Vansh Sacks Ridhima From His Life. Till Love Do Us Part 14 June 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 295


The Episode started with Riddhima saying I contacted Thapa for myself. He asked for whom, what is it, tell me. She said for myself. He asked what. She said you asked me to go away, I thought to make fake documents and go away. He said you thought to leave me and go, and I won’t be able to find you, did you really plan to leave me. She asked what do you want, you have a problem with everything, what shall I do.

Vansh said you can’t leave, you can’t even think of leaving, you will always be mine, you can never leave me, whether you like it or you don’t. A video played and he heard I love you Vansh…. He then saw the baby’s video. He said you can’t leave me, did you hear that and he kissed her. He said happy anniversary Riddhima and left.

Angre came to Vansh and said anger is also like alcohol, it’s toxic. Vansh said she was leaving me and going. Angre said give her a chance, sorry. Vansh said it’s too late, get lost, leave me alone. He drank and Angre went to his room. He said sorry. She asked him to sleep on the bed and she also said sorry. He said you sleep well and kissed her. She asked is everything fine, what happened, you are showering love. He said it was always in me, thanks for coming in my life, I love you. She said I love you too and she hugged him but then he felt hurt.

She said let me help me, don’t be shy. She removed his tshirt and saw the scars on his back. She asked who did this, tell me, swear on me and Angre worried. He said it was a misunderstanding with the boss. She said it means Vansh did this. Riddhima came to Vansh. Vansh said I am angry, just go. She asked why did you not take the anniversary gift. He said you think I should accept this knowing your plans. She said I didn’t complete the planning, we get upset with the ones we love to see how important we are then that person convinces us, you got angry hearing my decision, sorry.

She gave him the roses again and he became angry at him. He said you wanted to see if I break down because of your love, that’s why you had contacted Thapa. Ishani on the other hand was angry. Angre said it was a misunderstanding, Vansh felt that I misbehaved with Riddhima. She asked what, how can this happen.

He said Ishani, forget it, nothing happened to me, he apologized to me, I didn’t feel bad, promise me, you won’t tell them anything, just relax and he left. She said fine Angre, I won’t tell them anything, I will find out who called Thapa in my name. She called Thapa and said I am Ishani, Angre’s wife, who called you by my name, I didn’t call you, tell me, Thapa listen to me carefully, if you don’t give me the caller’s number, then I can get you killed. Thapa said I will send you the number. She got the number and said it’s Riddhima’s number, just wait and watch what I do with you.

Vansh crushed the rose and said this is your reality, a crumbled flower. Riddhima said try to understand. She said please go, I don’t want to understand anything, I will go if you tell this to me, meeting my eyes. He said I don’t want to see your face. She asked do you really want me to leave. He said yes, just leave. She then cried and left.

He was drinking and recalled Riddhima’s words and he went to Angre. He said Angre, Riddhima is gone, I told her in anger to leave, she took her clothes and left. Angre asked what and he checked the room. He said there is nothing left, why did you ask her to leave. Vansh said yes, it’s her game, she made me angry, if I told it in anger, does this mean that she will leave, help me find her. Vansh and Angre went out. Angre asked the staff about her.

The guy said she went that side. Ishani paid the man and said you did a good work. Flashback showed Riddhima crying and saying I swear I will convince you, I won’t lose. She got hit on her head and she fainted. Ishani looked at her and threw the stick away. She said she got saved, it’s time to end her game and packed her bag. She took the bag outside 2 takes Riddhima in a trolley. She placed her in the car and locked her. Smoke got filled there and Ishani left. Riddhima because coscious and tried to get help.

Vansh said try Riddhima’s phone and Angre called Riddhima. He said she isn’t answering. Vansh asked him to check the cctv footage. Riddhima was also shouting for help.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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