Till Love Do Us Part 14 June 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 296



The Episode started with Vansh and Angre going to check the car parking lot. Vansh asked Angre to try calling Riddhima and Angre called Riddhima. He said she isn’t answering, maybe she is angry at me also. Vansh said check the cctv footage, I will check the parking lot. Dadi was looking for Aryan and saw Vyom removing the disguise. She said I have to tell Vansh, he may create a new trouble. He saw Dadi’s reflection and she left and he went to Dadi.

He saw Vansh there also. He pushed Dadi into the pool and also jumped inside. He hid Dadi from Vansh and threatened her. She shouted no. He said if you do anything now, then I will kill you. She said promise, I won’t say anything and he asked her to go. Vansh came to the parking lot. Riddhima shouted for help. He stopped, turned to saw some bracelet. He then saw Riddhima locked in the car.

He run to the car and saw Riddhima inside and shouted for the car keys. He asked Riddhima to try and get up. Angre came and helped. Vansh said she got locked inside the car, call the doctor. Riddhima became conscious and asked how did I come here. Vansh asked are you fine, doctor asked you to use oxygen mask if you feel difficulty in breathing. She said I qm fine. He said the baby is also fine, you are okay so you can answer me, you were going away from me, how could you do that.

She asked what. He said you were going after our fight. She said yes, you told me to go. He said,I only said that with anger, you packed your bags and left. She asked what, I didn’t pack my bag, I don’t know how I got the car and got locked. He asked did your bag go into the car on it’s own. She said I don’t know, I didn’t do this and Ishani looked on.

Vansh said you are lying, why did you lock yourself and spread that smoke. Ishani said it’s fine that their terms are getting spoiled. Riddhima said let me explain, I don’t know anything about that car locking and gas spreading, I didn’t get my bag packed. He said I will unpack your bag. She said I will do it, wait. She asked whose room is this. He said its my room, you are shifting here. She asked are you not upset, have we become friends again.

He kissed her and said yes, we are friends again, but on one condition, you won’t say stupid things like leaving me. She said yes, but…. He said you won’t think of going anywhere, even if I shout and scold you, you won’t go anywhere, I need you, I want you, when I ask you to go, it means I want you to come more close to me. He hugged her and she smiled.

He said when I say that I don’t need you, it means that I need you a lot, when I say that I hate you, it means I want you more, you aren’t my wife, you are my strength, you aren’t my love, you are my life. She said I also have some conditions. He said I am yours, I want you to get decked up in such a way that you leave me mesmerized, you will wait for me like every loving wife does, you will have all the rights on me, but won’t come between my work, you won’t raise any question on my business, do you accept that. She said okay, I do. He said I thought you will fight with me again. She said no, I never want to fight with you, I want to see you happy, to have a beautiful world with you.

Riddhima said my first condition is you won’t make me away, even if you want or I ask you. He said accepted. She said good, if I stay as your wife as you say, then I want every right of a wife. He said accepted. She said fine, deal and he hugged her. She said we can sign a bond and keep it, I am ready for it, I have no problem. He said no need to say all this and she thanked him. He asked what was your last memory. She said I was going to my room and then I don’t remember anything. She recalled someone hitting on her head.

She said I got conscious and found myself in the car. He said come with me, there are some incomplete things to do and he took her to the family. He said I want to tell you something, since we came to Goa, few things are happening which shouldn’t happen, Riddhima got locked in a food trolley and then slipped in the pool. He asked Dadi not to say anything.

He said Riddhima’s bag was packed on its own, she was locked in the car, some strange gas was inside, if she wasn’t saved on time, then maybe Riddhima wouldn’t be between us, I don’t believe in ghosts and black magic, whatever is happening, someone is behind it, I can’t believe that an outsider has done this, I know who did this work and Ishani worried. Vansh asked shall I mention that person’s name or he confesses it on own.

He asked Ishani does she want to say something, time is less, just say it. Vansh recalled Ishani’s bracelet and spotting her outside the room. He said you won’t say, fine, I will tell say it. He asked whose bracelet is this and Ishani recalls. Vansh said you had locked Riddhima to kill her. Angre became angry. Vansh asked Ishani did you think that Riddhima will die and people will assume it’s a suicide, am I lying, say something. Ishani said yes, I did it, she deserves that and Vansh slapped her.

Riddhima woke Vansh up and said I got ready the way you like. She said your heartbeat is saying that you need me. He said it’s saying something else, can I trust you again or not…Read more