Ridhima Commits A Big Abomination. Till Love Do Us Part 14 February 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 132



The Episode started with Vihaan asking do you want to cheat Dadi, are you doing this for property, it’s a slap on humanity, how can you cheat Dadi, I am sorry, I won’t do this. She said you have to do what I say, because of the contract. He said your thinking is so cheap, Dadi loves you the most in this house, how can you cheat her. She thinks property means danger, danger is over Dadi, I have to take it to myself, Kabir wants the property, I can’t let anything happen to the family. She said I am giving you a price, you have to do my work, that’s final.

He said tell me, what will I get to cheat big, my soul should not get any guilt, you are able to do this because of my face. She said I won’t give any extra rupee, you can tell my truth but you will lose 4.5 crores, think about the story of the hen which laid golden eggs. He starred at her and flirted. She turned the other side and looked at the couch. She recalled Vansh and said there is so much difference between Vihaan and Vansh. He thinks that story is old, I will change it’s climax.

Aryan said behavior is just like Vansh, how can you say he is not Vansh. Kabir said once I get proof, Riddhima will be out of this house, she cheated the family, she got a duplicate after Vansh’s death, she should go to jail, I will do it. He thinks Riddhima did wrong, she didn’t let me take Vansh’s place and give the place to a duplicate.

Mr. Ranjit met Vansh and said your family transfer took a transfer and gave me the work. Vihaan said your visit is regarding my will, right. Ranjit said yes. Riddhima thinks once I get property to Vansh’s name, then I will get it to my name. Ranjit said your property can’t get transferred for some time, your death in an accident and return news, we want time for confirmation, because police had declared you dead, I will try to do your work soon, nice to meet you, I shall make a leave, I have some work and he looked at Kabir. Flashback showed Kabir meeting Ranjit. He asked did the property get transferred to Vansh’s name.

Ranjit said yes, it’s done. Kabir pointed a gun and said listen carefully, tell everyone that the property work can’t happen for some months, else I have everything about your fake witnesses, what will happen if it reaches bar council. Ranjit said my license will be cancelled, keep the gun away. Dadi said don’t worry, everything is yours. Vihaan said you, your love and blessings are my real wealth, I was doing technicalities so that you don’t get troubled. Ishani said Dadi knows Vansh the best, he is Vansh and they all left. Riddhima thinks Vihaan has to stay for long here, his truth can come out. Kabir thinks Riddhima you are trapped in your own plan, I will expose it and he left.

Vihaan said my work got double and triple, my coming days will be difficult, my salary should increase by 10 %. Riddhima said you are already getting a lot, you won’t get anything. He said just think. She said do again, you won’t get it. Ishani said I have baked your favorite chocolate cake, taste it and say how is it. He said stop, excess love becomes interference, I will order the cake if I want, I am not in a mood to have it and he left. Riddhima said sorry Ishani, he came after many days, he didn’t mean it, he is in stress and Ishani angrily left. Riddhima said why is Vihaan reacting like this, she left and Kabir laughed. He said lawyer told so and they got angry.

Aryan asked why did Vansh get so angry. Kabir said because he isn’t Vansh, it’s time to prove it, then the rest of the work will be done. Vihaan played the piano. Riddhima stopped him and said it’s my Vansh’s piano, what’s the use to become Vansh here, his family is at stake, Vansh loved them a lot, what was the need to talk to Ishani like this, what was the need to get rude, Kabir knows your name and now Ishani, she loves Vansh, she will get questions in her mind.

Ishani cried and said you were right, Vansh always gave me love instead scolding, he behaved rudely today, he can’t be Vansh. Angre gave her a kerchief. He said don’t worry, we won’t let anyone take his place. She said if he is someone else, then I will punish him for life, I will not spare him.

Vihaan said I have attachment with just Dadi in this entire house, you are asking me to cheat her, not acceptable Riddhima, my conditions aren’t accepted, we will decide what to do, what will a person do if he doesn’t play piano, I will vent out frustration somehow. She said you don’t know how I had arranged 48 lakhs. He argued. He said it’s either my way or the high way, either you will agree, or I will sign off, I am not wrong, am I right or am I right, I will keep playing this until you agree. She said okay fine. He stopped playing and said I feel terrible since this deal happened, I have to ask for everything, it will take months, don’t mind, I want triple.

Ishani asked triple? Angre and Ishani came. Riddhima said nothing, Vansh… Vihaan said I have hurt your heart, I was telling her that I will bake a triple layer chocolate cake and write I am sorry Ishani, don’t know what happens sometimes. Ishani said it’s okay, it happens in stress, I got an idea to relieve your stress. He asked really. Angre showed the basketball and said you are a master in this game, you always play this game when you have stress.

Riddhima thinks I didn’t ask Vihaan if he knows how to play basketball, I have to handle the matter. Kabir and Angre came. Kabir said it’s a great idea, this game is my favorite sport also, we will make it interesting and challenging, lets put something at stake, Vansh and me on either sides, actually we will toss for team selection, I know you won’t like to hurt anyone’s heart. Vihaan said absolutely not.

Riddhima thinks they also doubt him, they want to know if he is Vansh or not, Vihaan please say no, Vansh was really a master of this game. She signalled no. Vihaan looked at her. Kabir thinks maybe he is scared of the truth coming out. Vihaan said I love challenges, I accept it. Kabir said it will be much fun. Riddhima recalled Kabir’s words. She thinks this game will decide if my battle will go on or will everything end here….Read more