Ridhima Meets Ragini To Find The Truth. Till Love Do Us Part 14 January 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 101


The episode started with Riddhima moving the blanket and hoping to see Ragini, but there was a doll instead. She said it means Vansh shifted her to some other location. Did he figure out she followed her the other day? Her only hope was Ragini to get to the truth.

On the other side, Vansh said Riddhima’s mind was fast, but she’s forgetting that it’s Vansh against her. In flashback, Vansh saw Riddhima when Angre asked whether to shift Ragini and him refusing it. Back to present, he said he knew Riddhima would find a way to get to Ragini and that is why he shifted her. No one can reach Ragini and before that happens, he will have to complete his mission. Angre said she will wake up in an hour. A nurse came and was scared seeing a gun in Vansh’s hand. Vansh placed the gun away and told the nurse to take care of Ragini as she has been doing for the past 3 years. He will be back in an hour. He told Angre to be more careful. Riddhima must not find out about the new location.

Riddhima said no matter how much Vansh tries to hide, she will find Ragini. She knew Vansh would find out about her following him the other day and she installed a tracker in his phone. She checked the app and found Vansh’s location. She came to the new location and tried to find Ragini, the nurse came out. Riddhima heard her talking on the phone and her saying she was scared seeing the gun. She thinks the nurse is talking about Vansh. She quietly went into the room and saw Ragini. Ragini was slowly regaining consciousness. She asked for water. Riddhima gave her water and said, you don’t know me, but I know you. Ragini said she wants to go home. Riddhima said she will take her to her home, but first she needs to find out who did this to her. Ragini saw Vansh’s photo on Riddhima’s phone and pointed at him.she was very scared and cried. Riddhima tried to calm her down. She asked her to tell the whole truth. Why has Vansh kidnapped her? Ragini tried to speak, but she struggles. Vansh and Angre returned.

Vansh saw the nurse on the phone and got angry for leaving Ragini alone and he run to the room. Riddhima hid in a cupboard. Vansh asked why she’s still not awake. Angre said the doctor said it will take 2 to 3 days before she regains her consciousness fully. Vansh said he cannot wait that long. It’s hard to handle Riddhima. She’s being the biggest stoppage between him and his goal. He waited so many years, but not anymore. No one can come between him and his goal. He punched the cupboard and part of it breaks. Riddhima’s eyes was clearly visible now but he failed to see her. He warned the nurse to inform him right away once Ragini wakes up. Once she wakes up, he will end her chapter. Once he gets the information that he wants, Ragini will be of no use to him. Riddhima was shocked seeing this avatar of Vansh and had tears. She said she should leave too. Ragini won’t regain consciousness anytime soon. After Vansh and Angre left, she tricks the nurse and managed to leave.

Anupriya came to Chanchal’s room saying her room’s shower is not working. After Chanchal left, Anupriya tried to find the chip. Aryan then found out about this and asked Chanchal how she let her go in when she knows the chip is inside. Chanchal said she forgot. They knocked the door, but Anupriya didn’t open it. Anupriya moved the mattress and the chip was there. Before she saw it, Aryan and Chanchal turned off the lights. Anupriya opened the door and they told her to use Ishaani’s bathroom as Aryan also needs to get ready and go out. After she left, they checked under the mattress and were relieved to find the chip there. Anupriya thinks they don’t have the chip as she couldn’t find anything in Chanchal’s room.

Riddhima was walking on the street and was thinking about Vansh. She cried for trusting Vansh and he broke her trust, dreams, everything, he is evil, he is a murderer. She made a mistake for loving such person and was angry with herself, while then, a car came running towards her

Riddhima told Vansh that physical wounds don’t give you as much pain as you get when your heart breaks. Vansh said no one can know that better than him. Her mangalsutra is broken and he asked her for it but she didn’t give it to him saying some broken things can’t be fixed…..Read more

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