplicate’s real face soon, then you will fall low in front of the world, you have let him fill sindoor in your maang, just wait. Kabir came to Vihaan’s house and said who was he, he came suddenly and disappeared also, Riddhima… He kicked the dustbin and few things fall down. Kabir checked and got alphabets. He tried to make a name and said Vansh…. was Vansh staying here. He got more alphabets.

He got Vihaan and said Riddhima played a game, it’s exposed now. Riddhima recalled whatever happened. She said this is also a part of the contract, I am just for Vansh. Vihaan came and said yes Riddhima, you are just mine. She turned and looked at him. She smiled and said Vansh. She asked him to remove Vansh’s clothes. He said I came here to do Vansh’s role, I will wear his clothes.

She said no, I won’t let this happen, it’s Vansh’s clothes, I will get clothes for you, I have made you Vansh, I will fulfill your needs, you won’t touch Vansh’s things, you are not Vansh, it’s a coincidence to have his face, you can never be Vansh, you can’t even understand him. She asked for the watch. He said please, why do I feel that you just show love on words, but there is no love in your heart, it’s a cheat. She asked what do you mean. He said your husband died, you got a duplicate husband, you are cheating your entire family. Someone looked on.

He said you are a big player, did you play such a game with your original husband. Riddhima raised her hand but he held her hand and caught her. He said I am scared of slap, not love, next time just love…. I will be convinced if you talk with love, I am really jealous of your Vansh. She punched him and said don’t do this again. He said not bad, it will be great to work with you, it’s you, me and Vansh’s memories here and he left smiling. She said I know you are very smart, I will find out what’s going on in your mind, I have to tolerate you because I am helpless.

Kabir stopped Riddhima and held her hands and her bangles broke. She asked are you in your senses and he left her hand. He said I didn’t know you will do such a big thing. He made Vihaan by the bangle pieces. She thinks how did he know Vihaan’s truth. He said you got Vihaan as Vansh right. She asked who Vihaan, I don’t know it. He said stop it, don’t act oversmart, their names are also similar. He said tell me he is Vihaan, right.

She said I don’t care. He said fine, let the drama go on for more time, but Riddhima, this fog will be away soon, my men will dig out the truth in 15 mins, I will have the proof. She thinks I have to go to Vihaan and tell him. She saw Vihaan talking to Dadi. Kabir came and said Vansh, I also want to know how did you get saved, after falling down that cliff. Vihaan told the same story of the goons attack and the car accident and Kabir taunted him.

Mishra checked for Vihaan. He said I got Vihaan’s location, Vihaan’s pic is over now, I will send all the info to Kabir. Kabir got the message and the pics. Riddhima thinks Kabir is smiling, it means he got Vihaan’s proof, did I lose my fight. Kabir said Dadi, I have to show you something and showed her a pic. It was clear. The man is someone else and Vihaan worried. He asked who is he. Kabir checked the clear pic and was shocked. Riddhima thinks thank God, Vihaan deleted his data from the internet.

She recalled her words. Vihaan asked what happened Kabir, it seems you lost something important, I will get water for you. Kabir said it’s okay. Riddhima stopped Kabir and said you are thinking Vansh told the fake story, it was the same story which Anupriya told, he believes in keeping family united, he knows the meaning of family, else he would have never spared you, remove this doubt, he is Vansh who came back from death, if he knows Anupriya and your truth, you can’t imagine what he will do with you two and Kabir left.

Riddhima came to sleep. She saw Vihaan and said get up, it’s my place and they argued. She asked him to take the bed, she will sleep on the sofa but he pulled her back and she fell in his lap. She got up and asked what’s your problem. He said I am a gentleman, I can’t hurt any girl, I won’t let you sleep on the sofa, I won’t get sleep on the sofa, there is one bed, so…. She said fine, I have an idea, we both can sleep on the bed.

He thinks she agreed to share the bed. She placed a curtain to divide the bed. She said you think of this dupatta as wall or limit, you won’t cross it. Vihaan smiled and said I won’t come that side even if your intentions get bad. He said you got me here, what do you want, you didn’t say what I have to do, Kabir won’t leave me easily, make my payment and I will go. She said Vansh gave his property to Dadi, it will be back to Vansh’s name and then you will name it to me and he was shocked.

Kabir and Vihaan faced off in a basketball match. Riddhima worried if Vihaan loses, then everyone will find out that he is not Vansh. In order to make it more difficult, Kabir threw a small ball and Vihaan fell down and his right hand got injured. Dadi asked him to stop, but Kabir said Vihaan can play with left hand as well. Vihaan and Riddhima looked at each other. Vihaan played brilliantly with his left hand as well, leaving Riddhima in a shock. Later, she asked him how he did that. He said that he is Vansh, not Vihaan and she looked on….Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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