Ridhima In A Big Ragini Trouble. Till Love Do Us Part 14 January 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 102


The Episode started with Ishani saying Riddhima made the same excuse today and went after you. Vansh thinks is she in any trouble. Ishani got a call and said hospital… He took the phone and worried. She said my friend is in the hospital, what did you think, Riddhima then came home. She recalled walking lost on the road. She cried and stumbled. Vansh asked what happened. He saw the blood on her hand and asked did you get hurt, how did you get hurt. Riddhima said I will tell you if you also tell me how your hand get hurt. He said I got the bandage, it’s not important, come.

She said physical wounds aren’t deep but the wounds of heart hurt a lot. He said you are right, who can understand this better than me and she recalled his words. She thinks I have seen your real face, I won’t melt by this fake care. He went to hold her breaking mangalsutra. She held it and said sometimes broken things don’t join again and he looked at her and she left. He said like my heart, it’s time to make any things right. Angre was ready and got some message. He said doctor has mailed Ragini’s health report, I will tell Vansh. Ishani took his phone and argued.

She said Riddhima is spying on Vansh, you are useless, you don’t even know it. He snatched his phone and said I know it well, don’t try to explain to me my job. She said time will tell and she left. He said thank God, Ishani didn’t see this report. Riddhima said Vansh wants to kill Ragini, Bappa gave me strength to support the right, I won’t let him kill any innocent, Vansh has to give me all the answers, I will always support the right, I will save Ragini, it’s my promise to you and myself.

Vansh said you know the entire story of Ragini, you know my secret, everything is happening as we wanted, I will end this story, Riddhima was coming in my way, she can ruin my mission, I need you, so that Riddhima doesn’t leave the house again, she can’t know Ragini’s truth, do anything, make VR mansion a jail for Riddhima, my trust shouldn’t break, Riddhima can’t come between me and my plans. Riddhima looked at the shadow. Vansh said do anything, but Riddhima shouldn’t see Ragini. Riddhima thinks whom is Vansh talking to and Angre went away.

Who else knows that Ragini is alive, who can it be and Vansh also left. Riddhima tried to watch but didn’t see anyone on the chair. She said I had seen the shadow, who can it be, someone placed a mask on her face and took her. She asked who. Vansh got her to the room and said you are following me a lot, sometimes inside the dickey. I told you not to interfere in my matters, you ignored my words, you did a mistake, you will get punished. He got a fruit knife, threw it aside and she was scared.

He said don’t think my aim missed. This was just my warning, it will be better you change your habit before I change my motive, you got to know a lot. He warned her and she asked why, will you do the same thing which you did with Ragini, you have caged a lot like an animal for years. He said don’t mention that girl’s name and he shuts her mouth. She asked what will you do, will you kill me, I will mention Ragini’s name, I won’t listen to a devil like you. He clapped and said wow, you have courage, I like courageous people, come, we will celebrate it and got her a juice drinks. He asked her to drink, it’s not poison and she drink. He took the glass from her and asked her to go anywhere she wants, he won’t stop her.

She said my legs got numb. She looked at the glass of juice and said my legs aren’t working, Vansh, what did you do, was there something in the juice and she fell. He held her and placed her on the bed and she checked her legs. Vansh said you are stubborn, you forced me to do this, I told you to listen to me, look at your state now. She said I am not able to feel anything, what did you do Vansh. He said not Vansh, devil, I can do anything. He recalled adding a pill into her glass. He said the medicines have made your lower body disabled, you have gotten tired following me, you rest now, you will sleep now, take it as a luxury spa treatment, you called me a devil, right, see now, what I do. She shouted to stop him but he left. She sat crying and fell asleep.

Aryan said if I didn’t get her at the right time, we would have lost this card. Chanchal said yes, Anupriya came today, Riddhima can come tomorrow, we can’t trust anyone, where shall we keep it. He said there is one place, we will hide it in the bank locker and she said perfect.

It’s morning, Riddhima woke up and saw Vansh. Vansh made tea for her. He said don’t worry, it’s a matter of some time, you can get back on your feet, I will help you. She said I don’t want your help. He said you are getting stubborn again, I gave you a small dose, if you don’t listen, the next dose will be double, devils don’t pity, have tea, I will send breakfast, you have to change your habits, stop repeating mistakes and she turned away. He then placed the tea down and left.

She said you can try hard, I won’t let you hurt Ragini, I can’t do anything in this state, Kabir…. just Kabir can help me. She got her phone and said I will call Kabir to help me now, he always tried to show me Vansh’s real face, I didn’t understand him, I think he will listen to me. She called Kabir and said why isn’t he answering. She sent a voice note, Ragini is alive…. She heard foot steps and threw the phone. Ishani came and taunted her. She said Vansh has seen your real face. Riddhima said I have also seen Vansh’s real face. Ishani asked what, you should be thankful to him that you are getting everything you don’t deserve. He asked servant to send the clothes to the laundry. Riddhima said no need, I will send it later. Ishani asked the lady to take it. Riddhima thinks my phone was in those clothes. She said I lost the single chance to help Ragini.

Kabir played Riddhima’s voice message and learnt that Ragini was alive. He informed Anupriya. She was shocked and said if Ragini is alive, then she will tell Vansh what happened 3 years back. Riddhima found a note from Kabir to see him by pool side. She went there and said “Ka..”. She stopped seeing it was Vansh who is there. Vansh said as far as he knows, no one’s name starts with “Ka” in their house. Riddhima was nervous and looked at Kabir who was hiding and watching them…..Read more

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